Thursday, June 25, 2009

home sweet home

I wrote this post while we were still in New York, and then I never got around to posting it. I am posting it for my own records if nothing else.

I have been forcing these words out of my brain every time they creep in. "I can't wait to go home" When Ryan was chosen to come to work here in NYC we were both ecstatic. My mind was racing of all the things we could see and do. After being here I have realized I could live here for a long time & still not "do" it all. I also know that I could live here if I had to but it is a real lifestyle change when a kid is involved. I have loved it all here. There is so much in this city which makes it easy find many things to love and miss about this city. I LOVE NEW YORK. I hope I go back to visit again.

It seemed whenever I had a moment of hmm I miss..., like the next day someone was here to visit. So we haven't had a chance to really miss our families or friends. I suppose that is one of the perks when you live somewhere really cool.

Here are some of our stats of the last 3 months.

length of stay 13 weeks.

number of visitors 16

40 days with visitors

51 days with just us

4 times I walked the Brooklyn Bridge

9 museums I went to

number of times ate out, way more than I ate in.

2 number of times in a taxi

miles walked... unknown

13 baseball games Ryan went to.

10 Broadway shows I went to

15+ soothers gone missing

days spent in Central Park unknown

But there are a few things or should I say conveniences that I really miss.

- grocery shopping with a cart and a car to haul them home.

-cooking in a kitchen (I guess this is what it took for me, I REALLY want to cook now)


- a house with separate bedrooms and a kitchen.

- good friends & family to hang out with.

Things I will miss...

-walking to Central Park, being in Central park, loving Central park

- I really did like walking everywhere (even if I sounded like I was complaining, I was mostly amazed at how much walking you could do here)

- loved just walking down the neighborhood streets and seeing all the interesting people.

Major Highlights

-Walking Brooklyn Bridge and eating Grimaldi's pizza in Brooklyn

-Central Park

-Broadway shows this is like a dream come true to see so many amazing shows. My favorite show was In the Heights.

-Ryan's 10 minute commute. ummm awesome. we will both miss this.

- how friendly Sadie was to everyone.

Things I learned while here

- I loved relying on my own 2 feet and not a car. It's a great feeling to get everywhere I need on foot.

-I don't need more 'stuff' just to fill my house. I totally liked being forced to live simple. Sadie hardly had any toys here, and she was just fine. I didn't have my whole closet here and i was fine too.

-Neither pedestrains or taxis follow traffic signs & rules, myself included.

-Ryan is quite possibly the best stroller navigator in all of New York.

-Ryan is one of the fastest sidewalk walkers. EVER.

-There is such a thing is as sidewalk rage.

- if you live there long enough you will get annoyed with tourists, but you will also be happy to tell them which way to Times Square or snap a picture for them.

-tourists are easy to spot.

- you forgot what wide open space look like.

-you could eat out at new restaurants forever and not even leave your neighborhood.

-there is always a parade or protest on the weekend

Things Sadie taught me

- peanut butter jam sandwiches are okay for lunch pretty much everyday.

-if I don't buy her more toys she will find other things to do, like pull out the pots and pans (okay), or climb up to get my make up down (not okay).

-the more soothers I buy, the more she looses.

-taking out the garbage is something to get excited about and so is walking down the hall to do the laundry.

-the best way to get around the city is with her in front and me behind pushing.

- if she is in Time Square she WILL spot the Toys R Us amongst the crowds and crowds of people.

- taking the subway with just me, Sadie & the stroller is possible but tricky.

Good-bye to the city that I have lived & loved for the last 3 months.

Farwell to the city of flashing lights, endless taxi's, towering skyscrapers, baseball games, broadway shows, crowded streets, endless restaurants,

A truly amazing city, with such a history.



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

it's come to this

We are totally on the countdown, we only have a week left here. While we have loved the experiences we have had here, I think it's best we be moving out of this place. It's become apparent in the last week or so that Sadie has become too much for this tiny apartment.

Today she insisted she eat at the big table in the chair, so I let her.
Turns out she just wanted to get a better look at all the action outside. The constant honking and buzz of all the people is hard to compete with.
Here I am letting it all go.
Do judge me all you want. Some days I feel I get a fair bit of it from perfect strangers in this big city. So judge away, but you never know what you'll do and let your kid get away with when your trying to raise a child in NY city.
Happy Father's Day to the best Dad ever. I love knowing that Ryan would do anything for this little girl, that means a whole lot to the both of us.

