Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEENfrom the cutest little chick

Okay please tell me I'm not the only one that had chocolate before 11:00 today. It's all in the spirit of the season. The bad thing is we still have way too much candy in our house we got less trick or treaters than anticipated and Sadie got way more than we anticipated. I have a bad idea of where most of it will be going. But I'm ok with it.

I had my doubts with Sadie coming in to Halloween. Of course I tried her costume on before the big day (okay 3 different times) and she hated each time as much as before. After I took it off she would try to toss it far away from her. I thought she genuinely hated me forcing her to put on a big fluffy yellow suit and velcro on a big head on top of her. I didn't get it, why didn't she share my same excitement about dressing up after all I really just wanted to show her off.
Well don't worry I won & I feel like a have a crazy amount of pictures to prove it.

I took her out pre Halloween, it was so nice out early this week. We went down to a park clearly just for pictures, I know this won't happen every year but it was fun for now.

Then we went & met Ryan out the mall and he took her around. There were loads of kids there running around, Sadie was entertained by them all. She got 2 candies and just held on tight to them.
I feel like we are greedy (Sadie can not eat all the candy she got) but I took her around our neighborhood anyway. A couple of excuses/reasons I wanted to meet a few more of our neighbours ( i know you're all thinking yah right) and it was seriously too nice she didn't even wear a coat how great is that. Ok I do like chocolate and candy too. And like I said we have way too much.
I seriously took way too many pictures of the event but I guess its cause I just thought she was so dang cute. So here are a couple more I thought if I combined them it doesn't seem so crazy overload. Also a BIG shout out to my sister Lindsay who we got the costume from. Thank you, thank you we loved it and everyone else thought she was pretty cute too (which is what we're going for right?!)

She gets tons of sweet treats and she is trying to figure out a way to eat the playdough.
Hope you all had a great halloween!!
I think next year I'll have to get into it and dress up myself too. Oh yeah, I'm gonna be one of those moms.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

always a good time

The highlight of last week was Lindsay & Derek came up to visit. It was fun what can I say we mostly just hung out, chit chatted & let the kids do their thing. It was a good thing we went to Chucky Cheese for Alden's birthday party, because after that it didn't matter what else we did for the kids. I'm pretty sure this is like Disneyland to a kid who doesn't know any better.

I think this was the favorite they stayed in here for quite a while.

I sent some pictures to my mom and I think she thinks that Barney is Chucky Cheese, I laughed to myself. Oh Grandma.

Also on Friday night we (meaning No kids) all went out. It was sweet! We got a babysitter and headed out for dinner and a movie. I've really got to do that more often it was great.
After they all left Sadie & I were still sick and we didn't feel like doing much, mostly just laying around. I guess that is the beauty of being a stay home mom, we did just that. She cuddled with me and just lazed around. She just layed on the floor doing nothing, not even watching t.v. weird I know. Ryan cam home early to see her and she was so not in the mood for anything he tried. She is feeling better, just got to get her napping again.

And lastly I feel like she is a decent sleeper now. So we are on to the next thing, eating, so far she is terrible. Any moms who have experienced this, know how annoying and frustrating it is. I may be to blame as I used to give her snacks and now that is what she would like for lunch and supper. She loves breakfast, no problems but it just goes down from there. I have tried a lot of things & will just keep trying. Unless it is one of the few things she likes she throws it on the floor or if i try to give it to her its like poison when it hits her lips. I'm trying to be tough so she cries through a lot of supper and goes to bed hungry. Is that heartless & cruel or will it work? Any tips?

And here is Ryan & Sadie before bed, and Ryan the baseball LOVER changed the channel from the World Series to Treehouse!! Just because he would do anything for this little girl.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have always had so much to be thankful for. It is nice to take some time to remember and enjoy them all. To list just a few
I am so thankful for my own little family I just love them!
For a husband who is so motivated and works so hard and puts in some long days.
To be a mom staying home with Sadie everyday & just doing pretty much whatever we want.
For great families that are so close and we get to visit them often.
For the basics in life (house, food, clothes) there are so many that go without or have lost them.


It was meant to be an ode to James & Sadie. I realized the few pictures I took this weekend were of them. These 2 are so cute together.

