Saturday, December 15, 2007

Counting Down

I know I am not alone in this.  I am so excited for Ryan to be done his exams for the year.  We can finally all relax and spend some time with our families. YEAH!  It's crazy this is his last year he will have exams which is sooo exciting.  But that means next year we will be in the "real world"  this is great for many reasons, but I'm pretty sure he won't be getting a 2 week break from work for the holidays, so we will have to take advantage of this last long Christmas break.
Isn't this little girl growing so much?

I cannot believe how many hours he has spent at this spot studying.  
I also can't believe how many hours I have spent bouncing my little one on this ball. (if I want Ryan to study at home I have to keep her very quiet) 

So the last couple days it was warm enough we ventured out on some nice long walks

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What's new?

There is not too much happening around our place.  Ryan is writing his 1st exam today and then he finishes on the 19h Yeah!  He is trying to make us all smarter and reminds me I need to use my brain.  Sooo last night I studied with him ha ha... i think he just wanted to wooo me with all his knowledge.  I was impressed but will be glad when he is done and can really hang out with us.   So as I said nothing to new around here but I can't let a week go by with out pictures so here we go.  
And the other day Ryan called me on his way home it was pretty late, and he asked if Sadie was still up I secretly wanted to say "No she's gone to bed, you should've come home earlier." but she was still awake and really after a long day in the books he loves to come home to see Sadie, so of course he did! 
 And this may shock some & maybe i shouldn't share this but oh well.  Ryan changed his 1st poopy diaper...kinda pathetic.  it was funny to watch him & well we gave her a bath after... translation more work for me. 

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Daddy Daughter

Happy Birthday to Ryan!! He has always been pretty low key about birthdays, for a few reasons i think he is just a typical guy that REALLY doesn't care about big celebrations,
it has always been right before his school gets really busy with final exams,
and I usually don't make a big fuss either.
But this year I did manage to make him a cake & we did go out.

Sadie got him a cute little book. I made him read it to her.
Here is Sadie living up to the name she is totally Daddy's little Princess

Ryan let me snap a few of the 2 of them together

Are these not the cutest pictures, ah love her!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Bling Bling Baby

These are just too cute, so I had to share. My friend Abby made these soothers for Sadie, she is into the bling I think these are her first soothers she does mostly cell phones, watches, and she even does shirts for our girl trips. We made up a "brand" JESA Jen, Ellie Susie & Abby. It was our 2nd girls trip we hope there are more but now I have a baby and Ellie has one on the way, soo this makes things a bit tricky. I wish I had a pic of in our shirts we looked pretty hot!

Here is the shirt she did for each of us. I think the pictures must be on the other computer.

Here is the play be play of what Sadie does without her soother.

1st soother down, first reaction don't cry just yet maybe I can get my fist in my mouth hmm might not fit thankfully.

Don't give up try a new angle

Hmm maybe just my thumb
This keeps her content for a bit anyway.

Okay becoming domesticated sure is a process, I realize or Ryan points out some what some of my "job requirements" are.

So here is my sewing project started this quilt Spring break of 06, completed summer 07. not bad eh? They say you learn from your mistakes, if that is true I did a lot of learning while doing this. Maybe learned it will be a while before I attempt a project like this again. Good thing I finished before Sadie was born, i hear it can be difficult to complete with kids. Lindsay??
Also here is my first baking since Sadie.

look pretty good right. Cookies have never been my thing, despite my countless efforts of substandard batches. Anyways i hope these really impress Ryan. Don't worry I threw out the pilsbury wrapper. (i'm not joking).

Here is Sadie being entertained by her fishies.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We love visitors

Sadie & I had a random drop by from Lindsay & kids yesterday.  So exciting, I know!  I say random because we didn't know she was coming & caught us in our pj's at 11:00.  She sure put us to shame with 2 kids up and out and she was already done her workout at the gym.  Only pictures of the kids as you can imagine I was stylin in my jammies, and Lindsay does look pretty hot after a sweaty workout. ha ha

James & Sadie in their toques,  can you believe only 4 months apart
Alli had to break it up James was about to attack Sadie

Alli is the sweetest little girl to Sadie,  she is such a little mommy (I wonder where she learns it)  She always says "Hi Sadie, how ya doing"  and she is sure to give her a soother when she cries, and give pats to burp etc.  I think my favorite is when she sings songs for Sadie to go to sleep.  awwww

But on another note I think Lindsay better prepare herself seems Alli is gonna have more of a clue come Christmas, yesterday she was saying HO HO and then she said Santa.  Lindsay asked where she learned that .....TV.  Ha ha

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


100 things you did or didn't know about me. I know fellow bloggers have done this so I decided why not. so here goes

