Monday, August 20, 2007

here goes

Well here I am joining the blogging world. I have been informed I should start up now, because I may not have the time in a couple months (when the baby comes). So here is a bit of mostly me until baby comes... then it will be all about the babe right!
Alysha took a bunch of maternity pics when we were up in Edmonton, it was fun. I was about 34 weeks along, we might do it again when I am really huge!

Okay Ryan hasn't been around many babies or kids...until our niece Alli came along and well he pretty much adores her, as do I. So here are some pics of our fav niece in Edmonton.

Alli prepared us and got us excited for kids...we're so glad that they live so close to us for now & I think Lindsay & Derek liked having us to give them the occasional break.