Friday, June 24, 2011

here's something

1. Back from NY. I promise an awesome post is coming to let you all know how amazing it all was, and how lucky I am that we have awesome family to leave my kids with for a whole week.

2. YAHOO for summer it's what I live for as a mom, that and bedtime, right?

3. I keep thinking about camp stuff & I can't lie the thought of taking a fanny pack has totally crossed my mind, however I'll try to take a backpack or something else instead & not kill my leader coolness on first glance. My mom always wore one at camp and I get it, it would be so convenient. Trying to be cool wins the day.

4. Sadie's soccer is almost over, it's been fun. She's definetly not the all star but she gets excited and has fun. She does better in our own backyard the whole game situation is still new. Anyway I coached her team, & occasionally i am tempted to stop the ball to help my own team but of course refrain & let the little kids chase around. Until last game it was ridiculous the other team had a girl that yes she was good, faster stronger and like a total one man show. Everytime she got the ball she made a breakaway happen TOTALLY taking kids out along the way ('i'm talking shirt pulling, elbows out, and the dad aka coach joking "it's not football" & if she didn't get her goal it was complete meltdown ughhh annoying. AND then there was the kid that would pick up the ball everytime someone came close to him.... oh wait but his mom came on the field and picked it up for him and placed it in front of the net for him to score. Yeah so not cool.

5. da da dum drum roll please. if you haven't seen or heard I'm getting fat... like preggo fat. As in last week Ryan said so are you telling people, because that dress is not really hiding it. Don't worry it was true and I'd rather hear the truth, right. Feeling decent so far and I will continue to gain until Dec when I am due.

6. Hannah is mental to go outside, like hang out by the door, in hopes it opens or try and try to reach for the out of reach door knob. It's a good thing we are all happier outside.

7. Did I mention we saw Bono in concert obviously, but then again in NY, as well as Alec Baldwin. I was a little distracted when Bono was sitting down the same row as me in the show and I kept looking to see if we thought the same things were funny, WE DID. For me it sorta took away from the fact that we were watching Daniel Radcliffe and everyone was wanting to see him and get pictures after, Ryan totally played it cool with Bono and was like standing right by Bono, no biggie.

8. I know, I know it just never gets old, sisters that is. Sadie has found a new way to get into Hannahs crib, consequently greets her immediatley after every nap, loves to play and tease. Hannah is so content and happy with it all, until she doesn't get what she wants and then we hear it.

Sadie likes to take her soother out, but then she gives it back like this.

9. Hannah likes to pull hair and is good at it, poor Sadie has never had a lot of hair to begin with. Hannah got her first tooth just after she turned one, it was her top front tooth, it looks hilarious, she has has a couple more come in but not the other front one. When her hair looks just right she looks a little hill billyish -and not like a baby WHAT!

10. Best summer buy so far is little spray bottles from the dollar store seriously awesome. Just try it.