Tuesday, December 7, 2010

day 9

Put your Ipod on shuffle and list 10 songs
Because it is Christmas I am listing a couple of my favorite Christmas tunes that I have been listening too
O holy night - Josh Groban has a good version & I really wish I was there to see this (NY Rockefeller)
Glee Christmas cd all round pretty good, even some good ones to dance to with the kiddies.
If this doesn't amaze you and pump you up for the holidays I'm not sure what will- and by pump I mean "Pump it up"
Then I found this one and it is really just insane. Who does this? I wanna know. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a house like that in your neighborhood?
We went & saw this last year. It was intense. They really were awesome. If you want a totally different spin on the traditional Christmas song this is it.
My friend Maren just released this Christmas song, The King is Born it's good, go check it out.
And of course there are the classics that I am singing daily with Sadie, Rudolph, Frosty, & Jingle Bells.
Let me know some other good ones or your favorites.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 8

A place you have travelled

If you have been following my blog for awhile you would know that we got to live in New York City a while back. It really was the most amazing time for our family. I didn't really know what to expect when we moved there and I don't think you can really prepare or know until you go yourself and see, feel it, taste it. I honestly CRAVE that city. If it made sense there is a big part of me that would absolutely and totally LOVE to live there. I know I was only there for a short time so it's not totally legit for me to say that. BUT I am telling you there is something about it that, just draws you back and even though there is some sacrifices to live in that city, it is so worth it.
There is so much to see and do, so much history, so many people. Just thinking about New York makes me come alive and I get excited to go back.

Ryan & I both loved the city, so I know that we will go back. I also promised Sadie I would take her back when she would remember it. We all know that every good parent keeps promises that they make to their 18 month old right? Wouldn't that be the best thing ever to surprise her with on her 18th birthday? I think so.

I made Sadie her own ABC's of New York Book. Now she can act like she remembers living there. I do have to say she was a great toddler to be there with, she was awesome, cause lets face it that is not an easy city to raise kids in! It pretty much cured her poor sleeping habits, but unfortunately maybe the cause of her poor eating habits.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 6

A song that makes you cry

I don't consider myself a crier, so I had to think for a bit on this one. Sometimes its more the situation or feelings that bring on the tears and then the song seems to hold the emotion for me. Anyways I haven't listened to this song forever but it is a good for a cry sometimes. Jane Siberry It Can't Rain All the time. This song actually reminds me of my brother Ryan... okay now I want to cry. He died my grade 12 year, and I am so glad I have days or moments where I remember something about him or us or whatever. I first heard this song from him. It was just one from his huge alphabetized cd collection. I totally remember my friends and I admiring his cd collection, and taking some out and he knew right away the ones we took. The message just gets me, to me there is a lot of different emotions in it.

Day 7
Your favorite movie.
I wish I could think of a favorite movie. I like to watch just about any type of movie. I love sitting back with my popcorn and drink and just being entertained. However, I almost always fall asleep in movies. I rarely watch a movie more than once. That being said, I can almost guarantee no one else will say this is even on their top ten but here it is I really do love this movie
Cheaper by the Dozen

Usual Suspects -it's so been years since I remember watching this.

All the goodies from high school that I have watched too many times. Happy Gilmore, Tommy Boy, Billy Madison.
I can't be bothered to try to get these pictures uploaded but I'm sure it would've added to this post.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Comeback... day 5

Somethings that make you happy. Of course there are lot of things that make me happy. Like when Ryan leaves my fav chocolate bar on the counter, getting good mail, peace & quiet, girls nights, Slurpee, sleep, good hair days, and I could go on.
Mostly it is my family.

These 3 are what make my world go round.

I absolutely adore the relationship these 2 have. Sadie is 100% sweet to her, and even if her sweet looks a little rough to me, it still makes Hannah laugh and smile. Some days I just can't get enough of these 2 together.
Wouldn't you smile if someone was making a funny face 3 inches from your face.
This is so precious to me. Sadie is showing and telling Hannah "I love you this much"
A few things that make me happy in this picture. first I love getting away for the day with just me and my kids its so fun not to worry about anything and just play. Wide open spaces, being outside, mountains, sunshine and all that.

