Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I think its important to write it down when I'm feeling it. I saw this picture today and I was in love with me AND my 3 girls. That sounded weird. But, what I mean is I love what that picture means to me. It is my life right now. My arms are rarely empty, my lap is often occupied, my heart is full of love for these 3. Life is surely crazy. I like going out sometimes, and showing up to a place and acting all calm and cool, and only me and maybe my kids know they crazyiness that occured on our way out the door. Like the kind of crazy that makes you almost stay home, but somehow you battle through.

I also got these pics today, and I pretty much fell in love with this itty bitty teeny little babe all over again. I think I knew I'd say it, but she had to grow before I could, I can't believe she was so tiny. She is now almost 11lbs, what the... She is almost growing out of some clothes, and when I say clothes I mean sleepers.

Onto a few other random thoughts here goes a random

1. So Ryan was away for Friday and Saturday, and I think I did pretty good on my own, with 3 kids. thats all. I don't like it, but its good to know I can do it, right. I even made it to church pretty much on time 9am with all of us in dresses (a first for Talia) and hair done. I feel like our bathroom becomes a mini salon, getting everyone ready.

2. That being said I almost never go to the store groceries, errands anything. I have thought on more than one occasion how drive thru grocery stores would be amazing right about now. Remember when it was cold for like a whole week, I went to the store then. dumb hey?

3. My girls our so lucky. Ryan is such a great dad. he is always thinking about them. He took Hannah on a swimming/lunch date last weekend, she loved it. He planned to take Sadie this Saturday then had to cancel, so he came home early one afternoon and she went.

4. YW's is so busy sometimes. enough said.

5. I can't believe how much I have conversed with other moms about schools. I get its kind of a big deal, but then I'm pretty sure she'll be fine wherever I send her. I have her registered for kindygarten at our community school. Please let that be the first and last time I ever call it that again.

6. Sadie only likes sweet things she is a sunshine and rainbow girl for sure. She does not like one single scary thing. ryan was offering to take her to a movie, she declined because it might be scary, she couldn't run the risk. She did accept the lunch out though.

7. Hannah is way tougher than Sadie, thank goodness. Hannah is so funny, she falls and she laughs is that not the greatest quality, not the falling.

8. I know its going to drive me crazy that I have not taken very many pictures of talia. When you see them everyday I don't notice that she has changed much. But apparently she is growing she is almost 11lbs. I'm sure I'll look at my pictures to do a baby book one day and she will hardly have a solo shot. But, I do think that so many baby pictures I take aren't cute. Anyone agree that the wrong angle or eyes half shut, or the cute close up you pictured is almost as not cute as a close up on my face.

Thats it for now.

Monday, February 6, 2012

hey.. it's me & Sadie

Everyone once in awhile I am glad my parents held onto and passed onto my kids something from my childhood. I got this Mickey when I went to Disneyland when I was 4, same age as Sadie. Sadie has had it for a while, I think she just sorta swiped it, with permission from their house. Anyway she really does like it and as silly as stuffy toys are she plays with him, and he is defineltly one of a few choosen stuffies at bedtime.
Anyone else think that book looks a little too wordy for a 4 year old.
I think most parents get a kick out of checking on the kids after they fall asleep. I can't tell you how many pics I have of sleeping kids. So sweet. Its a little funny how much she likes Mickey Mouse, her latest is Hannah can have a minnie mouse party, and she will have a Mickey party. I'd say there is a good chance she'll change her mind in the next oh 9 months.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

hey look at me

I thought I'd share a little something I made for Christmas for the girls. I'm new to this sharing what I made, I'm not the craftiest person. I feel like I'm showing off, but i guess its about my kids, so whatever. Really its my blog and that's mostly what i do on here. Anyways, they each got these simple little books titled little reasons i love you. Kept it pretty simple I numbered each page and then wrote 1 thing I love about them, that makes them so them right now, and then on the opposite page was a picture of them that went with it.

