Wednesday, December 21, 2011

merry christmas

I don't know what it is, but life just feels a bit crazy. ok maybe it is the fact that Ryans car pretty much died, I have a new baby, we had to go back to the hospital, we hardly leave the house, 3 kids outnumbers me big time. So it will be nice that in a day or 2 we go to visit our families and hopefully just enjoy time together and relaxing. My head is everywhere right now, so a quick update of a bit of our lives lately.
Merry Christmas
Hannah loves to dance to Christmas music and it is of course better with some blingy antlers
the perfect photo right?
round here is still a free for all. Soothers everywhere.

Infact Hannahs favorite thing to do is find Talias soother and give it to her.

The only good thing when Talia went back in the hospital, my mom came up for a bit. Thank YOU!!

Just having a moment here. I left Talia here and went to get the door, and came back to this... both girls reading her a story and I think Sadie is multi tasking and trying to keep a soother in too.

Somehow we have still managed to do a few crafts. Here they are making snowmen.

Ryan reading a Christmas story with the girls. It is Elf Magic. Our Elf Sally is back for a visit from the North Pole, she has done some crazy pranks and sometimes leaves a suprise too. They are both loving her (okay and maybe even fighting over her at times)

I really don't even want to talk about the fact that Talia is already 1 month old

Ryan asked if I was doing Christmas cards... ha I laughed yeah right, not my year. THis is the best family photo we have right now. Even though I could point out more than a few imperfections I pretty much love it.

Although, this little jem from Sadie is a close second.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wow shes here

Talia Kay
LOVE her. I've put this off long enough but I need to get a few things down and of course some pictures of this teeny tiny little girl.

Yes, Talia came early... a little too early. I was not quite ready... for it all just yet, but of course thats life and we are adjusting fine. So the story goes my water broke, this has never happened to me, so of course I was in denial and tried to carry on with my day. After talking to Allaina and Lindsay they both informed me I was having a baby and I better pack my bags and go... so I called Ryan he was in shock, but came home and we headed to the hospital. They had to induce me, but not before they let me do laps around the hosptial. I truly tried to get it going on my own and briskly walked around and up and down, but nothing. I did tell every nurse and dr. now that I was here I really wanted to have the baby today, cause hello 11/11/11 how cool is that to be born on. Anyways I got induced and it happened pretty fast, and she was born at 12:18a.m on NOv. 12. I guess I wasn't pushy enough. She is of course so super tiny and we can't get enough of her. We stayed in the hosptial for a few days just to make sure she was good and ready to come home. She was in the NICU for one day, and then did go under the lights for jaundice. She is growing pretty good, so far she is gaining weight and still seems so teeny.

As far as her fitting in in our family she is finding her place. Sadie is a proud big sister who definetly takes on the biggest sister role and thinks she can handle the baby more than she should. She has introduced herself a bazillion times ("Hi I'm Sadie, I'm your big sister, and thats Hannah, and there is your mom"-cute to hear their conversation) and loves to talk to her and hold her hand. Hannah is what i expected. She is interested for minutes or seconds at a time. She says "hi" and waves at her like a bazillion times. She tries to be gentle and touch her head and occasionally squeezes in a kiss, or better yet she loves to blow kisses at her. Sometimes Hannah is still my baby and when she wants me she wants ME, and I am getting good and snuggling 2 at once and suddenly the whole day passes us by. but what could be better right?
Ryan is so happy to be the dad of 3 little girls, after all thats what he thought we'd get, and he thinks it will be easier than boys... He has stepped it up and is happy to take the older 2 and play with them and entertain them, Talia is just too tiny and seems so fragile to him.
I have to laugh at a couple comments he made
" seriously will we ever leave the house with 3 kids" have to admit with Hannah & Talia being so close and more dependent on me it is a little daunting especially in the winter
"ok we have to make sure we do a diaper run through the house every night" you know so we don't miss any.
he was completly serious when said these, it was funny to me anyway.

Can't get over how tiny she is in this and not happy

just to show how much dark hair she has.

We are so lucky to have family and friends around that have helped us out so much. Ryans mom came up on a moments notice and took care of the girls and then my mom came home early from her holiday to help out with my kids, have some baby snuggles and give me many naps.

A few things about Talia
she was 5lbs 3oz, lots of dark hair, skinny little legs, long feet. I think she looks like Hannah
she makes a crazy amount of baby noises, like I've never heard before and she does it almost around the clock, she does look like she has a bit of a tan still, she sleeps a lot, is a decent eater, it is definitely taking some work. she spits up often. she is lucky enough to have a girl cousin, Sage 1 month older and a boy cousin, Oliver 2 months older. For now she is for sure the little runt.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

3 no prob

We are getting close to having #3 join our family. I'm sure the adjustment will be no big deal. right? I've got 2 big girls to 'take care' of the next little one. If this is any indication of what life with 3 will be, bring it on, it will be a walk in the park. ha ha

Just for the record this is just how these 2 play, I didn't try to pose them or tell sadie to catch the baby, or slide down together, or even pull the wagon so my preggo self could have a break. Don't get me wrong, I will gladly have my mom come stay with us when the baby joins cause I DO know that I will need the help, and my kids will more than welcome some entertainment.