Looking at this picture CRACKS me up.
I took Sadie to Toys R Us in Times Square. Of course we couldn't pass up a lawn chair to chillax in and some people watching while we were there. We were just taking it all in and Sadie was drawn to the CrAzy lady feeding the pigeons. The lady was chatty, as in talking out loud to herself and immediately noticed Sadie. She shared bread with Sadie, so here they just sat and fed the pigeons and talked to each other in their own little world. I was so laughing to myself and at myself. If it's not funny to you picture the lady even crazier and really dirty and just weird. But to sweet innocent non judgemental Sadie this lady was just sharing a moment with her.

Yeah for the nice days at the park, Sadie can climb and swing and burn her energy there.
Sadie showing she either needs more food, or that she is so bored that playing in the fridge is a fun new game.

More evidence of Sadie outgrowing this little living space. She has turned into a total climber, this may have happened regardless of the space issue. But it happens way too much since she has no where to go but UP. This is the only picture I took because I'm now trying to be a consistent parent and enforce the rules. So I haven't stopped to take pictures when she got on top of the glass coffee table to dance or, moves the chair so she can climb onto the glass table or the climbing attempts to get closer to peeking out the windows. I'm sure my consistency will pay off right? She IS allowed to climb up on the bed and jump on it, I'm not a total mean mom.
She did get into some mascara, and before I cleaned it off she had a good cry, she looked hilarious with mascara stained cheeks.
This was in the beginning when the over stimulation just from walking down the street tuckered her right out.
I LOVE the soother, and so does Sadie. Right now I can't imagine taking it away from here. It's been the best thing ever while we've been here. I never leave home without one, and never come back without one (not necessarily the same one). Ughh I can't even count how many soothers have been swallowed up by these city streets.
I think we are all looking forward to sleeping in our own beds in our own house again.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Finally made the BIG draw for the big winners. The lucky winner is entry # 15 Jaimie! Next, LUCKY she is soooo funny JACKLYN is the bonus winner. I laughed at how no one thought they could top hers, I promise it wasn't about writing a ton, all of hers were soo funny. Pretty much everything she said is probably only funny to me and maybe a few others, she is hilarious. Whenever we are together we can't help but do something dumb, funny, embarrassing either in an effort to make someone else laugh or just to one up each other. All the other comments and insiders were appreciated it's always great to have a few laughs while staring at the computer screen. Right?

Since Tom was in town and offered to stay in with Sadie and send us out I decided to play the lottery for In the Heights. It was my first time trying and I WON! I always find it so exhilarating to win something. There were at least 50 people huddled outside the theatre as the called the names and I WON, I WON.
I was excited Ryan got to come and see the show with me. I have already seen it once since we have been here, and have been telling anyone else that comes to go and see it. It was our second one together. We did got to Avenue Q which was quite hilarious and a totally different kind of Broadway; the whole show is done with puppets. The show is described as Sesame Street for adults. Anyways In the Heights was amazing I just LOVE everything about it. Now I feel like Ryan has experienced a real Broadway show with me, with AMAZING dancing, singing and a story full of hope.

I think Tom was excited to babysit Sadie. He also said he was probably not so good at diaper changes and dressing and feeding, understandable. So we had Sadie all taken care of, and gave him some simple instructions. They played until is was her bedtime, he read some stories and put her down. She was fine, then 45 min. later she woke up. This is how Tom describes the next hour and a half. First she wanted her diaper changed I think she wet it, she took off her pyjamas. Then she was hungry I gave her some bread. Next it was dress ups, she put on a dress. Then she noticed the camera she wanted her picture, so we took some pictures. Then she just played, and she heard a noise and got scared and she wouldn't move after that, so she just fell asleep with me on my bed. After that I put her in bed. I am glad Tom had fun with his babysitting adventures.

To finish off the lucky streak I went with Tom to the In the Heights lottery for the 2nd day in a row. We both entered our names in hopes one of would get picked so he could go that night. His name was the last picked, it was awesome. I still feel lucky just because I was there when he won.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the BOYs are back in town

Already I'm looking back and thinking, wow I can't believed I survived this. It was Ryan's turn to have the guys here, the only catch was Sadie & I were going nowhere. So I guess they didn't get the full guys only expereince. If you have any idea of how small apartment is you are pretty much thinking we are insane by now. Jimmy & Tom got here the same day my parents left (they even saw each other at the airport). It was classic bys night that night they all went to the ESPN Zone in Times Square to watch sports and eat. They kept busy in the days and headed out to take in some of the sights of New York. They were really all here for the baseball. Every night they went to a baseball game and totally loved it. On Thursday we had another couple that came last minute and stayed till Saturday. Yep, that's where I knew this was ridiculous and we'd taken it too far.
To be honest, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but if I just look at this picture I can't help but laugh. There were 6 adults and Sadie sleeping in our tiny little apartment for a 2 nights. Seriously big slumber party, I won't say who but there was some snoring going on, but I guess everyone was so tired it didn't keep anyone up. Everyone was a good sport and I guess was just excited to see US... I mean New York.