It was actually a lot of fun coming up with the little reasons and I'm glad I do take quite a few pictures of even some random things that turn out cute or can be forgotten if I don't take a picture. IT was nice to put a few words with the picture. It was kinda for me, I'm not overly sentimental with stuff, but pictures and memories I LOVE, oh and of course my kids

Anyways with the month of Love here I thought they were cute to share. I didn't think they would really fully appreciate them, especially when they got them at Christmas, but Sadie actually did. They both love the books, and so do I. I am really into making digital books right now, they are so great for me, not really crafty and not really techy on the computer. Seriously anyone can make them, for me its a little addicting.
Here is a few I just finished last year. I made some for the grandparents for Christmas. I have a few on the go right now too.
Anyone wondering I have mostly used blurb, these love ones were from paper coterie, I have used picaboo. I am trying shutterfly too. If I updated my computer I might try the mac ones too. There are pros and cons of why I like some more than others.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I really do love new york

A bit of a lull right now in the blogging, don't get me wrong life is for sure busy, we are loving this so called winter. I just realized I never blogged or wrote down our fabulous new york trip. I did actually start it, but i guess summer came and blogging is the last thing to do then.
So here it goes our New York adventures.
Day 1 fly into Newark and take the bus in to New York. Got butterflies as we got closer to the big apple. Our flight had been delayed a couple hours, so it was good we didn't have anything booked to go to, but of course we still wanted to. So we got off our bus and since we already knew our way around and Ryan is an insane speed walker through crowds of people we got our luggage and we booked it down the crowded sidewalks to our hotel. We were so hot & gross but we dropped our stuff and went and got tickets to a Broadway show for that night. We made it in just in time and I can't imagine a better way to start our holiday. The show was so entertaining and it felt good to sit and enjoy the show and some cool A/C. After the show we hit up the new Shake Shake that is so close to our old place -which could've been bad and awesome if it was there when we lived there. There are a bazillion good places to go eat in NY and I am preganant so there may be some food talk. Anyways really yummy burgers and fries and milkshakes AND custards.

so that is all I had written down, so now its just some highlights of ALL the stuff we did there is so much!

Central Park one of my favorite places in NY for sure. It is so huge and beautiful and now for me so many memories. For a split second I was like oh I wish I could show Sadie where we spent so many days playing, but it was way more fun with just Ryan this time.
Ha this is the hot dog guy that worked the corner right by our old apt. he was still there, he forgot me, but for the few months we lived there, he knew me. he he
We lucked out and got tickets to the late show, it was fun, and we got front row cause we're awesome. It was fun they do a lot of hyping the crowd up. John Crier was the guest.
We were in China town and we never ate there before, but Ryan heard of this place, oh man to say it was a dive would be true. it was actually pretty good. It was weird to walk down into the restaurant.
We stopped in at FAO Schwarz for sure the quickest stop there ever, we would come here to entertain Sadie. Yeah don't you think Ryan is going to HAVE to get one of these for our girls one day.
We met up with my cousin Jason & Kate and Bridget at Stardust. Very fun. Bridget was so dang cute and everyone loved her.
We did go to Top of the Rock it was cool. We timed it right and saw the lights come on and wow this city is HUGE. I love the view of Central Park too and of course Empire State Building
Took the ferry ride to see Lady Liberty
Of course we went to a baseball game... I mean 3! Ryan loves them. Its not by chance that the yankees were playing the Red Sox while we were there.
One game was delayed, but of course we had to wait and see, it didn't look like it was gonna let up but finally the origianal 7:00 start time happened I think at 1030. ridiculous hey. We waited the whole time, then we watched the game. We got home at like 2am. It was fun though really. We were there to hang out so whatev. I still can't believe so many people actually waited too. Added bonus as we got tickets to see another game, which we did.

