Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Decking the halls

The Christmas tunes are pumping at our house now. I know Ryan is against the tree going up before December 1st, (because he's birthday is the 30th, & he can't mix the 2 holidays). But since I'm the one home all day and I lugged the whole thing out alone, I decided it was up to me. Also I just didn't mention/ask him, so he couldn't do anything about it once it was up. Ok he is not really a grinch. He has always had a million other things on his mind around Christmas and this year is the same. He is BUSY, he just started his Bar admissions course which lasts till May on top of his regular work. Sometimes I find myself complaining for him. He tries to have a good attitude about it all. It's life right.
Lindsay requested to see my tree, so here it is I love it My 1st tree ever!
Just so ya know, it is better in person, and trust me I'll make it worth your while, some hot chocolate and cookies too. So come on over.Love this little nativity Sadie can play with.

Anyways I am excited to have my house feeling all Christmasy. Which has all got me thinking about the whole season. There is soooo much that happens around this time of year, service, celebration of Christ's birth, chocolate, cookies, baking, the food is endless, parties, friends families, cards, gifts, Santa, elves, caroling, snow, tradtions, and more. I love it all, and want to do it all too!
Since I'm starting to think of us more as a family I was thinking about traditions. Things that we will do some old some new.
A few I have been thinking of
see the nativity
Secret Santa another family (remember pixies)
limit our gifts (I've been thinking lots about this one)
a trip to the zoo lights
and of course just more of the little things that are so fun.

What does everybody else do?
My family is classic the pyjamas just can't die year after year my mom can't not have them for everybody Christmas Eve.
A few years a ago.. obviously

On Oprah today she Did not have her Favorite things this year. Instead, it was all about being thrifty, which in turn means gifts from the heart. It is so true these gifts mean way more and become the ones that we treasure. As cool as the new iphone, or those diamond earrings would be. You can go to and get download some of her favorite Christmas songs.

I tried to take Sadies picture by the tree and it wasn't happening & then I got this great idea in my head & it is much better in my head. Here is the game who do you spy in the ornament?
Again confirming my rookie photography skills, I may try this again.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

step it up

So I've been slacking & its time to get going again. Lately everything has been sporadic. I have only been making dinner like twice a week, exercing maybe that much, cleaning when I feel like it, you know. Now I am ready to be motivated and get in the swing of things.
It all just comes down to me, no one is ever going to make sure I get "it" all done everyday or every week or whatever. So starting with the workouts I want to get my butt in gear & in shape. I have been tossing around different ways to do this and debated 1. getting up before Ryan and going for a run all by myself- then I took note of the time he left & knew that it was not possible seriously 5 am 2. working out in the evenings via workout video (gets old) 3. go to an aerobics class at the church with babysitting (Sadie fails they won't keep a crying baby ugh) 4. go running outside with Sadie in stroller -seriously I'm Canadian and I do like being outside so the fresh air will do us both good. Although it is fun to come up with excuses, and I never run out, I really am going to try to just do it.

Other good news I WON! I was so excited when I found out I won a pair of these cute little shoes. I'm not one to go crazy and enter into the bazillion giveaways happening in the blogging world. But I am glad Melissa posted on her blog that Simple Finds had a giveaway. So I entered once and WON. I know rub it in. They just came in the mail, & I LOVE them. So now I have record I can never say, I never win anything.

On another note I am pretty lucky everyday.

Lucky me.....
  • gets to dress Sadie everyday, I love this part of my day she is still pretty fun to dress (as if I thought it would get old) - it is funny how long she can wear the same clothes because she isn't growing tons and she is just tiny. I moved her out of 3-6 months stuff but she could still wear some.
  • gets to take Sadie out and not to brag or anything but I get to hear how cute she is. Again her compliments don't get old. Love em even from complete strangers
  • gets to watch Sadie rock out and dance to music daily, of course I can't resist & join in singing and dancing, (making a fool of myself). She loves music right now
  • gets satisfaction from getting all the laundry and ironing done on laundry day- Monday
  • makes supper for one on most nights.(hint of sarcasm)
  • gets to chase Sadie around YEP she is officially walking. Its funny to watch her move like a little robot.
  • lucky Ryan got to see Sadie this morning becuase she woke up at 5:30 and wouldn't go back to bed. Ryan thought it was awesome, becuase he usually kisses her goodnight on Sunday and sees her Friday night. thankfully this is not the norm
the pantry a new favorite hangout.
I've done more video lately than pics so here is a few clips. I totally put the video together then was like Laugh, dance, walk. Its like Ellen only her big thing was laugh dance vote. I'm totally making shirts ha ha. Sadie is totally walking now, this clip is from a couple weeks ago. I think my favorite it how excited we or I sound cheering, then Ryan is total pride when he says "shes all over that baby." like walking is the newest sport & she WILL be #1. Ah kids its like a whole new world, and a whole new person they can bring out in ya.