Monday, December 7, 2009

Well that was fun, for a weekend.

We were all bundled up and ready to head out and Alli asked if we could take a picture of them. Who could pass a photo op with these 3 up?

The weather turned this weekend and winter is here in all its freezing cold, blowing snow, blizzardy glory. BUT, that didn't stop my sister Lindsay & her husband and kids from coming up for the weekend. CRAZY! I hope we made it worth their while. Cause it was nasty and they were really in the thick of it.
After they got here we managed to leave the kids with a babysitter and go out for dinner, and Lindsay & Derek took off after that. The kids had a sleepover (by sleepover I mean they slept in the same house not the same beds, they were too hyper for that).
Having our storytime...

James & Sadie were seriously busting up over nothing, & Alli was laughing but you could see she was trying to figure out what was so funny. Guess you had to be 2.

It was fun for Ryan & I to play house and pretend we had 3 kids for a day. We took them swimming, super fun but not easy given the ratio and the swim crazy kids, out for lunch and back home. Ok it sure doesn't sound like much now but it was a day.
Awww isn't that what cousins are all about..

Sadie shows new excitement for every new thing she learns about Christmas, loving the countdown, Santa, elfie, stockings and more. I am loving that she seems to get that Santa brings presents ( I am quite sure she would be happy with a chocolate or 2 for Christmas) so I love to use the ol saying " Sadie Santa is watching you" and see her quickly change her ways and do what I ask. Sometimes I am sure I am overusing and maybe abusing but I just know this will not last long I am hoping it will get us through December, and that I can still use it again next year.

Another little tidbit that is working in my favor to minimize the 2 year old meltdowns is when I remember its all about the baby and not about me. For example I try to do or eat something she doesn't approve of and she freaks out. I say, "Sadie it is for the baby not for mommy" she immediately thinks it is okay. Sometimes when I am eating she asks, "mom baby likes it?" mmmm yes I think the baby likes chocolate.
We can't wait to see these 2 and the other cousins when we go down at Christmas.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

yep he's 30

Happy Birthday to Ryan, it was his golden birthday this year he turned 30 on the 30th. Yah, he wasn't as excited about that as much as I thought he should be. I think we did a decent job of celebrating this year, since he doesn't much care for any of it. We had a little get together with a few friends where we at least acknowledged his birthday. Then on Sunday we went to his parents in Taber, for a birthday dinner and all that. We couldn't decide if we should go or not so we opted to get up at 5:30am and head down. If you know Ryan that's not to crazy he is such an early riser & it does not faze him. We just wanted to make the most of the day, so we were perfect timing for the birthday breakfast. On Monday he got home and Sadie made a little treasure hunt for him, it was really fun for the both of them. Sadie stopped halfway through and said " having fun dad?" She kept saying "I show you the next clue" The treasure at the end was cute and cheesy 30 little pics of Sadie & Dad with 30 reasons she loves her dad. here are the little pics.

But what Sadie really wanted was the cake. I had cake pops already made, & knew the 3 of us didn't need a big cake. It worked. I think it's so funny how excited Sadie is about birthdays she is all about the cake, although the anticipation and excitement seems like half the fun.

Sadie went outside in the snow and loved it. It really is quite fun to see how excited kids get about seeing the snow fall outside. I was totally that kid when it started snowing during school I remember peering out the window so excited like I'd never seen snow before. I'd be lying if I didn't say I still think it's a little magical and exciting I just also think of driving and the freezing temps for the next 5 months and you know I guess I have some grown up in me.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I did this on Friday and forgot to post it. So here is my super exciting tag for now.

Your Hair:

Long and Blonde. I’ve always been pretty boring when it comes to my hair. Not too many crazy cuts, or colour jobs. For the most part that is the way I like it. I dread the day when my hair really gets dark (at least in my eyes) and I have to bleach it, if I can I’ll probably deny it.

Where is your cell phone?
Probably in my purse turned off, I suck at using cell phones.

