Wednesday, October 17, 2012

fancy a five year old

Wow. what shes 5!  I guess I'm ok with it.. bit it is a whole entire hand.  Anyways Sadie had a fabulous birthday.  She had a Fancy nancy party with her friends, and it was so cute, and so fun and she so loved it and it was pretty easy.  I would happily do it again if I had a girl that wanted too.  
 I even got in a fancy dress to teach them to be fancy and boy did I feel fancy.  The girls I thought I was sooo pretty, like a princess and so very fancy.  They all thought the looked so pretty, when each friend arrived they all checked each other out and complimented each other on their fancy ensembles.
 We had some fancy snacks and made sure to eat and drink with our pinkies out.  They LOVED it.
 We practiced walking fancy, balancing bananas on our heads just like fancy nancy.

 The girls all trying very hard to do a kissy face picture.
 Simone was here for the party and she helped do some nails, make up and even some pink in their hair.  oh la la.

 All the girls got a chance to walk down the runway for the all the moms at the end.  Let me tell ya these girls are all naturals.  They loved strutting their stuff down and posing.
 Sadie got a cupcake maker and apron for her birthday so the delicious cupcakes were made iced and decorated by the birthday girl.
What a fun birthday party for a sweet 5 year old.
On her birthday she felt bigger as soon as she woke up. and she loves being 5.  LOve our Sadie girl.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

we love to see the temple

We made it to visit the Calgary Temple tonight. It was beautiful.  Ryan & I were both looking forward to taking the kids to see it.  They were excited and although they are little and might not remember a lot, it was every bit worth it.   I am sure we will talk about it enough that I think they just might remember something about it all. 

 Hannah kept talking up a storm about " I go in the temple" and of course she was less than perfect and typical 2 year old style form.  She had a bit of a meltdown when we attempted to put booties on her boots, and I told them to start with out them, just so they might not hear the screaming toddler out the doors, while Ryan despartely tried to calm and reason with her. It worked.    She made it through the tour and of course was very excited for her cookie at the end.

  Sadie loved it, and talks about getting married in the Calgary temple.  I think it was one of the few times I heard Ryan act excited about his girls getting married. haha.  There were a few things Sadie loved one was the 'sparkly' room that is all white and so beautiful and has sparkly chandaliers.  She also loved the mirrors that went forever, which is like our family.  So sweet to hear our kids say these things.
 Talia was not so perfect either, I had to leave our tour early because she was such a stinker.  It's a good thing she is so dang cute and I get to go back.  Having a temple close again is so exciting and reminds me how special it is, and how important it is.  It really reminds me what is most important in life.
So glad I got to go with my family and have this memory forever.