Sadie & James are starting to have more in common. James has been so quick to do all the baby things. Sadie is by no means caught up but she is getting closer and they are both starting to realize they have a few things in common and are going to be seeing a lot more of each other so they might as well be friends right?!

Just for fun a few random things about these 2
  • both bad sleepers (Lindsay & I have exchanged stories, tips, good nights and bad nights way too often) they are both way better now.
  • both have extremely blonde hair
  • neither of them have a ton of hair (I know I will be corrected for this YES James definitely has more)
  • James is as pasty white as can be and Sadie looks like she basking in the sun all summer
  • both have worn dresses see Lindsay latest post
  • both were sick yesterday yuck
  • right now Sadie eats like a lady, James like a total boy
  • both make some funny crazy faces
  • both love having baths and playing in the water
It is fun to see what James is up to because it makes me see what will come next for Sadie, which is exciting & also makes me enjoy some phases just a little more.

  • This is James' awesome face that totally cracks me up

Sadie's nose crinkle face (I think I'll being seeing a lot more of this one)

a sweet moment of sharing

As soon as we got to my parents James was already there he walked on over saying "saDDiee, SaDDieee, Sadddiee. and totally checks out her shoes, her shirt and gives her a hug. I love it I hope he always looks out for her you know in a big brother sort of way. They played together which meant actually sitting and playing sometimes or him bringing her some toys, them battling it out for the same toy (sadie not giving in). James occasionally slowing down trying to hold her hand to help her learn to walk. Aren't this two so cute?

I love not a toy in the tub and they are as happy as can be.

I'm excited these guys are coming up for a visit tomorrow, I just don't think we could EVER get sick of them.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ryan & I both had getaways on the weekend. We both went our separate ways for own getaway. Sometimes its better to have time away. In this case, this was true as I do not share the same passion for golf. He went out to Kimberley which has some great courses he would know because we went at the beginning of summer. Most of his time was spent golfing and relaxing.

It is thanks to Ryan's friend Tom that this golf getaways continue to happen. Tom has a place out there to stay, he is single therefore when he has a free weekend he doesn't think twice and just goes.

I headed up to Edmonton for my own fun. I had a blast in Edmonton. I stayed with Brooke & Brett, they just might be the best Aunt & Uncle to visit. (Peter & Gab you are just to far) Since they are kidless they LOVE playing with Sadie and give her soooo much attention. They love Sadie & Sadie loved them. I even got her to babysit for me while I went out. It was pretty cute when I came home and caught Brooke & Brett in the 2 man act of changing her diaper and putting on her pyjamas. he he. Brooke even woke up and came out at 4 am when Sadie was screaming her head off, offering her help.

It was Abby's birthday while I was up. I love that girl, we have so much fun and memories together. She is an amazing girl. She just opened up her own Salon, it is awesome. So she is older and wiser, and lets add beautiful. Love you Abby.

We hadn't seen her in a while but Sadie still loves her.

Loving the fall in Edmonton down in the river valley.
Maren snapped these of Sadie & I.

Yes it was fun to go back to Edmonton. It was so fun to be in a city where I know where everything is (never getting lost). Seeing & visiting friends. Going to WEM. Seriously it is the best I even went on Saturday & it wasn't too crazy, not worse than the traffic here. Where else can you go and have the best shopping (in Canada) and its all in one spot, get a bite to eat, check out flamingos, sea lion show, the waterpark, an amusement park (I can't believe I forgot to take Sadie there) you can say meet me at the whale & everyone knows what I'm talking about, and even run into some friends. Yes I love that mall.We did watch conference did anyone else here the talk where the speaker was listing a few simple things to do to brighten someones day it was something like, a friendly smile, a kind word, a comment on the blog. These guys are in tune, any blogger knows how sweet it is to get comments, but I'm sure he is a non blogger but he knows. I thought it was funny anyway. And the rest of conference that I heard was good too.

It was a birthday weekend! Alysha turned 27 too! I stayed an extra day to have a suprise night out for Alysha. Alysha is the sweetest friend and I am always amazed that she is such a great mom to her 4 kids!!

I was a little sad to leave Edmonton but I was excited to come back home to Ryan (sometimes his weeks are soo busy it seems we hardly spend anytime together). Ryan was soo excited to see Sadie too. Another good reason for the separate getaways so fun to be back together again. If only Ryan was actually home right now....