I love these 2 together. Sadie adores her dad. I just get a kick out of all the things she wants to do just like her dad. She loves to see him off every morning with her own run hug and a "have a good day dad" She is even more excited when he comes home. At first I was maybe a tad jealous of their own special time they shared, but now I just love watching it.

Lastly is this. This is Ryan & I pre marriage but engaged. No one can stay in that phase forever, but it is so funny to look back at it now. Don't get me wrong we are more in love than ever today, but at this point we were over the top for each other. Ryan would do anything for me. So here we are Christmas Eve at my house preforming "Baby it's Cold Outside" I think it is safe to say you will never see a repeat performance of this by us. Unless maybe.... no I look ridiculous so nope.

Monday, November 15, 2010

day 4

Something You Are Looking Forward To

Of course the first thing that came to my mind is when I can train this one to sleep through the night, but whatev.

So I guess I am looking forward to Christmas. Really why not. Not so much for me, but for the kids. It is really starting to get magical for Sadie and she just eats it up. Not to mention the whole santa's elf thing which is starting to work like a charm, I WILL be using this many times for the next month and a half. What is not to love about Christmas, there is the magic of the season, family, friends, chocolate and treats, so so many things to do and see. I'm excited to enjoy the whole season of it. I think Christmas morning will be fun & exciting for Sadie, if opening the mail is any indication of the excitement, its gonna be good.
Last week in the mall Sadie got to see a snow fairy, and Snow queen who gave her snow all the way from the North Pole, and then she saw Rudolph she was so excited.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 3

Day 3 Siblings & parents

meet my family... the Steeds. When I think about my family it has always felt like just the right fit. I just can't imagine anything else other than 3 older brothers, 2 younger sisters and my mom and dad who raised 6 kids. We are who we are when we are together and they have made me who I am today. I don't think I always realized how good I had it until now. Growing up I I think everything about my childhood was the way it should be, including mud fights, barbies, and sleepovers with my sisters. For the most part going on family vacation was never a drag, because we all got along and we're friends.
I am honestly in awe sometimes when I think about how my parents raised 6 kids. As soon as I had my own kid my perspective on parenting and love totally changed. WOW right. If I didn't know how much my parents loved me already, I suddenly realized the love I have for my own kid is just the same as my parents love for me. Family is awesome. Of course love all the in-laws too. So here we are this last summer.

Me with the 3 boys

Me and the girls
Sometimes when I start looking at the oldies I just can't resist and I post more than anticipated.

I haven't mentioned Ryans family on here much, but they are Awesome! What I love about Ryan's dad is watching him be a grandpa it's sweet, amazing and hilarious all at the same time. He plays barbies WITH Sadie, when she crawled up the stairs he did. He totally adores our kids. Ryan says that of course he has always been a great dad growing up, but he is a totally different Grandpa... lucky for my kids.

Ryan's mom is golden. She is so thoughtful, giving, and a very busy person. She had this last week off work, so she came to visit for the day AND then she took Sadie home with her for a sleepover. She is gold, I love her.
Oh and she always makes the most amazing and cutest quilts for my girls, like this one!
p.s Nana if you are reading this you. Sadie has asked a few times if we can drive to Taber, because you said she is welcome to come anytime to sleepover.

Friday, November 12, 2010

eeeeks day 2

Day 2 What Stresses You Out!

ahhh stress it is everywhere. Everyone has a little stress & sometimes a lot. How about I share a little bit of my little petty stresses. Not the big huge ones (cause thankfully I don't feel any exist for me right now). Those everyday teeny tiny eat away at you, wish they would go away, definetly won't kill ya, and in a matter of short time may be gone anyway. I'm a believer of sometimes you just got to laugh it off, at yourself, or whatever. A nice long hardy laugh (silent in my case he he) can go a long way and cure a lot. So humor in all things. Anyways

How about the fact that I signed Sadie up for preschool- I'm okay with my kids growing up. But the part that is killing me is the thought that I just COMMITTED myself to get myself, Sadie, & Hannah up and out the door by something like 8:30 am 3 days a week. Don't get me wrong we generally get up around 7:30, but most days we don't HAVE to be anywhere before 9:30, 10 or most days really we run our own schedule so we're pretty much never late. Anyways I am totally CHOOSING to do this. I know most of you are like what the heck, that is some stress. That is exactly what Ryan said umm Sus it's called life. Yeah well the stay a home life has been cushy for me - some might call it Rancho Relaxo.

