Wednesday, March 30, 2011

here's the thing

It's not news to anyone who knows my kids that Sadie adores, obsesses, loves, just can't get enough of Hannah EVER. Some proof, I put Hannah down for a nap, 1/2 an hour in Sadie says, "I hear Hannah" said with much anticipation and excitement. me " no you don't babies need sleep." "ughhhh" Sadie. This little back and forth continued for the remainder of Hannah's nap. Sadie would be convinced she heard her, if I would've let her out of my sight I am sure Hannah would've been woken up. In the end I barely won Sadie over when I said we can make cookies. She was not grasping the fact that when Hannah's asleep we can do fun big kid stuff. Yes there has been tears at nap time -not from Hannah. Sadie & Hannah were a part for 2 days and if you would have seen the reunion you would've thought it was a least a week, she was away from Ryan and I too, but she could have cared less. She could not get enough of her she was so hyper and excited and while we ate she kept launching herself across the table to get closer to her. Sadie is getting smarter so she is starting to learn some letters. First letter she learned to write, was none other than the letter "H". I know I get it, it is easier than S. But, up until just recently if asked, "Sadie when is your birthday?" she responded Hannah's birthday is April 18th, she now knows hers too. Ok some concrete proof.

Exhibit A
A couple attempts of writing her name, a bit mumble jumbled but mostly the letters are there.
Exhibit B
Writing her little sisters name
All the letters all in a row all the same size. hmmmm
I wonder which name she writes more of.
the funny thing about this time she wrote Hannah she actually started backwards and wrote it, but no matter it all turned out the same right. ahhh the palindrome.

If I deny Hannah something don't worry I'm pretty sure her big sis will come through if she gets the chance. Thanks to Sadie when I am not looking Hannah has had cookie, brownie and some chocolate and that is just in the last week.
It was brought to my attention a little while ago, that all of this is not normal. What? When Hannah was smaller and Sadie still showed her love in crazy 3 year old ways, a friend said aren't you ever worried about what she will do, or isn't it exhausting? My answer nope. Seriously once you're around it for like a day it seems completly normal, and I simply can't imagine it any other way. I've said it before but I really do hope they are always like this, and just love each other to pieces. Sadie calls Hannah her best friend, and she already has plans that when Hannah gets bigger they will share a room. I think Hannah even misses the in her face baby talk and constant entertaining if Sadie is ever gone. Just a sampling of what life is like with these 2 sometimes. How did I get soooo lucky?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Soooo let's talk about the weather. Everyone is talking about the weather right? Anyone that legitimately has not complained about the weather this year, the cold, the snow, the bundling, missing mittens, freezing temps, wow hats off to you, and who are you? or where do you live? It's just a little depressing, the calendar says it's spring, but outside it's just not, a few people have got away to some hot tropical vacation, but even a week away just doesn't cure the winter blues we are all trying to make it through. soooooo what have we been up to?

I saw this little pool in the dollar store & yes I knew it was small & I thought that might be fun for Hannah in the summer. I'm not gonna lie I didn't think it was like barbie swimming pool small. None the less, we opened it up and had our very own pool party inside. I tried to tell Sadie just let the little people go swimming, I knew it wouldn't last.. it didn't. She squished her little self in there & was so happy. Then we had a friend over, and walaa they fit. Who knew?

I know all the cool moms are thinking hello do you have a bathtub? Why yes yes I do, but what fun would that be. Honestly a few wet towels and a little water, it was worth it to me.

Back to depressing winter, my kid keeps asking when spring will be here so we can do normal spring things like blowing bubbles. Well we can't keep waiting so blowing bubbles

and sidewalk chalk sure why not. Looks like the sun came out so of course we embraced it.
Got Snow?
Want some more?
Yes we even have sand toys to dig around in the snow.

Clearly we are running out of fashionable winter get ups.

So we're done. soooo done with it.
For the record all these pictures are from probably the last week or 2.

The girls & I were down in Raymond for a couple days. One of my favorite things is when they watch the kids for a bit and I come back to sleeping kids and my dad gushing over the cute pics he took of the girls. The pics he takes are always good (as in my kids want to sit still and look cute for him) and I think he gushes over them almost as much as me.
cute cute cute
ahhh love everything about this, the cheek to cheek, touching hands, happy, sister love.
the double bow in Sadies hair, soother clip and teething necklace- had the mom been there I may have intervened.
But I just love it.

perfect little poser

so serious
A couple to show Sadie's awesome gymnastics skills.