Your Mother:
So great. She is always so generous & fun and makes everything an adventure.

Your Father:

Is really a good man. I’m not the only one that thinks that.

Your Favorite Food
Well I really like good mashed potatoes. I don’t think I’m too picky probably my favorites are the meals I don’t have to cook.

Your dream from last night:

I don’t always remember my dreams, but I do more so when I’m pregnant and they are weird and intense sometimes.

Your favorite drink:
I like lots of yummy drinks slurpees, pina coladas, daquiris and just good cold jucie.

Your Dream/Goal:
I would call these dreams right now I am doing nothing to come closer to achieving them but maybe will one day. I would like to write (not illustrate) a childrens book and be in a broadway musical.

What room are you in:
the computer room duh

What is your hobby:

ugh there are certain things I enjoy but I don’t know if I stick with them long enough to consider them my hobbies. I like to read, run, take pictures, hike.

What is your fear:

It's not that I don't fear things I just don't really think about them, I guess I hope I never have to face them.

Where were you last night:

home watching t.v going to bed pretty early. But the night before we went out for dinner and to the Transiberian Orchestra. It was such a great show. Who doesn't love a mid week night out.

Something you are not:

Super high matenience or really crafty

Sadie always like it when we make them and then we both eat way too many (but they are the mini muffins)

Where did you grow up:

Good ol Raymond, it was a good life.

Last thing you did:
Ate lunch

What are you wearing:

Jeans and a shirt

Your TV:

Is Kids show by day and PVR by night.

Your pet:
I hope I never own one.

Your friends:

Are amazing! I love all the friends that I have had at each phase of life.

Your life:

Is so great. Really I have nothing to complain about and LOTS to be happy, excited and grateful for

Your Mood:

Decent. A little tired, but house is clean, took Sadie swimming and now she is asleep, ahhh. AND when it gets closer I’ll be excited for a Girls Night Out. I’ll be going to the movies guess which one.
literally Sadie napping right now

Missing someone:


Explorer feeling like a real family mom

Your Favorite Store:
the ones i go to without Sadie. If i wasn’t so chicken I think online shopping could be a lot of fun too.

Your Favorite Color:
usually pink. or blue

When's the last time you laughed:
Oh when Sadie insisted I blow Ryan a kiss goodbye this morning

Your best friend:

One place you go over and over:

The bathroom for me being preganant, and for Sadie who is just potty trained Yipee!
She doesn't look too impressed, but she is usually pretty good about it all. The weirdest thing was last night she woke up at 3:00 am to go potty and she did.

One person who emails you regularly:
Not a huge emailer I talk to Lindsay & Allaina frequently though
Allaina sent me this the other day & said it reminded her of Sadie minus the puppet and green what do ya think? She used to watch this show with her little girl.

Favorite place to eat:
I Love trying new places with authentic cuisine. I am always happy to go out for just about anything. My Fav for breakfast/brunch is Cora's.

Where do you want to be in six years:
Hmmm still here probably outnumbered by the children, happy healthy and looking good, feeling good.
Sadie thought 2 moms was pretty funny
TAG You're IT!

Monday, November 16, 2009

guess who is .....

My little sister Brooke is preggers. It is her first, I am so excited for both Brooke & Brett. They are gonna have the cutest kids, how do I know?
I had to dig this out of the photo archives, I don't think they were even engaged here.

They are gonna be the best parents. How do I know??

They are the Best Aunt AND Uncle. They are always super fun for the kids. I sure hope this baby doesn't take up tooo much attention. he he

They'll play with the kids for hours, but I still remember as soon as Sadie screamed or cried she handed her right back to mommy. Oh I can't wait to see her with a crying baby of her own.

Brooke is gonna be a great mom. I remember when she was visiting in NY & we made her push Sadie in the stroller (she was kinda nervous) ok it was New York. I wanted to see if she had the baby itch.