Ok I HATE dwelling on this but at this particular moment it pretty much consumes my every thought. I am currently STRESSing about babies that don't sleep, namely my own. I'm thinking that if there was a cure for this the world or at least my house would be a better place. Remember a couple a months back I would often refer to Hannah as my 'dream baby' she was perfect, hold her snuggle her, feed her and walaa she would sleep. She slept in the car, in her chair, on the floor, in my arms- when I wanted too, she was so easy. In the night she would sleep n eat thats it. While the times have changed and my little slice of heaven is AWAKE all night long she wakes every hour, she sleeps only when I am holding her. I am DYING here, just surving, yet also trying to train her and make it all right. Sadie was not a great sleeper... I'd argue she topped the charts for worst sleepers for 2007, already its fading and our midnight and wee morning cries are a distant memory. I think this happens to all moms in time we forget the not soo good right? That is why I have 2 kids right?

Stress is when you wake up screaming and you realize you haven't fallen asleep yet.

TO go along with the sleep deprivation here's a little story from a couple weeks ago, that once again gave me a little perspective. The other night as we were cleaning up supper I informed Ryan I was a little low on patience, Sadie had been ridiculous and Hannah just a little needy, and me just a little tired. I thought this was decent of me so he would then excuse my behavior. Then he had the nerve to say "embrace it" he said aren't you always the one saying live in the moment and all that. SO it's true even though I am lacking sleep this to is going to pass. My girls won't be 3 and 6 months forever. I better enjoy it, savour it, and even though it might be easier and more desirable to enjoy this time with a few more zzz's I may just have to hold out for a bit . I guess that's life... my life.

Ok this has totally turned into a rant of sorts, more than stress. I might as well finish & get it out. Lastly is Sadie's eating habits. The kid has the teeniest appetite ever, but also has the smallest repotoire of what she will eat. Seriously she does not eat vegetables ever, she eats meat so so sparingly. What the average person can eat in 2 bites takes her 20, add in the time factor supper time can be a long drawn out painful time for all of us. There are so many things she has yet to even try, but I will keep on trying and really hope that Hannah is not the same. I try not to stress and worry about this too much, but honestly has anyone been admitted to the hospital with scurvy lately?

Yes we all have our stresses, but I think it's what we make of it.

Rule 1. Don't sweat the small stuff.
Rule 2. It's all small stuff.
Rule 3. If you can't fight or flee, then flow.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm joining in! day 1

I just got this from another blogger who got it from another and I think I'm gonna join in too, everyone should. It's the 15 day challenge. Just when I think is the whole blogging thing gonna die out, because sometimes I just don't feel like blogging. I join this whole 15 day challenge. When I heard 15 day challenge initially I was thinking I would lose weight, eat healthier, run faster, have a cleaner house, something to make me a better person, but if I can stick with this I guess I will be around here more and a blogging blogger I will be.

Day 1-Self portrait picture, and 15 interesting facts

Day 2- Something that stresses you out
Day 3-Your siblings and parents
Day 4- Something you're looking forward to
Day 5- pictures of things that make you happy
Day 6- A song that makes you cry and why

Day 7-Favorite movies
Day 8-A place you've traveled to
Day 9- Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
Day 10-Something you're afraid of
Day 11-Favorite tv shows
Day 12-What you believe
Day 13-Goals
Day 14-Some pictures you love
Day 15- pictures of your Dream house

So this is where the 15 interesting facts about me come in...

