Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Workout Sequence

Don't get the wrong idea in thinking that I'm working out all the time. I definitely think about it more than I actually do it. Sadie caught on pretty quick and was sticking to her workout routine. So maybe she won't have the scrawny arms that I have.... maybe.

Here she is position 1: watching and learning the proper form.
Feeling and looking good after 1 rep.
woooow starting to feel it ... the burn that is. Extending and exerting with every ounce of muscle in her little body.
Carve it up Sadie!

aww take a seat, well done.. can't wait to see the results in 4-6 weeks ... right? Should be just in time for swimsuit season.

Clearly I need to put down the camera and pick up the weights if I want any results of my own.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

seriously so cute

We headed down south for the weekend, for some family and fun. It was crazy, exhausting, super fun, caught up on sleep, lost sleep, and hung out with family. Honestly from the minute Sadie and I got there it felt non stop, even though it really wasn't.

Congrats to my cousin Haley who got married to Wes on Valentines Day. They were a cute couple and she looked AMAZING her dress was perfect. I wish I had a picture of them she was absolutely gorgeous.

Besides the cute newly wed couple, James & Sadie were my next favorite. Sadie was totally keeping up with the rest of the crew this weekend, she did not need me to take her around. She was quite good at running around screaming with the others, finding the candy dish, discovering and trying to get into things she shouldn't be. It was a good thing that they were so dang cute because when they weren't they were keeping us busy chasing and entertaining them.
Here they are stealing the show.

Can you see why I can't get enough of these 2.

Honestly never once did we try to make them dance, hug or kiss. These too (usually James instigates) did it all on their own.

My dad is quite the entertainer with the kids. He loves pulling out the movie trailers for the kids to watch. All the kids know who to go ask if they want to watch one. When your only there for a weekend grandma and grandpa will give you just about anything. This weekend the list included, movie trailers upon request, chocolate in bed, unlimited Wii, snuggles and playtime even from midnight till 2, sugar cereals, no car seats in Raymond, and lots of treats if that's what it takes. My parents are the best grandparents really the adore everyone of their grandkids.
My dad put my mothering cuddling skills to shame when he got up and stayed up with Sadie and somehow magically got her to fall asleep in his arms after my 2 hours of failed attempts. I am so lucky, what a great dad, to give up his sleep for me.

Side note directed to Lindsay It becomes very difficult to watch your kids at your house when you leave a spare key; out of my reach, frozen to the metal, and non working. Hope you had fun in Vegas!

Friday, February 13, 2009


There are probably more people out there thinking about feb. 14th. But today I have not forgotten it is Friday the 13th. Am not really superstious, but I am ok with blaming my unlucky incidents on an unlucky number.
Unfortunately my day started way too early. Sadie was up and ready to go, this week has been brutal she has been up at 5:30 everyday, I didn't think it could get worse.... it did, 5a.m.
After changing her diaper, again unlucky me (ok not really but lucky would be if the diaper fairy came and changed it for me) I came back to this.
Her first piece of artwork displayed.

I promise I didn't yell, hit, or spank this girl. I didn't need to I looked said, "no Sadie" and my sensitive little girl mess a crying mess.

I attempted to teach her a lesson and she tried to wash it off.
Sadie's lesson learned maybe... well see next week if I find more artwork or super clean walls.
My lesson learned ALL writing tools must be out of reach or used on strict supervision.

Monday, February 9, 2009

short but SWEET!

The weekends always seem too short, but even shorter when it is a weekend away with no kid. Ryan's mom was the hero that stepped in last minute and came up to stay with Sadie. Giving Ryan & I the chance to go to his work retreat at Lake Louise kid free. It was so nice and super fun to kind of remember what we could do with no kids. Sadly for me I still had a hard time staying up too late, and even worse I seriously couldn't sleep in past 7:00. Given the chance again I think I could improve.

The place we stayed was beautiful. Just slightly out of our league, we felt silly using valet parking (have you seen the luxury vehicles we roll in), but a fun perk. It was perfect winter weather we went ice skating, checked out ice sculptures, and went on a hike, ate delicious food and I got to know some of the lawyers Ryan works with. Now I have a harder time not liking them and calling them slave drivers as of course they are all very nice to talk to. Some of them had their kids with them and I think it is always so refreshing to see "big time" lawyers who work ridiculously long, hard hours, just be good fun dads.