Now that I got that whole weather rant out I think I'm good, I will not check the weather, I will just hope that tomorrow is a new sunny day, that our we'll just play in the basement.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

so long winter

Sadie had a few of her favorite friends over last week to play. After a while I asked if anyone wanted to go play outside. I swear in less than 10 seconds all of them were at least half dressed to go outside. They were so excited, I was too. It was so great to stay out there and play and just breath in the fresh air and enjoy.

Sadie & Ryan are both big
dr. seuss fans. Anyways Cat in the Hat was at the mall last week so I thought it would be fun to take Sadie, and it was. She thought it was pretty cool and kept saying its the real cat in the hat.

AND I had a birthday full of celebrations. Seriously best family and friends that made it soo great. Here we are having a birthday breakfast.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

what the what?

It's ridiculous. I haven't blogged in forever. I'm kind of at a loss of what to say right now. For a while I really did want to, then we had some computer/picture issues and now I've just been trying to get them all organized again. Here's the short computer story, hardrive wrecked pretty much all the pics from the last 2.5 years (basically my kids lives) gone unrecoverable... devastated like seriously unbelievable right. Pay lots of money (worth it of course they are priceless to me) in the hopes that by sending it away to a clean room they can recover them.... ahhh they did. Amazing. Lesson learned and that's why I have to share it. People myself included back up your pictures properly cause you never know. So my brain is as scattered as my pictures and is totally a random sampling.
I so remember this day. here it is 3pm Hannah still hadn't napped. So I gave it one more try, gave her a bottle, rocked her and Sadie came in and didn't want any of it she started bawling she just wanted to play with Hannah. Sadie got the boot, Hannah was left to cry in her crib. I went downstairs and then came back to this. "Hannah's not napping, she is so sad" well I guess I lost.

Who isn't so done with winter? We've all had our off days and sometimes I'm okay with letting the kids do something they maybe normally wouldn't, if it keeps them happy and entertained. Well let's just say now Allaina knows exactly how and why Mylee got a big goose egg while under my care woops.
It's every ones favorite toy right? the ipad -
Surprise girls trip to visit Jen in Vegas. So much fun, shopping, eating, sleeping, staying up late.
It seems like forever ago that Lindsay brought her kids up for a visit and let me tell you it was a hoot. oh yeah. I think the most hilarious moment was when we decided to try some clothes on so of course we all piled in one room and suddenly we looked down and James is stripped down to his undies so he can try on his new sweats, then the girls did the same. Seriously we were dying. I'm telling ya Lindsay seems roll with it, and I do to, but I still feel like a serious gong show.
the sleepover kickstarted with new $2.00 pj's for everyone. You would of thought that James' came with a skirt too, but no we never gave it to him but he still danced and possed like the rest.
Hannah at 9 months.
Back to some family fun. I think it's almost more fun how many kids we can get not looking.

these Christmas pics are courtesy of my Dad he is awesome. I try for like 3 Sundays and don't really get any that are great then he takes like 10 and wala. Pretty good.

Can you imagine if I would've lost this picture. I know tragic
Or this one of me and Pete running the Resolution Run. Let me tell you about this. Doing this run was my idea and then it was Dec. 31st and freezing and I wanted to back down, but of course couldn't. I really thought it was my worst idea of 2010, and then we (Pete, Gab, Regan and Brooke) it was so fun. I am not just saying that. I would do it again. I love that Ryan thought I was in idiot for doing it from the beginning and was not interested at all. Fine. But guess who was at the finish line oh yeah. He even took me out after.

The girls at the zoo, sort of looks like spring, but you can't be fooled by the massive parkas they are wearing.
A little V-day partay

Hannah at 10 months her newest trick clapping and now scooting. Sadie was blowing bubbles for her
Sadie continues to be the big help and the entertainment. I almost feel bad when she can do things better than me. I guess I could take a tip or 2 from her
So feel free to welcome me back with some blogging love and hopefully I'll be back in the groove for good.

p.s I've also jumped back on the pic a day thing. I don't want to jinx it by telling you about it. It is of course not up to date right now but its on the side if you care to see what we are up to.