I can't wait to see her cute lil preggo belly. I really can't believe she kept the baby secret from me for sooo long. After all when I saw her in August I tried to get it out of her, I suspected she was but alas she said NOPE. I persisted and harassed her Lindsay even joined in, and then I even confessed that I was barely pregnant. She said congrats. So there you have it I came out and announced my baby news first only to be burned later on when she tells me she is a month ahead of me. What a girl! I still can't believe she did that to me come on right ya gotta spill your secrets to your sister right? Oh well I can't help but be so happy for them and now our little ones will be a month apart. She is due in March & me in April, making me 18 weeks and her 23 weeks. Yeah. We are excited!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

the fun mom

Hmmm if this kid could remember her life so far what would she remember?
I remember when I was little & dreamed of being a mom one day, (I'm sure I'm not the only one right?) I was sure I would be the "fun mum." I envisioned a constant laughter in the home, dirty kids who played outside all day with me, the housework would still get done because it would be so fun to do together, grocery shopping would be an adventure and we would stop for suckers or ice cream, my husband would come home and adore me and the children, supper would be full of fun conversation, new beautiful artwork would cover the fridge, my kids would be best friends. At the end of the day they would happily run to bed exhausted and anticipate tomorrows new adventure.
So if you can believe it my motherhood dream has slightly changed. It's not as dreamy and glamorous as I once imagined, but I do love it. Many days are spent doing the routine life things and I forget to make laundry and bathroom cleaning exciting.
I read Alysha's post a while back & it made me think it can be fun for everyone when you say YES to your kids instead of no. When I think of my childhood I must have had a lot of yes' from my mom, and now I have a bazillion fun memories. To name a few: trick or treating in the summer, dying my hair with kool -aid, getting seriously covered in mud, painting my room, drawing on my walls, jumping off the roof onto the tramp. My mom maybe didn't knowingly say yes to all of them, but it all turned out ok. Would I say yes to every desire of a 2 year old? Nope. But some times the price ya pay to be the cool/fun mom real isn't that bad. I'm afraid the steaks will get higher too soon. So a messy face, kitchen clean up, maybe a bath it's totally worth it.

Don't even start with the fun dad business. Does it not seem that Dads do all the fun stuff? Ryan took Sadie to the movies and a little lunch date. How fun is that? I was feeling slightly left out, until I took off & enjoyed the afternoon to myself, & I remembered Sadie & I do fun stuff together all the time, it's just mixed in with the diaper changes, grocery shopping and all that stuff.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

All Halloweened Out

Wasn't Halloween soo much fun? A little late, almost too late to put up Halloween pics, but here there are anyway. I took Sadie out before Halloween and we had a photo shoot in her costume, she totally loved it. Really she just thought we were on a great nature walk, it was fun. Can I have too many pictures of her dressed up?

I do feel like after looking around in the blog world that bumble bee was costume of the year. Maybe I noticed a lot because Sadie was one, but whatev it was still pretty stinking cute. I guess if I wanna be one of a kind I better get back to the homemade costumes. It's a good thing she LOVED her costume because she wore it out a few different times during the week.

Playgroup Halloween Party

Church Party
weeeeee, this was worth the wait.

Met Alysha and kids at the mall for round 1 of trick or treating

The real deal. She loved it, except the spooky houses in the neighborhood.

I do love that as long as Sadie's treats are outta sight she doesn't even ask for them, but dang it I know exactly where they are. I'm glad she didn't get too much candy for moi.
What's with it everyone is so glad Halloween is over and is all getting ready for Christmas. Yikes! Isn't it like 2 months away. Maybe I'll get the Christmas crafty bug or something, look out.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloweenie Week Begins

It's been forever since I've carved a pumpkin for Halloween. It was a good time. It's fun to get into the festivities of the season, especially now that Sadie is old enough to care. She was super excited about the whole thing. What a weird but fun thing to do.

Who wouldn't be excited to see all the pumpkin guts?