So they hit up both some at Citi Field and at Yankee Stadium, and they saw a great match up of the Yankees and Mets. The worst part was everytime they came home the T.V went on and they would watch the higlights again and again and could talk baseball and sports all night long. I'm not sure I will ever really get this, but whatever. I guess we all have our passions.

Time Square is always busy with people, lights and it really never stops now.
Sadie & I had a lot of time together so here we are in Times Square enjoying our frozen yogurt. We really not even phased by all the people, noise, smells and lights anymore. We just spot ourselves a lounger and were good to chill in Times Square.

Ryan's friend Tom (free & single you know no wife or commitments really) stayed a little longer than the other guys. So they got the idea to follow the baseball (since there were no games in New York) they headed to Philadelphia for the day to see the Phillies play the Red Sox. Are you getting any idea of how baseball obsessed my husband is?

We almost thought Tom was out staying his welcome with us, but they we managed to get him to take a girl out on a date to a Broadway show. So if anything becomes of it, it was definitely worth it. Right?. He also did baby sit Sadie one night so again, worth it.
We are feeling it now, with no more visitors we are on the homestretch and are counting down the days to go home again.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sadie & the Grandparents hit New York

My parents have come and gone. Again, I can't believe how much we fun we had with them while they were here. It was quite impressive that we saw so much with Sadie always with us. I guess it just reinforces what I've said before, she is such a NY girl. She loves seeing the sights and being in on the action, and it helps that she is quick to give into a good treat. I don't think I took one picture with my camera while they were here. I let my mom use her new camera, she did great I'd say. Here are some they sent of us having a good time.

We have been pretty good parents at sticking to Sadie's bedtime for the most part while we've been here. But of course with the grandparents here we pushed the limits, and she found there is a LOT of stuff going on at night. She also found that as it got later I was quicker to hand out the sugar treats, not always the greatest combination. Anyways, we had to snap a picture of us in Times Square at night because some things just won't happen twice.
This is the night we had dinner in Little Italy, it was so nice to sit outside and eat some yummy food there. It was also one of the times Sadie was into any of the food I was giving here, but she sure loved the unlimited supply of suckers the waiter kept handing out.

It was so great to have my parents to entertain and spoil her with loads of attention while they were here. I think they loved doing it too. My Dad was pretty go with the flow the whole time they were here. Before they got here he said he couldn't say if he was more excited to see New York or Sadie, that's a true grandpa for sure. He LOVED toting her around this city and showing her new stuff. Okay some of it wasn't really new, she has been across the Brooklyn Bridge a few, and the museums I think she is up to 4 times. So it was okay if she slept through parts of our day.
We went on a boat cruise to see the sights of Manhattan.

Our first family baseball game. It was a scorcher, but we had a great time. Sadie was in and out of the game, a total girl only cheering and paying attention when there was some excitement on the field.
Mom and Dad had Sadie at the fountains while Ryan & I went out. This was at the end of the day so she just dipped her toes for a bit, then her pants got wet enough to strip off. When it was time to go home, my Dad thought he would just carry her. Little miss Independent was having none of it so they let her walk down the street as she held my mom & dad's hand. Since it was the end of a long hot day I would've definitely put money on her giving in and getting some sort of lift back home. NOPE. This little girl walked all they way home it was .5mile (we google mapped it). Seriously my dad was sooo impressed.

Here is the night we went to Stardust Diner, it's such an entertaining place to go. All the servers are aspiring actors/actresses so they are always busting out in Broadway tunes. Of course they came and sang to Sadie and of course she danced and smiled and waved when everyone looked at her. It was hilarious to see her, entertaining pretty much the whole restaurant.
We did make a stop at the museums and Sadie loved checking out the ocean life.
It was really fun to have my dad all to ourselves while they were here. No distractions, just all play all day. Sadie had his undivided attention at any given moment of the day. It was pretty cute to see the 2 of them discover New York together. Sadie would show him around, as my Dad said, "Sadie owns New York"Sadie not so sure about "riding the bull" in Downtown.

Here we are in SOHO just hanging out and doing what you do there. We went for lunch at Lombardi's Pizza, it was so good. Then we went to Rice to Riches and it was soo yummy. I want to go back.

