Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh Hannah!

 A certain someone turned 2, and I haven't taken the time to jot a few things down about this little cutie.   How we love Hannah and all her two year old ways.  First of all she had more than enough birthday celebrations especially for a girl who hardly had a clue.  There is something I just love about 2 year olds...    A few things about our big little.  I think that is so her she is really still little but she acts so big sometimes and plays with her big sister.  Two year olds are awesome right?  She can melt me in a millasecond and I wanna squish, squeeze, cuddle her and give her whatever she wants.  AND then there is a part of her that makes me go mental in oh a millasecond because well she is 2 and has meltdowns, is unreasonable, irrational, hard to understand, only wants it her way.

Hannah does not have a ton of words, but she can communicate in a 2 year old way to get pretty much whatever she wants.  She probably says "Halya" (Talia) a few hundred times a day, she says hi to her and tells me where to put her.  She is picking up random words everyday now, but she still does her share of her own grunting and pointing.  Some of her loves are outside, she loves going to the playground, riding in her wagon, trying to ride her trike.  We have a hard time just driving by a playground I either stop and we play or she melts down as we drive on by.  She loves swimming, but mostly going down the slide as many times as we allow.  She is fearless, well at least in our family.  She is also tough in our family.  She is also really trying to be independent so it is a good thing she is tough, so when she falls off the playground due to strong will she is fine, she hardly wants a kiss, she just wants back on the slide.  Also independence means more messes, more mis matching clothes, or not enough clothes , for the weather.  She'll learn.
 She is a middle child, and sometimes I'm weird and think she misses out on things or gets a raw deal or whatever.  So its fun and I feel like I am spoiling here when we do stuff with the 2 of us or almost 2 of us.  However, sometimes I think she is so lucky she is stuck in the middle and she will always have a friend in one of her sisters.  SHe is so good at keepin up with Sadie, and Sadie puts up or includes her too.

Hannah still has her soother at bedtime, and she is so qurikly sometimes she insists on a certain soother she tosses the others out.  lately I have been noticing her hair it is so pretty and she has lots of it, more than Sadie for sure, so cute!  I know it looks like I rarely do it.

She really is the perfect middle child she refuses to be left out.  If someone is getting shoes on and heading out she quickly gets her coat and shoes too, and when she is turned down she turns on the 2 year old touch,  i think it was working on Ryan.  It is sad some days when Sadie gets picked up for preschool and Hannah is left behind with boring old mom and baby.

 We did have some little ones over to play and celebrate a little minnie mouse party.  It was fun and cute and i'm sure they all went home and had a great nap, isn't that how all parties should end.

 these girls were the party crashers, so tough with their minnie mouse tatoos!
 ok these little minnie mouse ears were so cute, unfortunately I didn't take any pics with the girls wearing them seriously Hannah wore them the day before but not for the party.

 Hannah shares a birthday with my brother Ryan.  This year at easter at my parents we celebrated some birthdays and we included Ryan in the celebration.  We had a few of his favorite things which included coke, dill pickle chips.  Anyways it was really nice to share this with all the little cousins and to remember him.  When Hannah was born it was a sweet reminder to me of my brother. Now it is just that a reminder to me, that he is still in my life a part of my life and always will be. I don't like it when I forget to think about him or forget things about him, but sometimes it makes me love it even more when a memory comes back to me or someone shares one with me. So it does make me happy that Hannah shares a birthday with her Uncle Ryan. I like to think that he had something to do with the day she was born. I am sure he gave her a big hug and maybe even some advice ha ha, before she came down. I like to think these things whether they are true or not. I do know that one day I will get to be with him and I can't wait to see him and be with him again. Until then I will try to be a little better and try a little harder, laugh a little more, have a little more fun, cause I'm sure that is what he would want.
We all had balloons and wrote a message to him and set them off to heaven for him.  The kids messages were so sweet.  One day they will know him and if I know my brother I think they should be prepared for a very good tease from him.

See so fearless.
 the funny thing is she used to love doing this, as soon as Ryan came home she would say 'High high high" and want to be tossed up, now she will not do it.  typical toddler.
 isnt this great, so serious about the cake.

We just love Hannah in our family she is so funny, sweet, tough, strong willed, and we can't get enough of her!!