Sunday, July 27, 2008

just the 2 of us

Thats life these days me & Sadie, Sadie & me. Ryan had to go to Vancouver for the weekend leaving us 2 behind. He has only been gone the weekend but it sure seems like a long one to me. Our days aren't too crazy lately they consist of Sadie & I doing everything together

BUSTED... not really Ryan got up for work and this is how he found us... FINALLY sleeping

Going to the zoo with mom, lindsay her kids, rhonda & her kids. oh what fun it was. these kids have the greatest grandma she was so excited and happy to be with all the kids... and according to Lindsay was still singing on the drive home... ONLY a grandma

Sadie still managed to get a nap in at the zoo. I love that she can fall asleep like that.

We try to go running about everyday Yeah for my jogging stroller LOVE it! Sadie just has some issues we staying awake and not flopping to the sides ( I know it looks cruel)

Saying goodbye to Ryan (we were trying to get her to wave)

Eating. Sadie is such a good eater & she loves it. Anytime during the day when she gets a little fussy I can give her a snack and she is good to go, I often do the same for myself
Right now she loves doing it herself and her own way which means filling her fist with as much as possible & try to stuff it all in her mouth it takes great concentration

Again food = happy Sadie

Sadie is now 10 months Holy cow

Also when Ryan is gone or when he works late I tend to crave a lot of sweet stuff like ice-cream, milkshakes, chocloate, a whole pan of brownies, more ice-crem treats, sugar candies, so when I start putting on the pounds you know Ryan is working too hard. I even tried to have all this delicious fruit, but in the end sweets won. I go to bed earlier or at least try to, read books, nap a little more. prepare the easiest suppers for me.

Grandpa & Nana Tilleman missed Sadie so came up for a quick visit, its always nice to have some visitors especially ones that adore Sadie.
I feel like I've been a picture slacker according to sadies pics she sleeps and eats a lot. For the record she is not yet crawling which is ok by me. She does a bit of scooting (for food) she is really good at reaching to avoid having to get mobile on the ground.
Her latest trick is clapping I think I got it on video its pretty cute to see her get excited and clap.

Friday, July 18, 2008



I can still hardly believe it's true & really happening to us. We are soo excited, finally I get some of Ryan's work perks. WE are going to New York in the spring for 3 months. I have wanted to go there now even better living the life there for the perfect amount of time. Its gonna be crazy but what an opportunity it is for all of us. Finding out now is good I have months of many late nights solo to plan everything so we or at least I don't miss out on a thing there. Seriously so excited. I can't believe how much there is to see and do there. I don't think I can really fathom a city that size that really never sleeps. So of course I started surfing the net to see all the things to see and do & it is crazy, me & little Sadie in the big city. I can't imagine. I don't know all the details of it yet, but we will have a place in downtown Manhattan. So of course we won't know a single soul out there, so anyone that has the itch to visit US or NEW YORK it will be the perfect chance.

We will for sure be hitting up some Broadway shows, any recommendations?!
Wicked is for sure on my list so far.

One of the many famous landmarks

I can't wait for a walks in central park with Sadie
And you can bet that Ryan will be hitting up just a few baseball games while were there, me too

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

long days...

This is what happens when your husband has worked to many long days in a row. Might I add the previous day he took a cab from downtown to the wrong station. What made it worse was he called and said he was gonna be home early. alright we we're loving that, & eargely anticipating his arrival then he calls so annoyed and frustrated I could tell a combination of a few things (wrong Ctrain, stinky natives, stampede, traffic police, no cash, no bank machine, no pass or tickets, no luck) so I was out the door on my way to pick him up (crying & tired baby & all). Leaving behind my last batch of cookies, it wasn't till I walked in the door I remembered & so they were just a good 50min over baked.

Since we have had some better days....
at the lake Sadie loves the water, the sand it's great she was quite happy to sit and splash

Visting Ryan downtown at Princess Island Park, again loving the water it was a little chilly but if Ryan would have let her win she would sat right in the water

Loving the swing

And standing tall, she can stand forever she just doesn'tknow what else to do. She is scooting/creeping around on the floor very slowly. I know I need to teach my kid, but I think I like her not mobile for now.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I've never done the slide show thing, but I was fooling around on the computer & came up with this so of course there is a ton of pictures. Some of the pics aren't as good as they could be and the slide show is not with out flaws but I'm too lazy to fix it now.

The last week has been crazy, busy, and fun & I wouldn't have it any other way. A super condensed run down of the happenings. Went down to Raymond took in the festivities
  • the race ( I ran the 5km, hopefully that kick starts my running for the summer
  • pancake breakfast - can't believe I have not gone to one in Calgary yet, they are everywhere, & I hear they are actually good -for a pancake breakfast
  • the parade - never disappoints in my opinion
  • loved the small town life,
  • my 10 year reunion - as if I am old enough for that
  • swimming at the pool and the backyard, so wish I had grandmas sweet set up in my backyard
  • fireworks- the perfect view from the backyard, only thing that beats it is when we got up on the roof and watched - and freaked my dad out.
  • Rhonda had a baby boy, Eli. check her blog for the details and pics!! So fun to have more cousins
  • went to Ryan's stampede party at the zoo- left Sadie at Moms for the night where I think everyone had a turn babysitting her THANKYOU. I made the quick trip to Calgary, but I knew it was worth it when I saw the candy bar and ice cream bar. The food was delicious.
  • Peter & Gab's wedding- the day was perfect for them & they were pretty cute & in love. and Lindsay & I were the MC's thanks to Lindsay for do ALL the prep work & sharing a couple of her jokes with me.
  • celebrated moms b-day - we were all pretty beat but I think we made the most of it, I think the grandkids saved the day. I may be wrong but I don't think it could get much better than having all your grandkids at your house for your b-day! Am I wrong mom?
  • trip to Waterton - finally had a hot dog roast & played at the lake
  • wakeboarding out at the lake - it was perfect hope we can all go out again
Ok thats all for now, hope you are all enjoying the sun these days.