Tuesday, June 26, 2012

don't get used to it

I kind of miss the ol' blog.  Obviously not enough, cause its been forever.  We have been having fun and keeping so busy, the kind of busy that I pretty much have nothing to show for it, but I am beat at the end of the day.  So here is the mish mash update.  and a whole whack of pictures

 When did Kindergarten become so complicated... oh right probably when I lived in the city and realized my kid has 'options'  so of course we had to consider them all.  I'm gonna stop worrying about it and enjoy our summer.  But, I do miss the simple life of you go to school here no choice no questions, you walk, and no one questions
 I sure did have a great mothers day.  Spent it with my kids it was honestly perfect, early church, Ryan made lunch, short nap and picnic outside, throwing rocks in the river and getting dirty.  Thanks for spoiling me.  Oh yes and Ryan got me a bike, I can now pull the kids around all summer.  I feel like such a mom.

I appreciate Ryan's effort to get the 'perfect' picture, of me with the kids, but I think this is as good as it gets and I love it.
 I don't know what it is getting older, more kids or what.  But I am getting more sentimental and I find myself trying to steal more kisses from my kids daily.  I am so happy to have our perfect little family to be with every day.
 Again, I can't get enough of Tali I wanna snuggle her, kiss her cheeks and just bottle up her sweetness.   She is at the cutest age, she sits and plays, eats her fingers and everything she does is just about the cutest thing ever.
 Had a big ol celebration for my parents 40th.  It was fun, the worst part is its all over and we all went home.  My kids love being at grandmas and running around and having cousins to play with.
Sadies preschool is all done.  She had a great year with her class of all girls.  Mrs. Hamilton was a great teacher for her.  She sure loved her.  But, we are all excited for the summer schedule.

 People think I'm joking, but seriously keeping up with bathing the kids, grooming, trimming toe nails and all that is impossible for me.  Really, somedays the kids get overlooked, but i think more often it is me.  I do like trying to look good, but showering everyday is so out of the question.  I am enjoying more 'off' days and day old make up is ok sometimes, of course i reapply cause that makes it so much better.  I have learned that I will take compliments and not try to interpret them.  Like when Sadies teacher says "oh nice did you get your haircut" I will say yes thank you.  In my head I will say no, but thanks for noticing this may be the first day in over a month you've seen me with my hair done, and the works.  Even if there is a chance you are giving me a pitty compliment I'll just take it.  Or if you like the new hair do I'm sporting that took me 2 seconds and you wanna know how to do it.  I might tell ya, that I saw it in the latest celeb magazine I read yesterday.  But really I haven't hardly taken a minute to watch let alone read any of the latest trends and gossip.
 Planning young womens camp, the thought of taking my baby honestly doesn't excite me, but leaving her home isn't really an option and would be a lot to ask of anyone.   thanks to the baby we will not be completely roughing it, I draw the line somewhere. So heres to the cabins we'll be sleeping in.

I do just love summer, its seems like the best time of year.  So much to do, fulling wearing myself and the kids out. daily.
 Seriously I married to the best guy, he adores his kids and they him.  I kinda really like him.  He was such a sport he got all the kids on Sunday at church and I got to watch him while I gave a talk.  I may have strategically sat them down near people with no kids, so not to far into church some sweet lady snatched up our baby.  we gave home the best homemade gifts which I think is always best, you know the stuff money can't buy.  But, money can buy a steak dinner so we made that for him.  

Well here I'll just toot my own horn.  I decided to make up a little soccer program for Sadie this year.  It was a bit of work but it was worth it for this kid.  We just had our wrap up bbq and all the kids had a blast, and maybe even learned a thing or 2 about soccer.

The kids got to play against their dads.  Sadie loved it, I've never see her chase the ball more. Ryan was a sport and defintely had fun schooling the 4 year old girls.