Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CornFest '08

Since I've been married to Ryan we have always made it back to Taber for the Cornfest weekend.  This year was no exception, we were drawn back to the small town fun.  We took in many of the festivities and it was for sure a fun weekend.  Coming from a small town I shouldn't be surprised by some of the activities that remain the same year after year.... but corn stuffing come on how funny would that be (unfortunetly I missed watching that).  

If your town has a claim to fame make a big monument of it so no one will miss the corn capital of Canada. Yeah Taber. (I'm pretty sure I can make a little fun of Taber because I come from the smaller town of Raymond)
weeee.... that was fun until she stopped and then she cried.

swimming .....AGAIN  i know
Petting Zoo Sadie wasn't too sure about most of the animals, which really is ok by me I don't see her getting a pet anytime soon or ever for that matter, especially crazy lamas, fat pig, or even a cute little bunny
Posing on the grounds

Friday, August 15, 2008

rough go

Not many words for this picture. I guess I'm "that" mom I leave my kid for 2 seconds & she suddenly decides to cruise across the room and of course finds the diaper cream and proceeds to cover mostly her face & by the looks of it I'm pretty sure she had to taste it too. ugghh so it was to the tub for some serious scrubbing.

I look at this picture and still think shes cute. And of course I hope you get a laugh from this, as even I did.

her next big story was ughh again rough for the both of us. She had an allergic reaction to something really wish I could figure out what it was so I can avoid this for the future. Anyway I was glad we were in Raymond for a few reasons 1. Ryan was out in Toronto for the week, would not be fun alone. 2. Going to the hospital in a small town is WAY better than I'm sure it would be here. 3. She was under pretty good care with Grandpa-Dr. Steed checking up on her all the time.
It all started in the morning with a few spots and she got some Benadryl which she didn't react well too, so by 11:00 that night she had woke up and it was BAD and she was MAD so we took her up and she got a different antihistamine which worked out for a better sleep. Have I ever mentioned this girl does not sleep and she has only gotten worse. I have yet to sleep 5 continous hours of sleep since she was born. Lately she has been on a streak of waking every hour. This antihistamine knocked her out and she only woke up every 2 hours 2:30 and 4:30 and then she is up at 6:30. ok so enough of our ever lacking sleep schedule that we are seriously working on.
She is totally fine now and we are all back home again

This is the only pic I took of our fun times down there. We had so much fun with Grandma showing us such a good time trips to Waterton, Lethbridge, parks, and all the backyard fun. AND Lindsay and her kids are always a good time Sadie liked having other kids most of the time as long as someone was there to fend for her. But even though James & Alli would tease or take a toy from her they always gave her hugs and kisses too.

Friday, August 8, 2008

simple things

We have been loving the busy-ness and fun of the summer. And taking time to enjoy the simple things of life. Being with Sadie (and visiting grandparents) makes it soo easy and fun to really enjoy every simple little thing.

She LOVES the water I know I've said it before, we went swimming for 2 hours & she loved it!

Weeee.. rides on her little push toy (more fun than walking for now anyway)

So serious standing and enjoying a hot summer afternoon. Yes Sadie is looking more and more like Ryan what a cutie!

Bathtime is another higlight in her day she looks like a little frog here

Ahhh camping with Sadie just like too many of our nights lately sleepless. I look way to excited for what was ahead in the night.
The camping was all part of a family reunion at 'the farm' where my mom grew up and I grew up going out to visit all the time. It was so fun to see family that has changed and grown so much its crazy how many of us there were. There are so many fun stories and memories we all have thats what its all about right.

Here are a couple of shots from the weekend. My mom was so lucky to grow up on a farm like this she LOVES being there. I can't blame there are so many beautiful things around, and its total freedom with wide open space to explore. It's a unique farm that has some really neat things about it not just your typical fields of grain and herds of cows. It has the river, breathtaking views of the mountains, rolling hills to hike around in and I love that they named hills and certain landmarks. I'm so glad that my mom has shared her love for the farm and outdoors with me. I don't know if she means to but just by watching and listening to her she reminds me of the simple beautiful things in life she is so good at embracing little things and sharing them. Life seems so care free and perfect while I'm out there, until I remember they actually did have some farm chores to do.

Our morning hike to the 'point'
I think it is always great to be reminded of where I come from and who I am. And going home to visit brings back a lot of memories of growing up. I love that my mom is a farm girl and I am a small town girl because sometimes I worry about raising Sadie in the big city. So I love returning to my childhood memories and sharing them with Ryan and Sadie. I love the traditions I have and passing them on in hopes that Sadie will share some of my favorite places and things from my childhood. The farm is just one of many.

our last stop was the river, where we cooled off and made a dam. We used to spend hours here when I was a kid.
I stayed at my parents for a few extra days & hardly took any pics I was totally enjoying the break my parents were giving as they played with Sadie they are trying to make her grow up and teaching her to crawl and walk, I guess it's time. Anyway here is an action shot of Alli at the spray park this girl loved it till she was blue in the lips and shivering.

Ok that was some simple but not short, thats what you get when I have a Friday night to myself, a little wordy and some reminicing I guess.