Monday, December 15, 2008

Day to Day

Some days I'd rather not say what I did with my day. Only because sometimes they just seem like a blur & not much gets done. But, really everyday is new and exciting for Sadie, and she is happy with some of the simplest things. So at the end of the day it is her simple joys that give me satisfaction and make me smile too.

So here is a bit of what she has been up to.

Building Towers
The fundamentals are the building blocks of fun.

Dress Up ...
Finding the perfect accessory.

The more you dress up the more fun you will have.

Talking on the Phone

Childhood is not preparation for life. It is life.

Getting Some zzzz's
She is getting too old for this, but I like that she will go in it watch t.v and I can get some things done (usually have a shower). Besides she has decided to start getting up way too early so she needs more naps in the day.

A pen and paper are all you need to create a whole new world.
Learning to draw and colour... only on paper. Ryan is sure she is going to add some artwork to our wall while I am not looking.

Thinking she is way too independent
Refusing to wear a bib & use her tray.

So clearly things are happening around here. We are loving this time of year and are counting down the days till Christmas, to be with family and friends. Really hoping that it gets a lot warmer very soon. We can't hardly wait for Ryan to have a break from work.

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot...

like Christmas. I was not anticipating being in the picture, but not really shocked when Sadie pulled this little fit. I suppose I'm not the only one with a child like this. I think I like this even more than the typical Santa picture I envisioned.
We went to Ryan's family work party it was fun times at Shakers.
It really is looking more and more like Christmas we just got a TON of snow it's awesome. We might even venture out to play in it today.
And I know Christmas is coming when EVEN Ryan asks to go Christmas shopping... Yikes he might regret that as soon as he drives into the mall parking lot.

Monday, December 1, 2008

oh what fun

Happy Birthday to Ryan! As per usual I did not disappoint with the birthday celebrations. We honestly did next to nothing really out of the ordinary. Ryan does not care, and every year I don't do much. Then the morning of I think, am I a bad wife? But, nope he didn't mind at all. It was on Sunday so we were all together all day, probably the best gift for him after his crazy work schedule. It was fun to spend time on the weekend together. We even had the best babysitters -grandparents so it was great all around for everyone.

We did go out to his Christmas Party which turned out to be a good time. Him and the other articling students were in charge of the video this year. He was a little anxious to see if people would like it. It was seriously a hit, you never know if all these "hot shot" lawyers have a sense of humor. They were cracking up, & even an outsider like me laughed out loud more than once (not just at Ryan's acting) .

Today December 1st was a super nice day so Sadie & I went to the zoo. We had more fun then I thought we would. I was really just thinking we needed an outing for the day before I went a little stir crazy. Then we ended up staying there way longer than I anticipated. It was so nice out and she was just loving it.

She is way more into it now and I let her out and walk around to check stuff and animals out.
she sat and looked at the fish forever, she loves pointing at everything.

Sadie building an igloo
Seriously take note, she is in her spring coat, no winter gear, and i have no coat at all. And for real we were not cold.

ok I take it back I put her toque on, mostly so I looked like a REALLY good mom.