1. I can sing O’Canada in Arabic
2. I think i am a lot like my mom
3. I went to 4 different universities
4. I have 2 degrees & have no student loans
5. I love being a teacher
6. My first teaching job was an al girls jr. high -yes they wore uniforms & i even gave DT’s for uniform infraction
7. I never had a boyfriend in high school
8. i love sweet treats... maybe too much sometimes
9. I taught at an Arabic School, it was the most challenging & rewarding
10. I never thought i would be suspending students in gr. 2&3 so many times &girls?!
11 I always eat breakfast
12.i like my hair long best
13 i was a very bad standard driver... i stalled many times
14 i have gone skinny dipping in broad daylight
15 i dated my best friends brother for a short time
16 i really like pink
17 i have walked Whyte Ave in some crazy outfits
18 i also accidentally ran over a strangers (drunk) toe on whyte ave
19 i love having sisters were like best friends
20 i love being outdoors & hiking
21 i always get excited at the first real snowfall
22 i love wakeboarding & missed it this summer
23 i love watching musicals- & really want to go to NY to watch some soon
24 sometimes i wish i could sing & dance
25 i love pictures looking at them taking them & i am learning to edit
26 i love travelling & hope i do more in the future
27 i lived with over 15 roomates
28 i like the satisfaction i get from cleaning my house
29 i enjoy finding and reading a good book
30 I had braces twice at 18 got them off for grad, & 24 got them off to get married.
31 I got my learners licsense after 4 tries all in a row
32 It took me 2 tries to get my drivers -he claimed i hit the car in front of me when parallel parking
33 I lived in a different city than Ryan for 4 months while pregnant -I spent 1 night at Res with him(the things we do for each other)
34 We saw each other most weekends he got pulled over 3 times for speeding (that i know of) and no tickets... LUcky
35 I was so sure i was having a girl ...& i was right
36 I scrapbook sporadically
37 I was in figure skating for a lot of years & like to skate for fun still
38 I can play the piano but always say i would like to get better.... i think i need to practice
39 I like watching most any sport LIVE
40 I have learned a whole lot more about baseball since I met Ry & a bit about golf
41 I kept a journal while Ryan & i were dating its pretty cheesy
42 Ryan totally surprised me when he proposed... it was at West Edmonton Mall! good story
43 I really don’t like cats they kinda creep me out and scare me
44 Dogs are okay, I don’t think we’ll ever have one
45 I like that I have lived in a small town and the city too.
46 I am quite happy to live in the city and visit small towns (Raymond)
47 There are definetly things you can only get in a small town, i will miss some
48 I love slurpees in the summer
49. I hate when i am too full to order dessert.
50. I fall asleep in movies almost always... theaters included
51 In high school I won the all girls all you can eat pizza contest... 13 pieces
52 I became an Oilers fan when I moved to Edmonton & wnet to the games
53 I almost went to Study Abroad in BYU Israel it was cancelled just days before i went...maybe one day
54. I have worked for the town of Raymond and the city of Edmonton
55 Kids make me laugh
56 I was a Trappers baseball fan, and went to the Eskimos football games too
57 I sort of tried golf .. its not for me Ry loves it
58 If Ryans hobby is golf mine is shopping
59I think golf goes back to my childhood when i hit my cousin with a golf club in the head and she had to get stitches.
60 I must have a good immune system I have never called in sick for work
61 Except when I just wanted a long weekend to go away -i felt SO guilty
62 I have puked maybe 3 times in my life
63 I have been puked on at Calaway Park by my best friend in jr high Disgusting
64 I love a good deal on just about anything
65 No car accidents since high school (i had a few minor ones)
66 I went into a store and left the truck with no E brake & i guess it rolled forward and hit another car & we didn’t notice till at the checkout! The sweet lady didn’t care about the damage
67 I hit my high school teachers parked car... i did not want to see him at school on Monday
68 Math is my least favorite subject, but I took a lot of math classes
69 I asked my grad date by having a police officer give him a subponea
70 I think being active is very important & love doing it with kids.
71 I hope my hair always stays blonde - no colour
72 Before i was married my initials SAS it was a nickname
73 Everyone at work calls me Susan (my real name)
74 Being an adult sunday school teacher was the scariest calling ever
75 I am glad to be Canadian
76 I thought i wanted to be a nurse growing up i think because my mom was i could never do what they do
77 I have probably donated blood over 20 times but don't like needles
78 I taught Sex Ed to Jr. high girls- question box bad idea
79 I liked being pregnant
80 Giving birth was way better than i anticipated ... it was so exciting and fun is that weird
81 I am good at typing with one hand and Sadie in the other.
82 it drives me crazy to hear people chew their food
83 i like to be organized, this doesn’t mean that I am
84 Being a mom is the best
85 I love watching Ryan be a dad
86 i don’t love cooking, but am trying to plan meals and do more, as it is my “job” now
87 I used to love baking, but don’t do it much anymore
88 i never studied or worked near as much as i should have in University, but i did have fun.
89 i was in Vancouver & never saw my brother that lives there. i might never live that down
90 i don’t like the smell of coffee
91 i hate the little creatures that rhyme nice. HATE
92 i love Sadie’s name, Ryan thought of it
93 i could/should be doing something else right now
94 i almost never wear heels, i have a bad ankle so i guess its not worth it
95 i worked the day i went into labor
96 lt will be weird to not be ‘students’ i think i’ll get used to it pretty quick
97 l would like someone to decorate my house
98 i am not a perfectionist
99 i am a people pleaser
100 i Love my life & wouldn’t change a thing!