I forget what going on a hike with Ryan is like, when it's just us two. I think you learn a lot about the type of person by how they hike. We started out at a good pace and were enjoying the scenery, nature, quiet, and how lucky we are to live close to stuff like this. This is totally my style of hiking I guess I am closer to the stop and smell the roses kinda girl. After hiking a bit further it was all about the pace, how much time we could do this in, we need to set a goal... you get the idea this it TOTAL Ryan. There came a point where we both thought do we have time to finish the hike? Ryan thought maybe we should turn around at a certain time like (4:00) I didn't want to rip myself off of the satisfaction of finishing the hike. So he agreed and I may have regretted this idea. As the rest of the hike he was hot on my heals, pep talking and pushing me up the hike. In the end we made it to the snow covered lake. Then we turned around and pretty much ran down, right after Ryan set the time when we had to be down. Lucky we made it just in time, about half the time it took us to get up.
Cheesy. But this is my victory at the top of the hike.

We got back in time to celebrate Ryan's moms birthday with her. I can't thank her enough for coming up and giving up her weekend to entertain Sadie all day long. It would have been nice if Ryan's dad could have come up too. He is such an early riser, and then I wouldn't have felt so bad when she had to get up at 5:30am with Sadie.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My little boddler

What's been going on. I have been neglecting the blog lately not feeling like updating my own but continuing to see what is going on in everyone elses lives. Not a ton going on lately, life is pretty good though.

I learned a new word last night while reading a book. New to me anyway BODDLER. You can probably use your awesome mother brain to figure that one out. I googled it and here is a definition of it.
Boddler is the name we gave to our children when they were no longer really babies but were not quite toddlers either - i.e. when they had started moving about so getting into scrapes but not actually walking and toddling about. The advantage of the word is that if it is spoken forcibly it does come out as a good swear word.
Oh! you little boddler!

Yes I will admit Sadie isn't really a baby anymore, but I don't think she is a real toddler yet.
So I say Sadie is at the boddler stage. She is typical and loves to empty cupboards drawers and create messes (each day trying to make more & get bigger and better) She LOVES to follow me around and copy what I do. I do think it is pretty cute all the little things she picks up on. She continues to pick and choose words from her boddler language. Only a mother can translate chheee and mmmo and know she is saying cheese and more. I think she is chincy with her words and tries to use "body language" and when that doesn't work its just screaming and grunting which again only a mother can translate. She attempts colouring on paper and herself (she always seems to find pens to colour on her clothes with ahhh) She is always reaching and whining for things that are off boddler limits. She is a decent workout partner. I knew I got those 2lb weights for a reason they are perfect for her. She totally mimics my moves. When I try to do push ups she bends down & gets right in my face and either grunts or laughs at me. She is the perfect little side kick for now.

Being naked is a major highlight everyday. It is like the ultimate freedom, she thinks she can run away from me even faster.
I love that chores aren't really chores. The beauty of this is she is actually cleaning too! Chores are like games to her she sees the vacuum and starts running- "chase me, chase me" Laundry is another favorite of hers & mine too. I am waiting for the day I dread laundry, but so far I really like it, I do it every Monday and I'm done. Maybe with more kids it will change.

She loves to get as close as possible to all the animals at the zoo, pretty funny and a little gross.

Here she is learning 2 things: patience and hot. While she watches and waits for the cookies to bake.

Chocolate I love she loves it, I rarely go a day without chocolate in some form. mmm chocolate pudding.

And here is what I made from the month of January. Each month just a quick collage I can print off in a picture. I did family ones from last year surprisingly its mostly lot of pictures of Sadie.

Little side note I dropped Ryan off today and then went grocery shopping, I was there like 1 minute before it opened & the crazy thing is I was not alone people were standing outside the door waiting to get in. I was back home before 9:00 and was already done grocery shopping and Sadie down for a nap. Weird?! but nice. ahhh gonna be a good one.