Friday, April 23, 2010

She's Here

Hannah Sue

We are so so excited to have another little one in our family. Hannah arrived on Sunday April 18 @ 1:25a.m, she weighed 6lbs9oz. She is absolutely perfect, imagine that. I just love all the excitement of having a baby there is so much that makes her story special and one we will never forget. As far as the whole labor and delivery everything went really well and quick (I'd say that is a very good thing). I love that we didn't know what we were having, it made the whole thing so exciting and nothing beats the moment when you get that first cuddle with them on your chest, NOTHING. that makes every bit of my not so bad pregnancy so worth it. little tid bit about her weight we left the hospital thinking she weighed 7lbs, then on day 2 she weighed in at 6lbs 40z and I was thinking that's a lot to lose so quick. Then my sister looked at her scale pic and clearly she weighed 6lbs9oz. Glad we figured that one out.
Sadie was so excited to hold our new baby. Ryan now appreciates the efforts I make to do Sadies hair, he really had no clue what to do.

Yikes, here is our first pic of our family of four.

So far Sadie pretty much adores Hannah and everything about her. When she walked into the hospital with Ryan, her first words were "where's our baby?" She is quick to help in anyway she can and is quickly learning what babies are all about. They are best to look at and hold and snuggle with.
I have to add this Hannah has dark hair and a decent amount, it's worth documenting as I don't know how long it will last.

We came home from the hospital pretty quick, but we had to take Hannah back when she had a high level of jaundice. So she had to spend some time under the lamps and now we are glad to be back home.
We can't get enough of this face. What is not to love? thanks to grandma B for the smiles.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

no joke

So this is either really lame (in Ryan's case) or good for a smile or laugh (in my case). I was putting away the dishes & went to put some tupperware away and found some tupperware in there WITH the leftovers from the day before. I smiled and laughed at myself. Come on, we've all done it or come REALLY close to pouring orange juice on cereal or putting the milk in the cupboard, right? I blame this on preganancy, mostly just because I can. Tell me I am not the only one who does something dumb and blames it on pregnancy.

Anyways still here I await the few phone calls I get daily from my mom or sister just 'checkin in' on me only to tell them NOTHING of the baby news. Ryan has started answering my EVERY call just incase. I'm really not to antsy yet. Last week the dr gave me a scare and pretty much told me I was going to have the baby (she thought I needed to be induced, sent me for an emergency ultrasound) Ridiculous I know I've had a whole 9 months to prepare but suddenly I did not want it quite yet. It is also ridiculous that I have yet to find out what I am having after the 6th ultrasound.
My Dad snapped this one of Sadie & I when we were visiting. I know I am getting bigger because Sadie just looks at me daily and says "you're having a baby"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

trip to the zoo

It was a beautiful day today so we made a trip to the zoo. It was the first time we went to check out the new dinosaur park. It was pretty sweet. A lot of walking (but that's the zoo experience, and the joys of being pregnant I definitely notice these things).

Sadie wasn't too sure about these fancy dinosaurs that moved and made noise. This is her initial reaction when I tried to make her watch the dinosaur. She covered up her eyes followed by, "let's keep going mom". She started to like it a little more and kept asking the names of all of the dinosaurs.

I knew she fell asleep on the way home, but I forgot she had a chocolate granola bar in her hand. I was all excited that I wore her out and thought we could both nap... nope she woke up right after this.
Why does my kid have to grow up? Lately (right now as I am still in the process as we speak) it sure makes the bed time routine drag out.
Why did you have to give up the crib and move into a big bed?
Now you get in and out as you please.
Why did you have to learn how to open doors?
Now if I try to ignore your calls or you just want out you just come. Like tonight you came out wandered around upstairs looking for me and then found me downstairs.
Why did you already learn a million and one things to request at bedtime? It begins with "one more book, a toy, a drink, I gotta go potty..."
Why do you try to reason with me? When I think I'm being nice and leave a light on so you can read your books do you reply with, "but I can't read the words" duh
Why did you learn to be so dang sweet through it all? When you call "mommy can you come here for just a second?" in the sweetest little voice it's hard to be mad. Then you just share the most random thoughts in hopes of striking up a great late night conversation.
On one hand I'm thinking I must savour these little moments, on the other hand I'm thinking I gotta lay it down bed time means business right??

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Happenings

Hippity Hoppity! This is what Sadie & I spotted in our front yard last week, Easter is coming! We were at my parents for the weekend, as soon as we got there we were all anticipating the arrival of the newest addition.... 'Baby Gavin" Brooke made it all the way from Edmonton to show off the new little one. Let's just say he was well loved all weekend long.

We enjoyed all the sun and Lindsay was out trying to be the best mom before she left for Mexico (ughh jealous). Pulling all three of the kids around, that's how she rolls in the small town. I'm jealous she makes it look fun and easy.
The Easter Bunny came on Saturday which was genius I think, and didn't bring too much chocolate or candy which I also think is genius. (thanks Linds) It was Lindsay's idea & I was all for it, I felt a little stingy and grinchy at first but when all the candy was pretty much gone in a day it was good.
Sadie had her first go at colouring Easter eggs, she took it very seriously.

We took the eggs out to the 'BIG' Hill in the backyard to roll the eggs. Again a hit with the kids.
But even better was rolling them down the slide followed by a wee

We ventured over to the town Egg hunt and I know I am from southern Alberta, but the wind was crazy. So it was really a race to get a couple eggs and run back inside.

Sadie totally loved Baby Gavin and loved holding and smothering him all weekend. I hope it lasts.