AT another baseball game, they played the Indians one night too. I couldn't handle going to 3 games all in a row.
Lombardis Pizza LOVE it. IF you can't tell by the look on my face.
Rice To Riches is all rice pudding a ton of different flavors. I love it. Ryan could take it or leave it. And it has the funniest sayings all through the store. like hilarious

Time Square after a show. The red steps actually get cleared at 1 am. I think the shopping there closed at midnight, yep I was there one night.
This was in Greenwich Village which is the cutest neighborhood ever. Ryan found the smallest apt crazy hey. HE kind of looks like a giant.
IN SOHO there was the MLB fan cave. Two guys got picked to watch every baseball game here, so we went and checked it out, players come in, and these guys just sit and stare at the tvs all day. Ummm dream job for Ryan.
THis is the Highlevel Park. THey were just finishing it when we were leaving so I was excited to see it.

It used to be this and then they turned it into a really long beautiful city walking path. Great use of space and very unique for sure.

IN Cetnral Park
We went to Carnegie Deli for lunch, the sandwiches were big enough for lunch and dinner. I don't know if this pic does it justice. I should put Ryans face next to it, and you see it was close to the same size.
At the Yankees game
On top of the Met. We had been in the museum and came out to the rooftop and you can tell we were blinded by the sun.
For one of the games we had seats that were pretty close. So we had to be there for the warm ups.
The Met
I took this picture and said to Ryan that will be me soon. And yes that is how I feel somedays, 3 kids that need me and are all over me. OH but I love em.

We saw how to Succeed In Business without really Trying with Daniel Radcliffe and John Laraquette. It was actually really good. I made Ryan wait out front with me so I could catch a glimpse of Daniel Radcliffe after the show. He was nice signed a few playbooks but mmmeh whatever. Proably a let down since we saw Bono from U2 watching the show with us. like that was way cooler to me. We made some local friends and they totally had some hook ups and moved to sit right behind him. I like just sitting down the row from him, and occasionally looking over and thinking yep were the same he is laughing too, we have the same sense of humor. ha ha.
Ryan actually stood right by him because Bono left his sit early but then popped back in the side door right where Ryan was. Ryan and I didn't actually get to sit beside each other this show. no biggie it was worth it to be by Bono.

Times Square was super busy especially the night of the Tonys, we watched them for a while, it was entertaining. If nothing else there is prime people watching going on.
At one of the other shows we went to. We bought tickets from a scalper anyways so I was inside with the ticket making sure it was valid and Ryan out with the guy. In walks Alec Baldwin, he was at the same show as us. So I lived in NY for 3 months don't see anyone, then there for a week run into a couple. I felt cool, and then I had to brag right.

This was our last day here. IT was kind of our anniversary trip so I wanted to be all romantic. So Ryan went along with me and we went rowing on the lake in Central Park. It was awesome for me.

So there is a glimpse of what we did. It was so incredibly fun to do so much while we were there. We were out late every night doing stuff, packed every day full. We saw so much, ate so much, I guess that balances out right. There are so many yummy places to eat.. like endless. Cupcakes, bakeries, pinkberries, vendors everywhere. In little Italy they always try to invite you into the restaurant and tell you how great their food is, but when we were walking through a/c was a bigger selling feature. It was fun to know the city so well, and had a few ins and outs of they city. We got some cheap tickets to some stuff. I paid for us at the museum, because Ryan thought i was too cheap, but you can pay what you want, but most tourists don't know so they pay $20, lets just say I paid less. We met one couple that paid $900 to see the Broadway show Book of Mormon, it was definitely all the buzz while we were there. We went to the Philharmonic one night, which was great. It was right by the temple, which is where we went to church when we lived there. I managed to do a bit of shopping. Did I mention how HOT it was while we were there. It was freakin hot, record breaking heat waves were happening and walking the streets and going in the subways was awesome let me tell ya. I thought I got my fill of NEw York, because we got to go back just the 2 of us. But the more I think about it, I know I'll be back again one day. Ryan & I both love it, the city has so much to see and do its awesome. The 2 big higlights for us are baseball and broadway shows and then a city that is full of so much life and history. It is acutally a place I hope I can take my kids one day... when they are older and will appreciate it. Sadie says we need to take Hannah because she has never been and Sadie has lived there. ha likes she really remembers it. New York I have fallen in love with you all over again.