Sunday, September 26, 2010

not 2

She's 3

Me: Sadie how old are you?
Sadie: not 2. pause while she fiddles with her fingers trying to get 3 fingers ready.
I'm 3!

Three she is. I love how Ryan is trying to tell her all the things 3 year olds do and don't do. As if she will magically change this week. So if all goes well she'll probably be an angel at 3, sharing with everyone, never crying, no meltdowns, eating all her food, & never whining. So pretty much perfect. I don't think he was being unrealistic at all for wishing for all this things. What's the fun if you don't have a birthday wish.

For real we had a great birthday, Sadie was totally hyper and excited all day long. It's all about the cake at this age. So I really went all out for myself. I made the fondant. In the end it all turned out, but I had my doubts around midnight if this is was really worth it.
I can't deny I was kind of having fun making the whole birthday a big deal for her. So the night before (because I love to leave it to the last minute) I was telling Ryan all the stuff I needed to do and he was all, you do know that you don't have to do much to impress a 3 year old. uhmm not the pep talk I needed cause at this point I was going for it. I had talked to Lindsay earlier another mom who 'gets it' she was all "sadie is so lucky, you are an awesome mom, oh yeah you gotta do it all"
Sadie has such a little personality at 3. We always get a kick out of the things she says and does. She is our daily entertainment.
She loves being a big sister and how much she adores Hannah. I don't think you can understand how intense her love is, until you see her in action.
I don't think you know what an awfully pick eater she has, unless you witness it. It's ridiculous.
She loves to do all sorts of kids crafty things, colour, cut, glue, play playdough, paint.
She has a great memory, a little too good at times.
She must have her bedtime routine of stories, and hugs and kisses.
Lately I have also heard her talking in her sleep at night. A couple them that I remember are: sing of the alphabet, "no Bella no Bella it's mine" "Swiper Noooo" it's nice on occasion when I am awake in the wee hours that I get a little bit of entertainment, and to think this could've slipped by me, if I didn't get up to feed Hannah.

Her party was a pink & purpilicious! Those would be her favorite colours. She had a few other little girls over and they had a blast dancing around and doing little girly things.

I brought out the treats for the girls to add to the treat bags it was torture when I made them sit and wait for like 15 seconds and then they were in heaven.
And just a couple of the cute decorations.

Friday, September 17, 2010

oh what a life

Sometimes I think, my kids are spoiled, cause I am so so good to them. ha ha. But, how could we pass up a week of family fun in Arizona with the Schmidts and Dahl's. Sadie had 2 little girls to play with the entire time, and they were all seriously gaga over Hannah, we all had a blast. We had such a great time. I guess I have to admit my life is pretty dang good, so my kids don't have it too bad either. Our days were mostly filled with the hot hot sun and cooling off in the pool.

These girls could not get enough of each other.

Here they are leaving the desert and summer.

Life is really so easy when your biggest dilemma is hmmm what kind of freezie or delicious drink should I get.

I can't say enough what a fabulous host Val was. Everyone was so happy, boys did some golf, girls did some shopping and a night out solo, and just eating out and playing the kids out daily was so great.
Also side story. If you could've seen us travelling you would've either laughed at us or felt sorry for us, either way you definitely would've looked. Just between luggage kids, carseats and crying kids we were a GONG show! So guess who 5 mins into the flight realized we had left our car keys in our rental car in Arizona. US we are that awesome. So it was quite lucky for us that my parents just happen to be leaving from Great Falls to go to Arizona. So Ryan rehearsed with Sadie to nicely ask Grandpa if we could please borrow his car. Phewsh it worked. So we weren't stranded at the airport and luckily they did find our car keys and in the end it all worked out. right. So thank goodness my parents love to bale us out and continue to laugh at us when we do ridiculous things. Maybe it's because they get it, and they were a gong show at some point in their lives. Maybe just maybe travellling with 6 kids they were their own little gong show, but probably not.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


This little girl is just so easy to love. We love to snuggle her, make her smile and laugh, and just watch her learn and grow. We love to take her places too, like Arizona. So we are heading out to enjoy the sun and some fun times together. Don't worry I'm sure will be back for winter in Canada... in a week.

Sadie loves to share her toys with her so we lovingly surrounded her by all the stuffies. I think she loved it.

Don't worry I'm sure will be back for winter in Canada... in a week.

Friday, September 3, 2010

to pete

To pete
click here
from Sadie
Sometimes it's no fun that pete and gab are so far away. They miss out on all their nieces and nephews. I do think they got their fill while they were here. But I'm sure they still wonder if Sadie sleeps with Quachi ( yes he is in the rotation), or if she eats more than just ice cream and chocolate, if kids ever eat a meal, if kids go to bed without a scream or a fight, or if she stills has some of the same sayings and doings. Unfortunately some things just don't get old for my kid. We miss you guys, & are so glad you got to spend some time with the kids and me (as the last aunt and uncle standing with no kids we secretly wish you could just dote after my kids and that would be enough, but then I think your kids deserve a good tease). Seriously thanks for holding Hannah and carrying the cripple around when she needed it.
Pete hope you enjoy it, we thought you might.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

end of summer ....almost

When I first started this update I thought I'd do the real quick overview. Then I started looking at all the fun pictures and I just had to show and share the whole mother overload. Summer is fun and short but ya wouldn't know it by the amount of pictures I have taken. A few of the higlights were BIG Steed Reunion, Steed Family trip to Banff, Family trip to Panaroma, Cornfest in Taber with Tillemans, Baldry's came to play, and then of course all the little day outings around here.

Me and the girls at the pool, abandoned by the golfing husband. not bad, for a self shot picture.

Hannah... Happiest baby ever. She is always with us everywhere we go, but you wouldn't always know it, cause she is always so stinking good. I'm spoiled and lucky, but I know it, so it's ok.

Yeah for group hugs. Sadie just can't get enough Hannah action
Right now she loves to suck, chew, and just have her fingers in her mouth
Watching yet another hail storm.
Picnics at the park
ahhh the 'money shot'

so so happy and I'm sure she slept like a rock after a full day outside.
I think this was a huge highlight at the fair for Sadie, but I know it was for me. We LOVED it, she was so excited and for real screaming at all the right times.

Love it when the Dads show the kids around the petting zoo, stinky.

umm cutest kids
more fun at the fair. Not until I sent my kid on a ride, did I stop and worry for more than 5 seconds about the fact that the carnies come in and put up and take down these rides in like what less than an hour?

Sisters & Me... one of these things is just not like the others...
Wohooo Grandpa saved the summer Sadie got a new waterproof cast. That was huge since, well hello it is summer and we were going to water slides and lakes.
Sadie was so excited she could get the new cast wet.
Grandma trying to share the ipad with way too many kids.
The kids lounging with Grandpa
Love these girls

Intense Sadie
The zoo with the Baldrys