Thursday, April 28, 2011

you only turn 1 once!

Hannah is ONE!

Hannah loves cake, so she got lots of it. We had a little cake party when Ryans parents came up to celebrate & she stuffed her face and hands till icing and cake were ozzing.

We had a few friends over to play and have cupcakes. I gave her chocolate and she loved it.

We went down to Raymond for Easter and my mom made her rainbow cupcakes and no suprise they were a hit.

What a lucky girl. Her parties consisted of cake, friends, family, and balloons. When we were in Raymond, some of the older girl cousins who are totally into the party planning, pretty much threw her another party. It was entertaining, and so funny to see them run around the house to find 'stuff' to give her as a present.

A little bit about the sweetest smiliest one year old.
-She loves to play peek a boo.
-she doesn't crawl she scoots, it's funny to watch, and you might want to correct her but it's just too cute.
- Loves to do a little baby talk, it's amazing how Sadie claims to understand and even translate, because of course Hannah wants ice cream.
- She has no teeth yet, but is still a great eater.
- is awesome and pulling herself up and can just cling to my leg right around supper time.
- is sleeping like a champ
- she can plays strange sometimes and I am who she wants.
we just love this girl to bits.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


More snow what more could we ask for? It was almost funny to me when I woke up and saw all this. Secretly I wanted to go out and play in it, so we did. We were out there before 8:00 weird and crazy I know. We had our fun, I'm really hoping it will just be gone tomorrow.

Barried Sadie in the snow
Yes we've pretty much had it up to here with winter. Yes I know I am a dork for saying that.

ok we are done, we got our gumboots now MELT!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


That's right, every once in a while you think ya let's do it. Let's take our kids out to eat. Many thoughts run through my head on the way to the restaurant, like sweet there will be no mess for me to clean up, no supper for me to make, we will all eat whatever we want. Oh and not to mention we are going out with Ryan's sister and fiancee so obviously we will be engaging in some good dinner conversation. Right? So we get there. Don't worry we did of course choose our restaurant based on the kid factor. In fact, they even sat us in the same seats as last time, oh joy the corner back by the kitchen where all the kid families get to go. I actually don't mind, I don't have time to apologize to the couple who may get an animal cracker tossed in their direction.

I know I'm making this a big deal, and really we have 2 kids.... and 4 adults this time. But, really when it comes time to eat those other 2 adults are out and are doing exactly what they came to do eat. So we sit down. Sadie finds her seat, gets the crayons out and begins to colour away she is gold right now. Ryan acknowledges her beautiful artwork here and there and she is great. The waiter comes out and she is ready to order, a chocolate milk and french fries and ketchup. Today she gets exactly what she wants a plate of that. We get drinks order our food, and kid #2 is pretty much spent at this point. I have been throwing every sort of snack/food at her, she eats one and throws another on the ground. Awesome haven't even got my food yet. Oh well I will move on to toys, wipes, soothers anything to entertain Hannah, I desperately want to just give in and give her the shiny knife and fork to play with, but I resist. Out comes my food and of course the race begins, who can eat faster, Ryan or I. First one done relives the other one and takes over the entertaining. Then an act of desperation on my part I toss a napkin in Hannah's direction. Hilarious. She is now the entertainment. I can say peek a boo and eat and the same time. ahhhhh

Sadie is loving it too. Wahoo.

This is what we do and sometimes it seems a little crazy and a lot messy, sometimes it seems like we are doing something right and we all eat and enjoy. Occasionally I burst a little with mom pride and hold back my beeming smile when we leave and the couple by us comments on how cute our kids are and I feel like the cutest little family of four.