Wednesday, August 26, 2009

okay okay

So I do want to update the ol' blog but taking the time to do it is another story. I can't believe summer is soo close to ending. Thank goodness as long as the weather stays decent I'm pretending it's still summer. I will do anything to enjoy a few more days lazing outside in flip flops and enjoy the freedom of no schedule & few commitments.
We spent most of last week at my parents with my family. We had fun little day trips and outings here and there and the kids just loved playing together and running around. I just realized I pulled my camera out once, but I caught this lovely little story. These 2 are too cute together.

And by the way when does the kissing cousins need to now?? I just don't know.

Sadie is in LOVE with her dad. I know that's a good thing. Seriously she has become such a daddy's girl and is always so excited to see him and play with him and have him put her to bed ... not me. It's great, I'll take it second best has its perks too.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

all about the baby

I went up to Edmonton to visit Abby because she finally had her baby girl. Niko is adorable and about the sweetest baby ever, she is cuddly, squishy, tiny, and I could stare at her all day. After going 9 days over and 24 hours of labor and a C section the little I mean big (9.5lbs) bundle of joy is so worth it. Way to go Abby.

Ellie & Jen were already there so we had the baby shower on Monday, it was fabulous. Everything turned out great. The food, the friends, the baby gifts, the funny games, including Jenny & I being the nanny and making fools of ourselves.
This was a super rare moment, Niko with her eyes open. I'm not kidding she slept ALL the time, good baby.

I forgot to take pictures before or during the shower, but it all looked amazing. Jen & Ellie thought of every last detail.

Thanks to Brooke & Brett who let Sadie & I spend the night at their place. AND babysat Sadie while I stayed out. I came home & found her sprawled out on the bed fast asleep. Thanks guys.
Sadie enjoying one of the cupcake pops. Yeah I finally made them, we all loved this things.

Before we left we drove around the university area reminiscing about our crazy college days and looking at all the changes that have happened around. Ye I'm sure we sounded like a bunch of oldies. It was fun. Of course we stopped at the Ledge, one of my favorite places in Edmonton. I still LOVE that city in the summer.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Growing up IS a BIG deal

This is HUGE! Yesterday was the 1st day I actually did Sadie's hair. I can't lie I've been waiting for a long time for this day. I was so excited I saw another little girl on Sunday come into church with about the same short and scraggly hair do Sadie has been sporting. Then when she left church her mom had transformed it into 2 adorable pig tails. She was my inspiration I realized Sadie was ready for this big change. Her hair is still incredibly short in the front, but can actually hold a little clip Yeah! Sometimes I think it looks a little silly but I know there is no way I could possibly cut her hair in the back to match the front.

On the growing up topic... potty training. Sadie seems to be somewhat interested in this & so am I. So we've been giving it a go with some success. I don't claim to really know what I am doing, I feel like there are a gazillion ways to do it, and hope it comes sooner than later.

This was too funny she is actually crying because I had changed her diaper (remember only some success) and was going to put on a new one. She lost it, she wanted to go on the potty, so I let her go on but of course she didn't need it, so she was still upset because she would not get a treat or sticker. In the end she got one for trying.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thanks... Come Again

We were so happy that Lindsay & Derek & their kids came up for a visit last week. In the few days they were here I'd say we kept ourselves and the kids pretty busy. Of course the boys found time to golf once in the rain, and once in the scorching sun. Lindsay & I managed to get out to the mall just the 2 of us, how grand was that. If we could just spend money guilt free we'd be set. We even managed to have some fun with the kiddies.

Trip to the zoo was a HIT. It was so smart to go first thing in the morning, all the animals seem to be out and about. I'd like to take credit and say I knew that, but the truth is if we didn't get ourselves and the kids out the door early, I'm sure the boys would've tried to squeeze in a round of golf.

On Saturday we headed to Canmore and played at the lake out there. The lake was really fun and it was a great day to be outside. This isn't the greatest picture but it was seriously so cute just seeing all these little blonde heads playing together.

Sadie LOVED having James & Alli around all the time. She still needs her space at times and I'm quite happy when she just does it on her own. Rather than the alternative where she freaks out and then gets her way or toy or space.

Ryan & Derek eyed the little cliff on the other side of the lake all day. Finally at the end we insisted we go over and they jump in.

Just before we were leaving it started to rain, & I think it hasn't stopped since. I'm I right??