Friday, October 4, 2013


I love the mountains.  what a great way to spend our Saturday.  We weren't sure what the weather would be, but it was better in Banff than Calgary.

 The girls could have thrown rocks in forever.

 Best view ever! Seriously such a beautiful sight to look out and see mountains so big and gorgeous.
These 2 silly girls found each other on the path and posed and then ran the rest of the way together.

 Stopped in the town for ice cream and beaver tails. Yum!

Corn maze

Just wanted to document stuff we've been up to.  Sometimes its so nice to have a nice day and go have a nice time with our family.  We went out to Kayben Farms and had such a great time with the kids.  So fun to see how different each kid is.  Talia is so good at keeping up with the big girls, its a little annoying when it means I need to follow her when she climbs up the tower for the big slide.  Her little legs can move to get her where she wants to be.  
 She is a climber and she is more curious and interested in animals then anyone else.

 These 2 girls get along so great.

 This was just a week before Sadie turned 6. Its just weird how fast your kids grow up.

 Sadie was definetly the leader in the corn maze and she found her way out at the real exit.

 They could have done the slide for hours I swear they loved it, Ryan and I just kept switching off who would take Talia up.
 The bouncy tramp was also a hit, but Talia could not manage this too well on her own.

Oh boy that was fun! It can be exhausting when I take all 3 girls with me, but we rarely go somewhere without getting a few looks or comments that it is obvious these 3 little blondies are mine.