The girls are definitely getting excited. Sadie has changed her mind and totally wants a boy now, cause duh we don't have a brother. I totally think it is a boy. I say Ryan doesn't want to get his hopes up, he says one more girl would be easy.. Hannah hardly has a clue, I think. She gets that my belly is getting bigger and points at it. When we ask here where the baby is, half the time she points at her own belly i think, or maybe she is just pointing at herself.
This pregnancy has had some ups and downs, so if I can just hold off having a baby until my mom is home, I'm sure we'll all be happy.
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Monday, October 31, 2011

happy hOWLoween

Happy Halloween! I feel like we totally got our fill of the dressing up and taking in Halloween festivities. It was all fun, the girls loved it, if Hannah ever put up a fuss when trying to get her costume on, she was won over in less than a second by a treat.

Anyways their costumes. They were owls. Sadie could've been convinced to be anything, infact she came up with the most random things she could be. I got the idea on none other than pinterest. Not gonna lie it was more work than I thought, but I always forget that sewing is work for me. Then I thought I was good just making one, and Ryan reminded me that there is a small window when you can dress your kids alike or how you want. So Hannah got one too, it went way faster for #2.
We went to our ward Halloween party, it was super fun.
The dancing was a hit for everyone, with the occasional treat break.
Hannah was never scared of anything, she would rarrr right back at anything that looked scary or had teeth.

There was a little Halloween get together, and their costumes weren't quite done, luckily we found some back ups.

are these girls not the cutest
Ryan & I even dressed up once, thanks to Allaina for lending us their costumes.
Ryan took them out trick or treating, I popped out to snap a couple pictures. Hannah lasted longer than I thought she would. She was totally into it and loving her bag of candy. Sadie was just super excited, and happy to go as long as Hannah did.

I thought it was cute and a good idea for Ryan to take them in the wagon, umm Ryan said nope. I forgot that Hannah can and wants to keep up with Sadie, so they ditched it after awhile.
and the pumpkin carving always a hit for like 4 minutes, good thing Ryan is good to carve one for us.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sadie goes to school...

Sadie is in preschool. I remember when I dropped her off, it just happened so fast. One minute she needed me to get her out of the car and the next minute she is lining up with all the other kids, and in my head I was wishing Hannah would run after her and give her a hug or cry, cause a teeny part of me wanted too. A simple wave was good enough. It's been almost a month now, so it really doesn't seem like a big deal. I decided I wouldn't make it a big deal for me, that she is growing up way to fast and gets to go off to school a few times a week without me. She does love it so that makes it easy, her teacher is great, and it just so happens the whole class is girls. Hannah and I have a small window where it is just the 2 of us, so we'll see what I can make of it.

Friday, September 30, 2011

happy birthday to my 4 year old

Happy Birthday to our 4 year old
Sadie was sure she was taller the day of her birthday, she kept streching out and saying she was taller. She also claims she can't wear her clothes that are size 3 and some of her shoes are getting too snug. So at 4 she is trying to tell me she needs more new shoes and clothes.

Birthday Breakfast I got the idea for these cake pancakes from none other than my new friend pinterest for her birthday breakfast. Can you believe even I thought they were a little too sweet first thing in the morning.

Anyways she got to have her cousin James come up for a couple nights and be with her on her birthday. So basically it was non stop playing and fun for them. Seriously non stop, meaning even at bedtime they were too cute to break up.

I am including this picture for lindsay, just look at James.
James got Sadie some dress up stuff and it was the cutest thing, Sadie went to take them off to go downstairs and James just swooped in and said, "let me carry them for you" the rest of the pics I got of these 2 are on my other lost in the movie theater camera and I am so sad about it. So I won't obsess about how much fun and cute these 2 are together.

Sadie has so been looking forward to her birthday and all that goes with it. It's all over with and I don't think we disappointed her. But of course as I am putting her to bed she already has an idea for her 5th birthday, sheesh.

Sadie had a fairy party with friends and it was a hit. Let me tell ya how to throw a fairy party ha ha. First of all Sadie has the cutest friends and they show up and are all so dang cute and excited to do fairy stuff. The highlight for me was the nice weather so I could keep the fairy hunt outside and they loved it. The highlight for them was the magic pixie dust they got at the end. They just ate it up, they wanted to use it to fly and were just fascinated with it.

saw these on pinterest, fairies like rainbows right. so easy peesy.