1. I usually go to bed with my socks on, but take them off at some point in bed.
2. I have never been to the eye dr. to get my eyes checked - I think I can see just fine.
3. I do a lot of online window shopping, but not near as much of the buying - there is something about walking out of store with something.
4. Even though I know it's pretty easy to at least put on a little mascara, lately there have been more days sans make up than with.
5. I am now looking forward to cold winter nights with my new peppermint syrup for hot chocolate
6. It drives me crazy when I call my husbands cell phone and he doesn't answer, come on ya got the phone use it, plus it's ME your wife.
7. I think about small town living vs. the city life often, pros and cons with both for sure. I am happy here, but sometimes it would be nice....
8. I had SERIOUS issues learning to drive a standard I was brutal, I thought it was completely normal to stall and so did my friends.
9. I love that I have friends in Calgary- ones that will come over even when I am in my pyjamas
10. I am bad for not always locking my vehicle when I am out and about, maybe because I have locked my keys in my car one too many times.
11. It is getting to me that I get very little sleep when I have a baby, (I wonder what it is like to have a baby that sleeps through the night or at least a few hours) I am surviving but it is making me mental.
12. I think its about time I start trying a few more things to domesticate myself, let's try making bread or some rolls perhaps.
13. I once tried to get fired from a job - I brought my friend along and what do you know the next week.... I was let go. thanks Em.
14. I used to dream about what I would do if I won the lottery, thanks to my husband and growing up I am a bit more realistic now.
15. I can only wink with one eye, and Sadie can't wink at all -but she keeps trying - how was that for random.

my blog... no make up, no sleep, no shame here. I may just have to post another tomorrow when I am all 'done up' ha ha

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Now that Halloween has come and gone I can share our costumes and what not. With 2 girls I think we opted for the cute over the spooky this year. Meet the cutest flamingo & strawberry ever.
Sadie can be brave sometimes, but when she sees something scary or spooky she is usually not a fan. I think she did some thinking and realized some monsters are not real or not scary if you're with your mom or dad. Even Batman was scary until she found out cousin James was being that.It's not Halloween if you don't carve a pumpkin right? All these things that I thought we should be doing to complete Halloween. But if I am doing it for the my kids I should see if they actually like it. All along Sadie was so excited to carve a pumpkin and curious to see what inside. She was disappointed and disgusted by what she saw... pumpkin guts. She hung around while we did the dirty work, at least she admired it for a good while.

It was so stinking nice before the girls went out I took a few pics of them in costume, seriously couldn't resist their cuteness.
I just told Sadie where to stand and she totally pulled the stand on one leg like a flamingo, it was awesome. She was into it, just ask her she'll do it anytime now, she's been practising.

The actual trick or treating was a hit! She totally loved it, she raced around the neighborhood and wanted to go to every single house... we didn't. But of course she has a ridiculous amount of candy and I am debating what we should do with it all.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Here we are

We got some family pics done & I just love them. Anything else I can think of to write right now sounds cheesy to me. Sooooo I love my family, they are the greatest and I don't think the four of us could be much happier together. mmmmwah!
Except for the fact that it has been recommended that I try altering my diet and I feel like I am going to die... I am depriving myself of chocolate. It's just about the hardest thing I have ever done & I am still failing.

Our pictures were done by Alysha Sladek photography and she is so amazingly talented and awesome at what she does.

Friday, October 8, 2010

it's fall & we're loving it

What can I say we are really just loving the great weather we are having & keep wondering when it will be leaving us. I just love spending the days outside. We took in not one but 2 little fall outings to different corn mazes around Calgary. We went to the Calgary Corn Maze & the kids were in heaven we literally had the place to ourselves us and the 2 other families with us.
these bouncy pillows are seriously so much fun, kids & adults.

Loving some time at the park. It was awesome 3 in the afternoon again had the place to ourselves Sadie played, Hannah slept and so did I. Life is grand.

I love how it looks like these 2 are deep in the forest exploring.

Happy Hannah in the swing

Sadie loved the corn maze, she loved leading the pack and choosing the path.