Friday, June 27, 2008

before i go go

Here is a quick post of what we have been up to. It sure doesn't seem like much is happening round here. I think we'll be busy this next week playing with all my family down in Raymond YEAH!
We went to Kananaskis last weekend to cheer on Ryan as he ran the 100mile Relay. umm not too bad since he has NOT been running at all. This is a guy who can not say NO so of course when a day before the BIG race his work asked him if he can fill in he reluctantly said if there is nobody else. It was still fun, as it is so beautiful out there and not too far from us.

We have also started visiting Ryan downtown once a week, its like their little Daddy daughter date and I just tag along. Ryan totally looks forward to it, and i guess it gives us something to do.
Does every dad just love to do this with their kids, it's totally not the same if I try it.

I haven't taken many pics as of lately probably because I am trying to get Sadie to sleep through the night or at least sleep better, so some days I'm just trying to stay awake. So as a result we have all gotten a little less sleep and are just trying to catch some whenever we get the chance.

Other than that walks around the community, enjoying the warmer weather, you know just the same old routine. So I am off for the week now, & so glad that Sadie & I only have to make a 2hour drive and we will be soaking in the backyard sun & fun with Granny & cousins. see ya'll soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's all about Ryan

We went to Ryans Graduation it is official "we" are done school and he is a law graduate. I used to laugh when wives would say we are doing this in school, I thought yep that is what your husband is doing in school, but after being with Ryan when he finished his undergrad and was accepted and finished law school I feel like yes WE did it. Don't get me wrong I am not trying to take credit for his hard work. We had very different roles but I don't think we would have wanted to do it with out each other. We were in it together. We are done and; are no longer students!

I am glad we made the trip to the convocation, sounds cheesy but I was pretty proud when they read his name and he walked across the stage as I was trying to snap a picture. The convocation was nice & can you believe 100 years of U of A graduates now. Crazy to think it all started with a graduating class of 40 & this year over 6000 graduated.

A few things about Ryan and his schooling
  • I have never known anyone to work and study as hard as he does.
  • He sets goals and aims to achieve them... and usually does.
  • If it is something he thinks is worth his time & effort he will give 100%.
  • He finished #1 in his Honors undergrad.
  • He graduated with Distinction in Law.
  • He love challenging himself.
  • He was able to get some sweet scholarships.
  • He will not miss writing exams and competing with everyone else.
  • I really think he is going to like what he gets to do at his job! phew. making it all wort it.

Proud Daddies
Dane with Grady & Ryan with Sadie

Dane Kate & Ryan

Yeah we're all done!

And Happy Fathers Day!

I just have to say what a great husband and dad Ryan is to us. He is so good to us and I know he would do anything for us (including letting me sleep in He just adores his little Sadie. I'm pretty sure the highlight of his day is coming home to see Sadie or kissing her goodbye in the morning. He is so good at playing and talking with her. She loves his attention. He doesn't want to miss out on anything with her, & sure makes the most of their time together. We sure are lucky to have him.

Monday, June 9, 2008

this and that

I'm back, yet again! We went down to Ryan's Grandmas funeral this last weekend. She was such a great lady & I learned a few things about her life I didn't already know.

Here are a few things that made her such a special grandma & great grandma
• she seriously won scrabble EVERY time we played with her
• she was sure that Sadie was going to be a little blue eyed blonde girl (she was right)
• she always wanted to know what we were doing & always remembered
• she shared stories when we went to visit
• she served Ryan "special steak" when he was little aka LIVER
• she spent a lot of time with Ryan growing up (babysitting & having sleepovers) fun grandma
• she was an amazing gardener
• she was a very hard worker
• she loved all her kids, grandkids, greatgrandkids and great great grandkids
She lived to be 89 years old and was an amazing example to her family & others. We love & miss her, but will always remember her and are happy to know where and who she is with now. We are better people for knowing her!

Ryans aunt & uncle came out from Victoria to see Sadie, they had fun playing with her and joined in on spoiling her.

It was kind of a nice day today so of course outside Sadie & I went. Not to long after being out I saw the dark clouds rolling in and started rushing home, not quick enough. So Thank you to the perfect stranger who saw me getting soaked in the rain and offered to pick me up, even though I passed it up because I was so close to home. It was brutal I was soaked Sadie was soaked and very upset.

These are before and after the rain I don't know if you can tell she was really wet and cold, it even hailed for a bit. I am sure I looked like a fool in the rain trying to protect my baby.

I copied this from Lindsay, what a good waste of time.
You just type in your name is in google and see what comes up.
So Susie is....

Susie is planting a circular flower bed
I wish... I’m hoping we get grass for the summer

Susie is home!
Yes so true home sweet home it is for me.

Susie is a control freak
this could not be more untrue, I am pretty easy going with just about anything

Susie is the fastest woman in the TeamBath 5k Road Race
Again i wish this was true, as demonstrated today I am not faster than rain. I do want to get out and go running

Susie is lovely
oh thankyou I’m pretending that is a compliment

Susie is free and happy
this is a fairly accurate description of life for me right now. LOVING it!

Susie is the most laid back dog on the planet
so true minus the whole dog thing

Susie sunshine
yes this was actually my nickname as a kid. After 3 boys how could a girl not be a little ray of sunshine

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This is it our family is joining the rest of the real world. I have sent Ryan off to make a living and pay for all our FUN this past month. We of course don't regret a bit of it. It has been great to have so much time with the 3 of us and see friends and family all on our own schedule. I will admit it is nice to have some normalcy back in my life and routine things are routine again. I am sure I will never have another month like this EVER! So I think we have made the most of it.

We had some friends come up from Utah to visit. The boys kicked off their golfing in Kananaskis and we went off to the zoo with our girls for some fun.

This last little trip was mostly for the BOYS as it was all about the GOLF. But us GIRLS made the most of it and managed to find a little bit of shopping, (including the candy store) sleeping, eating and just hanging out with everyone. Even the boys know you can only golf so much.

Not the greatest pic but here we are snuck out to get ice cream without Sadie

It was sooo good to see Lindsay kind of weird with no kiddos. It seemed like FOREVER since we had seen each other. thank goodness she hasn't changed on me.

That is when we turned on the guitar hero. I am officially the worst at it, but that didn't stop me from playing. And Ryan suprised us all he was totally into it I am gonna leave it at that!
And to finish off I am featuring our SINGLE friend Tom. He rocks guitar hero, & I'm pretty sure he held his own on the golf course & he provided some sweet accommodations. This man needs a girl to occupy his time.