This is Sadie owning Times Square. I think it's hilarious part of Broadway is closed down in Times Square, so they have tons of lawn chairs they have put out. What tourist wouldn't love to kick up and give their tired feet a rest.
Two other highlights while they were here.
New York Philharmonic- Amazing!
Free babysitters so Ryan & I went out for dinner and a Broadway show.
Went to Off Broadway Toxic Avenger - I don't think I have seen my parents laugh so hard and myself too. I hope that doesn't mean I share "old people" humor. he he

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

GiVe AWaY...

I don't think I'm alone in this blogging world. I know there are now millions of others out there. Some I know, some I kind of know, some I don't at all but I still peek here and there. I decided to combine who has stumbled on my blog... just admit it once, and a giveaway. I want YOU to leave a comment. Whether I really know you or your friend or your friend's friend or not at all. I'm in New York for only a few more weeks so I'm thinking who wouldn't love one of these....

If I pick your name you can choose the size, it could be for you, your kid, a friend, a gift (you know for your very BEST friend who has everything). The BONUS giveaway will be if you leave me a comment and it seriously makes me laugh out loud HARD, you can be the bonus winner and your prize will be equally as good. Anyone who has been to NY knows these shirts are everywhere, (at vendors, and on people) and yes they can be pretty cheap. So what, its a cheap giveaway.. but its still a giveaway so you better throw your name in. Maybe I'll up the anty if I get like a lot of comments, we'll see.
How fun would it be to get a I heart new york shirt from a complete stranger or me.
*Non bloggers of course are welcome just make sure you leave an email or at least sign your name. **

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sadie's World

It is truly amazing and so fun to have Sadie here in New York. It is so fun to see her experience and do and see things for the first time. We love it! Having her constantly by my side makes me stop, take my time and enjoy every little bit of our day together. One day she might be sad that she was here in NY, and doesn't remember a thing. Thank goodness I have taken enough pictures I might be able to convince her of a few good memories.

So what has Sadie been up to? Let me show you.

Getting some zzz's whenever she feels the need.

I love love love that when we decide to have a 'big' day out that she will fall asleep and have a little snooze in her stroller. Can you imagine if we had to stop our fun just to go back to our apartment and give her a nap?

Trying to earn her keep.
OK these next 2 are for Lindsay (kind of). Please tell me you would not turn down this little beggar on the street.

Like really who would you choose?

Being entertained by all the yahoo's in New York. There are many in this city.
These 2 had their eyes glued to this little act in Union Square Park. They had a pretty huge crowd, not all of the wee folk.

Loving the freedom of running around in the parks. Anywhere else I need to keep her pretty close.
Look closely. Sadie loves chasing the squirrels.

She continues to welcome all our visitors and doesn't really mind sharing our tiny space.
She mostly just woke these guys up every morning with of course a friendly wave. Sleeping in at our place is not really an option, remember no privacy here.

More and more exploring in Central Park.
Playing hide and seek, or maybe more accurate would be run and scream.

Peeking around Belvedere Castle.

Yep. Crawling around with her almost walking friend.
Since Sadie couldn't quite get Emmi to walk she decided to get down and race with her on all fours.

Here she is trying to look as intelligent as she can.
Ryan is really hoping we are molding the mind of a future Noble Peace Prize. I hope I didn't jinx it by saying it and putting up this picture. shoot!

What could be more fun than playing with mom's sunglasses.

Just looking so cute for Me.
I can't decide what I like best about this picture. Is it all the hair she is showing off, the crinkle in her nose, the tilt of her head, the squinty eyes, the tiny teeth, or just the fact that I captured this little beauty and she's all mine.
Ryan is trying to get wet and splash in the water.
Just chilling and watching some tooners with Ryan.
It has been so nice to have Ryan around way more than we have been used to. He has even found a favorite cartoon of his own and loves to watch it with Sadie.

Watching the fountains.
We mostly just watched these ones. All it took was one good soaking from these powerful fountains and she was happy to watch them.
She was quite okay(insisted) on wearing her suit around Central Park and on the ride home, no shame here. I just got a few more looks when we strolled home around 6:00 in just her suit.
Sadie was thrilled when she got a "bawoon" from this kid entertainer. He hangs out in the park and entertain kids and adults with music, bubbles, balloons and hoola hoops.

We've met up for supper at the park. So she could feed Ryan.
We discovered reading at the library at the park. It's genius I love it. So here's to my people loving, puppy obsessed, bird pointing, squirrel chasing, sand digger, toilet climbing, booty shakin', soother & blanky addict, book loving, and crayon eater. I love you.