It took a teeny bit of convincing but she did a little scooping.

Then I took the baby pumpkin and let her "do it." I think it was a good alternative to handing her a knife and she made her own face.

The whole thing didn't take to long as you can see, she is so brimming with excitement. No sugar yet, I promise. I think she is gonna get CRAZY this Halloween, (not really but maybe crazy for her).

We went and took Halloween pictures outside today & she LOVED her costume. I'm so glad I did because we should be getting some white stuff on the ground and with that the cold comes. Okay I wasn't going to here is a sneak peek of the bumble bee and her ladybug friend.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

how glad am I?

Isn't everybody so happy that the snow came & LEFT before I even bothered digging out ALL the winter gear. It's always fun to see how long we can put this off for. Sadie on our new deck, I never got a chance to show off our newly finished backyard. Yeah for grass, a deck, and a husband that did it all....with the help of his dad and our neighbor.

Isn't this great? This girl finds a way to get into the drawers and is happy to decorate the house with lovely post its and sticky tabs. She has become a master of getting into what she wants with her stool maneuvering skills.

How much is Sadie loving to colour? Oh she asks to colour all the time, she just loves it. Of course she loves colouring in a big huge book with her cousins too. Look at the way she buries her head getting soo close to her masterpieces.

How THRILLED am I that Sadie is starting to eat a few new to her foods sometimes. And really loving that Ryan is home for supper too.

How awesome is it that this kid just pulls out all sorts of poses for the camera, usually some big cheeser grins

How much do I LOVE her brown eyes AND blond hair. again the posing.

Some days I am just so glad that this girl will still take a nap. She's never been a dream at napping so clearly I take what I can get. She often fights the crib or a bed(it's too fun), or the clock (4:00 is too late to begin a nap), or the whole thing.

How glad am I NOT that
Sadie is so into dressing herself some days.
She loves to get her hair done like 3 times a day. We put some "ponies" in and then she takes them out, and repeat, repeat repeat. Oh, I am so NOT complaining about doing her hair though.
I have created a sewder (soother) obsessed and yankit(blanket) loving little girl. I 'm mostly fine with her growing up, but that means ditching the soother sooner than later right?
Also not looking forward to potty training, really trying to pump myself up for this one. I think she is ready, but am I?

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I can't not do a post about our getaway to Tofino. So here I go way back, when the sun was shining and shorts were a definite option. Don't get me wrong life is still good, but I don't think I'm the only one scrambling for warm coats and wondering where those fall days went. I must say there are a lot of pics here so scroll quickly or not at all.
We stopped to visit Ryan's Aunt Vicky, who lives in a beautiful place. Her house is right on the ocean it is truly amazing. Coming from the city where I walk into my backyard and see into all 5 of my neighbors yard it is really refreshing and breathtaking. We looked out and all we saw was blue ocean and mountains, and all we heard was birds, seals honking, and waves rolling in.

There was some real 2 year old attitude coming out already.
We went to Coombs also known as the Goats on the Roof Town.

Always a joker. She just knew this was funny and would get a laugh from everyone, except from Ryan.

Going to any beach is amazing, especially one by the ocean. The beauty of going to a beach in Canada is it is so not crowded, go figure.
We did a couple of little hikes while we were out there. It was really neat to walk into such luscious green forests. We went on a whale watching tour where we saw so many animals; tons of grey and humpback whales, bear, dolphins, seals, and sea lions, really awesome. The boat took us to a remote island where we hiked in to a ridiculously hot hot spring.
I don't think she could be more excited to be in Cathedral Grove. It is an awesome rain forest with huge trees that are hundreds of years old.
Sunset on Chestemere Beach

I just love that she fell asleep on his shoulders.

Best Buddies. It was fun to have a friend for Sadie to play with while we were there. Even though sometimes it just meant someone else's toys to steal.

I just think she looks so grown up here

Thanks to the Dahl family for coming out with us. We had so much fun!