Wednesday, October 31, 2007

nobody likes

a blogger who doesn't update OR who doesn't post pics.
there are a few excuses for the delay but I don't wanna be "that blogger" so

anyway had intentions of posting at Sadies 1 month (even wrote it so will still post it) just couldn't post pics.

ONE MONTH- if posted on Sept 23

Okay, Sadie is 1 month ...and 1 day old. Ryan got home today & I said ohh sweet Sadie is 1 month now. ummm he says that was yesterday. WHAT. Meanwhile last night when I was up in the precious wee hours i was reminising 1 month ago when she was born & thinking how fast time flies, then this afternoon i was taking pics of her -because she is 1 month old. Well i guess i am losing touch with the "real" world.

At 1 month Sadie

  • is doing all the baby things (eats, sleeps, messes her diaper) But wait she does so much more even at 1 month!
  • is getting used to a whole lot of picture taking
  • loves all the trips to the mall -to her dads dismay (not so good for the bank account!)
  • LOVES to be held and cuddled
  • sleeps with her hands above her head
  • is adored everywhere she goes
  • occasionally is caught sucking her thumb or trying to put her whole fist in
  • also enjoys taking her soother at times
  • is told she looks like her mom -this makes me smile
  • has been caught smiling a few times
  • rarely cries without immediate attention from her mom or dad
  • has her dad wrapped around her little finger (this really only took her seconds of entering the world.
  • looks forward to her daily conversation with her dad.
  • is soooo loved by her mom & dad & they can't imagine life without her (what did i do before Sadie)
  • loves when her Nana or granny come to see her (so does mom ha ha) hint hint
  • I think i've stretched this list long enough
  • HAPPY 1 Month to our sweet lil Sadie Jane We LOVE her so much and more and more every day.

Sadie is seriously so good when we go out (please don't jinx myself) whether to the mall, errands, to see friends, church she seems to sleep and just enjoy the outing. So the the other day we went out with a few other girls and kids to enjoy the fall weather and get a few pics. Here they are. She slept the whole time which is fine by me. What a "dream" baby i have. Ha ha.

Here is here first & last time bathing her in the kitchen sink she really liked it until she had to get out. She is into the big girl tub. ahhhh she is growing up so fast.

Until next time I love being a mom. Some days or nights more than others but we love our lil baby girl. I hope i am not posting too many pics.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


So many things that I have to be excited and grateful for makes me HAPPY.

Yeah for the end of golf season. I am not a golfer but Ryan is borderline obsessed he is passionate about it and i am good enough to let him pursue this little hobby obsession. (things may change next season) He went golfing for the last time yesterday, this was really the last one.

Yeah for my lil sister who is the mother of 2 & really is amazing she takes the whole motherhood in stride. She has been my go to if i have any silly 1st time mom questions. Every baby is different but she has given good tips or just listens DAILY! (I better not forget my mom either she is the mother of 6 -its just that she seems to forget that she ever had any issues when raising her kids. selective memory.

Yeah for my sis in law Rhonda who took gorgeous pics of Sadie I have seen some and can't wait for more. And she made the cutest shower invitations. I can't get it on the blog for some reason.

Yeah for maternity leave it's nice to take 1 whole year to spend with Sadie and still have a little income. We have it pretty good in Canada and Alberta. Besides being a mom of 1 sure beats the 20 little rug rats i taught last year!
Here are some of my students from last year i stick out just a little eh? i was the only blonde

AND Yeah that on the day before I had Sadie I got my Permanent Teaching Certificate...i felt like i really earned/deserved it we leave it at that!

Yeah for the swing Lindsay just lent me Sadie has been napping the WHOLE day away. It's sooo great!

Yeah for a husband who comes home from school and goes straight to his baby. Everyday he comes in & starts chatting with her and holds her and just adores her every facial expression. Is that not the greatest?.

Yeah for good health and good health care. I am so glad I have a happy healthy baby 10 fingers and 10 toes and all the rest. And healthy me feeling pretty dang good for having a baby. Good dr.'s and medicine to help us too!

Yeah for lots more and a new week!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

photo update

Time flies when you're having fun... and when you have a new baby. So lots to update soo lots of pics cause that's more fun.

We were all a little sad when Granny B left, we loved having her around. She got us out & about a couple times, did some cleaning/organizing at home and most importantly spent precious time holding Sadie-even in the wee hours. We love grandma!
Both of Sadie's Grandmas made her adorable blankets. Sadie looks so tiny when she stretches out on her blankests. We are soo glad she is a girl and pink is gonna be her colour.

We made the trip south for the long weekend, there were just too many people who wanted to see Sadie. Everyone in my family was home - so we had a little family photo -Rhonda is amazing if she can get one that has most of us looking decent!

Grandma & Grandpa with all 5 of their grandkids this was pretty entertaining to watch, as you can imagine.

It may just have been by accident but we caught her, she found her thumb and was really sucking on it for all of 30 seconds.
Sadie & Great Grandma
She was so glad she got to meet Sadie and hold her.

Sadie looking and feeling fresh and clean after her bath... she is coming around and i am hoping she will like her bath time.
Sadie went to the Dr. today for her 2 week appt. she is happy healthy growing little girl she now weighs in at 8lbs 3oz. Here she is today

This is Sadie in the "bundle" she sleeps better this way I felt bad at first cause I thought she needed to move her arms but I have learned this is the way to go even if it seems like a bit of a straight jacket.
Rhonda took some photos of Sadie on the weekend can't wait to see them when she is done editing.