Sunday, July 25, 2010


Way to take the fun out of our summer. sheesh. It happened. Sadie broker her little leg.
It all started while jumping on the trampoline, and then the screaming cry that is oh so different than her 'normal' cry. Then me feeling bad for her, but thinking she has got to tough it out, so I try to convince her she will be okay and even tried to make her walk on it. Deep down my gut feeling was to get it checked out. We waited and debated and finally decided to take her to the hospital. Ryan took her at 1:00a.m and she returned at 5:00am with her purple cast and didn't get a wink of sleep.

Yes it has been sore & my heart breaks to see her waking up in wincing in pain. She has gotten a fair bit of TLC and way too much candy, she often insists her leg needs a pillow to prop up on. She is getting better at being mobile as in scooting and crawling around. I am really hoping she can get a walking cast next week, other wise I feel like I am carrying 2 babies around, and she is definitely way more demanding.

She should only have it on for 4 weeks, I am sure it is going to be the hottest most gorgeous 4 weeks of summer, so your welcome people enjoy it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I get variations on this little show everyday. It's hard to believe that I will forget exactly how this is right here right now with 2 little kids & me. My sister kept telling me ya gotta get Sadie on video, cause you'll forget how her little voice sounds and well you know just how little and sweet they are. So I caught this the other day, I promise she is not hyping it up at all for the camera. At first I had to hide the camera or she wouldn't do it. Anyways its definitely long so tune out whenever, after 30 seconds you get the gist of it. It definitely counts as my daily entertainment around here.

Having 2 kids is great! I'm learning new things each day... like how fast this little sequence of events can unfold.
It starts soo soo sweet, and I feel the need to capture it on camera...
then it turns into a little playful fun game of hiding under the blanket

then come the smooches and the Sadie just can't get close enough

but in the end babies are amazing and resilient, thank heavens.

Sadie is not the only little girl that loves baby Hannah. yes if you look closely these girls are naked.... from swimming.

Here Ryan is "coaching" Sadie on how to just look and talk to Hannah from a distance, I appreciate his efforts and I'm sure it will catch on soon.

Life is not perfect & I have had days where I wish I could bribe Hannah with a treat and shove a soother in Sadie's mouth, but I think that is perfectly normal right?
p.s. did I mention she just figured out how to climb into Hannah's crib. It was the one safety zone, & I had even used the line "if you don't give Hannah some space she will go in the crib."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

what would I do....

without Raymond on July 1st. It's never been a question of what and where I would be on Canada Day. It is simply the place to be... like what does everyone else do on July 1st? My hometown never disappoints on the weekend of celebrations.
Sadie was so excited & loving the parade this year. She was clapping, double waving, and didn't take long and she figured out the whole collecting candy too.

Hannah & Gavin just doing their thing Yeah Canada!

Sadie loves loves loves Hannah. She loves having little conversations with her that always begin with "Hannah , Hannah Hannah..." before we went to my parents I overheard this;
S: "are you so excited to go to Grandma B's Hannah?
H: lets out a little cry
S: oh Hannah Please don't cry. Mom I will get her sooder, don't worry I won't force it."
I don't know what it is but she feels the need to get right in Hannah's face and then pretty much yells her name over and over. Brooke's baby Gavin definetly experienced this a few times on the weekend.

Lucky Sadie managed to stay up so she got to sneak out of her bed and take in the fireworks. Looks like we are all ohhh and ahhhhhing at this one.

Sadie up at the street fair. How fun was that. So fun to see so many people that were around for the day.
Here is a shot of most of the family who ran at the Raymond Road Race. It was a good time. Ryan let me run and he came up with all the kids to meet us at the end. I thought if I was really fast maybe I would be done running before he got up there. Either he is amazing and can handle getting 4 kids up and out the door solo or I was too dang slow. They were all there to cheer me at the finish line.

The other day I was folding some laundry & this was the thought that went through my mind as I folded Hannah's clothes. Ummm what did this shrink, I don't think this will fit her anymore. that's weird she has only worn it a few times. hmmm I guess our little baby is growing faster than I think she should.