Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10 on Tuesday

I have seen this around I can pretty much guarnatee I won't be doing this regularly but today.. why not.

1. tomorrow we go to Edmonton for a very quick trip to see a concert that I am sure will be epic. U2

2. I am the YW's president - have been for a few months now, and I do love it, I still feel like sometimes I am completly scrambling and fumbling and wishing someone would just tell me what to do. The young women are great!

3. On that note YW camp is on the mind, I do know it will all come together and be so so fun, it stresses me out just thinking about it. (that is my problem, i think about it & not do something about it)-p.s it is a stake camp which should make it practically stress free right?

4. I am so completley spoiled I had the most fabulous girls weekend trip down to Arizona, it was seriously so fun and relaxing, and hello like 15 girls!

5. Hello golf season, goodbye husband ha ha joking. I love it and hate it. Great that my husband has a passion for something, not love it because it takes a good 4 hours to do and me the non golfer can think of a bazillion other things to do on a nice summer day. But, so far I am being awesome & I tell him to go and enjoy guilt free.

6. Can someone make supper tonight and repeat for like a month?

7. I know I am not alone on this one, but seriously supper is so painful with Sadie. We (and by we I mean mostly me and Ryan when he is home) are really trying to stick to our guns and make her eat her supper and be happy about it. So far she has sat at the table for a record of nearly 2 hours before it was all gone. This would be great if next month I knew that this eating fiasco was in the past, but I know better. Vegetables oh vegetables don't even get me started.
Oh and I could write a novel on the games we play to get her to eat, I"m not saying it's the way to do it, but we do it.

8. Thankful. yes I have lots to be thankful for, family that will watch my kids and entertain them and give me a break, while my husband is in AZ and I'm seriously under the weather. even my preggo sis gave me a break. Friends who invite my kids to play and my kids just love them for it as do I. Lucky me.

9. I am getting tired & I have to post this on Tuesday

10. Love this weather just loving it. we go to the park, we are outside. I love after supper park trips and then rush home & get them to bed. Hannah loves to be outside and cries if she can't get out as fast as Sadie, and is still scooting around scraping up her knees while she crawls around.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sadie falling asleep at supper

only for me to wake her up for the ride home, where she quickly remembered I promised treats for the ride.

Sadie can't keep her hands off Hannah...ever.
Hannah sleeping didn't last much longer before Sadie couldn't resist poking her awake.

Monday, May 2, 2011

easter weekend

Hallelujiah! What a great weekend we had. We were down at my parents for Easter. It was honestly so great to be outside so much and just enjoy it. Sadie loved all the freedom to open the door and run and play. Of course having all the cousins there was a major plus too. And thank heavens I hardly took a picture while we were there, they are all compliments of my dad. He loves it & so do I.

Easter Egg Hunting

Hannah's Birthday present

Easter Sunday

Happy Hannah with the cutest gummy smile
Gavin & Hannah

Nana & her girls in the new Easter pj's from her.

Sadie checking out her Easter basket, love it Kinder egg and she is pumped ...

and a disgusting chocolate Easter bunny, I don't think this made the trip back. The plus about going away for Easter is it is so easy just to leave all the chocolate junk behind.