This lil girl is making me smile everyday

We love trying to make her smile.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Blessing Day & more

We blessed Sadie yesterday. Everything went just fine, Ryan's biggest concern was her crying during the blessing. She had a good cry before & was pretty good until the very end she started squirming and nearly slipped right out of their hands Ry even paused to make sure she was ok.
It was fun to have our families her for the weekend (it sure flies by). we love it when they come to visit. Thanks for everything!

She was blessed in a dress that is about 100 years old (my Grandma was blessed in it my mom, me & all my siblings, & now Sadie). She may be the last the dress is starting to wear thin.

Of course had to do the generation pic. All blessed in the dress. Thanks Granny B
I think my mom was smiling because she was so happy to be with all her grandkids AND because her & my dad are off to Mexico this week to soak in the sun. Jealous and wishin we were there too!

My sister in law Rhonda took pictures of Sadie at Thanksgiving when Sadie was only 2 weeks old and she gave them to me this weekend. Sadie looks so different now. Good thing we take so many pics so we don't forget how tiny they can be. Anyways Rhonda took some great pics and there are so many to choose from here are a few. OK more than a few

AND a Shout out to my brother Pete who unfortunately wasn't here this weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Hope you weren't celebrating alone. Since i have some shots from way back i thought i'd share. Pete is always good for a laugh & entertains the rest of us ( you were missed this weekend) We hope to see you at Christmas and anticipate any surprises you may have for the res of us!! especially gullable sweet me

pete & the boys at their fort, i think pete even slept in it. pete is holding the dead fish

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

nobody likes

a blogger who doesn't update OR who doesn't post pics.
there are a few excuses for the delay but I don't wanna be "that blogger" so

anyway had intentions of posting at Sadies 1 month (even wrote it so will still post it) just couldn't post pics.

ONE MONTH- if posted on Sept 23

Okay, Sadie is 1 month ...and 1 day old. Ryan got home today & I said ohh sweet Sadie is 1 month now. ummm he says that was yesterday. WHAT. Meanwhile last night when I was up in the precious wee hours i was reminising 1 month ago when she was born & thinking how fast time flies, then this afternoon i was taking pics of her -because she is 1 month old. Well i guess i am losing touch with the "real" world.

At 1 month Sadie

  • is doing all the baby things (eats, sleeps, messes her diaper) But wait she does so much more even at 1 month!
  • is getting used to a whole lot of picture taking
  • loves all the trips to the mall -to her dads dismay (not so good for the bank account!)
  • LOVES to be held and cuddled
  • sleeps with her hands above her head
  • is adored everywhere she goes
  • occasionally is caught sucking her thumb or trying to put her whole fist in
  • also enjoys taking her soother at times
  • is told she looks like her mom -this makes me smile
  • has been caught smiling a few times
  • rarely cries without immediate attention from her mom or dad
  • has her dad wrapped around her little finger (this really only took her seconds of entering the world.
  • looks forward to her daily conversation with her dad.
  • is soooo loved by her mom & dad & they can't imagine life without her (what did i do before Sadie)
  • loves when her Nana or granny come to see her (so does mom ha ha) hint hint
  • I think i've stretched this list long enough
  • HAPPY 1 Month to our sweet lil Sadie Jane We LOVE her so much and more and more every day.

Sadie is seriously so good when we go out (please don't jinx myself) whether to the mall, errands, to see friends, church she seems to sleep and just enjoy the outing. So the the other day we went out with a few other girls and kids to enjoy the fall weather and get a few pics. Here they are. She slept the whole time which is fine by me. What a "dream" baby i have. Ha ha.

Here is here first & last time bathing her in the kitchen sink she really liked it until she had to get out. She is into the big girl tub. ahhhh she is growing up so fast.

Until next time I love being a mom. Some days or nights more than others but we love our lil baby girl. I hope i am not posting too many pics.