Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BAD idea

You gotta have at least one or two least favorite chores to do, right? So the other day I decided to do some of the dreaded ironing. For the most part this consists of Ryan's dress shirts. I don't know if anyone else is like me but if at all possible I'd rather not waste "my free time" at night or during a nap to do the dreaded task. I pulled out the iron and Sadie immediately started saying "no, no" like she read my mind. Then she saw some Styrofoam packaging and started poking, clawing & picking at it. I SERIOUSLY thought sweet I bet she will be entertained by this for a bit and I'll get the job done. I totally just watched (& ironed) as she made a complete mess and had a lot of fun. Harmless right? Don't get me wrong I knew I would have to clean it up, but I for real thought NO BIGGIE, I'll whip out a vacuum and woola it would be clean in no time and completely worth the mess. I finished & I got out the vacuum, then the broom, the shark, the hand held. UGGHHH Those little Styrofoam balls were EVERYWHERE & were so clingy. So it was total disaster, BAD idea. The truth is I'm still picking some stray ones up.

My finished project. yeah!
Sadie's freaking disaster, the picture doesn't do it justice. Although it is a little embarrassing how messy the room is too.

I need some GOOD ideas. Sadie doesn't eat, for real blame me, blame Ryan (he will never admit it but he is kinda picky- he refers to it as preferences.) It is true invite him over for dinner and he will eat whatever is served no questions, but it may not be what he "prefers." I say Sadie has his picky eating habits only he is not even picky compared to her. Most days I push it outta mind, but when I think about it or see other kids eat everything off their plates. I remember ahh yes lucky me, my baby wasn't a dream sleeper, and now my toddler is so not the greatest eater. Thank goodness she's got her looks. he he jk. It would be easier to make a list of things Sadie does eat than what she doesn't eat. Hasn't eaten vegetables in who knows how long, meat is tricky, I can sneak it in sometimes, but sometimes she spits it out. I try no snacks in hopes if I starve her she will eat whatever is served. But day after day I lose the battle. We've tried the dessert tactic, and as much as she LOVES the sweet stuff in the end she will hold out. She usually just walks away from her dinner & dessert. So I keep hoping one day it will all change or at very least I have high hopes of how I will train the next one. Anyways I don't want to rant for too long, just been thinking about it, and that's about it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I wish...

Just the other day I was wishing that winter was over & it was really spring. I'm not one that likes to complain or overly talk about the weather (but I think it's just in my blood as in from my dad).
I don't think this winter has been horrible, and it has been getting nice and I just know it's gonna be a teaser and we will get more snow (and I shouldn't be surprised by this). It doesn't help that Sadie is a winter wimp and needs to be toughened up, so our winter outings are limited. On the nice days we do try to get out and enjoy it.

But do I wish I lived somewhere else of course not. Isn't everyone so proud to be a Canadian right now. Love watching the Olympics!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

just me???

I would be lying if I said I am happy it won't be just me & Sadie anymore... ok that doesn't sound quite right. Am I alone in thinking that having just one little sidekick is the best? Seriously I feel like we've both got it down so good, we can head out for the day and are soo happy to do whatever the 2 of us do. Sometimes it's just good ol errands, grocery shopping, stopping in at the mall, getting a treat, going swimming, or meeting up with friends. No matter what it is it seems easy for the most part and fun. I suppose I fear the unknown, & right now 2 is still the unknown.

I am also experiencing a little bit of that anxious feeling of ughhh.... it will never be the same. Did I make the most of our little time together? I know it sounds ridiculous. But perhaps that explains the fact that in the last week I have been getting all "Sadie isn't your mom the best" as we painted, made and played playdough both for the first time, did other crafty things, took her to a little music class, had her book club friends over, planned a little Valentines get together, asked for a few more cuddles and read an extra book or two at bedtime(I don't think I really did that, but now that she is sleeping it seems like a nice thought). Right now me and 2 kids seems like a lot to handle, going to groceries suddenly sounds overwhelming and becomes a chore rather than a fun outing. Did I mention I went to the zoo today too. Enough mom bragging the other moms I went with had 3 kids with them, so I say wahoo hats off to them.
She looks so content to just do her thing. Hoping she will find good ways to entertain herself when it really counts.
I totally think this picture looks like a school photo, it was self posed.

I guess I will continue to make the most of the next couple months and try not to let this growing baby slow me down just yet. I really have pretty much nothing to complain about as far as pregnancy goes. I overheard Ryan on the phone to a friend the other day and in response to the question of how is the family and such doing Ryan said something like, " yeah she's good, other than a little tired, she is pretty much made to have babies." So there ya have it, spoken like a true husband eh. Who by the way does not pay attention at all to when this baby is suppose to come, as in he thought it was in March?? ughhh what's another month right?
I am sure I will say it every time I go up to Edmonton. I like that city. I really do like that mall, it's so great even on a Saturday. Of course fun to see a few people when we go up too.
Sadie doing the pee grab.
I think I somehow managed to look not so pregnant next to Brooke who is due in a month, lucky me for now anyway. Anyway I totally made her take a preggo picture. After harassing her she admitted she has one picture of herself preggo and didn't like it so she deleted it. I suppose she'll be laughing when I'm still large and she is just cuddling a new babe.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I knew I should've blogged this all right away, because it's official the vacation high is over. It doesn't take long when you come back to snow, cold and just regular ol life. But, that being said I knew it wouldn't last forever. Anyways we had a week away just the 2 of us in Maui. Honestly it was fabulous. It was perfect in every way. So great to sneak away and just enjoy being in such a hot, sunny & beautiful place with just us. I don't know what anyone else's idea of paradise would be, but this did it for me. It was amazing. We did many of the typical Hawaiian touristy things. Which included lounging by our fabulous pools, and the beaches. The beaches are amazing, and where we were they were totally not busy, as in less than 5 people one morning.
It was really nice to go away and have no real agenda or plans, we just did whatever, whenever. Although, that is asking a lot of Ryan he is such a planner and really wants to make the most of everything, and he has a hard time just sitting and relaxing.
Don't worry he managed.

Here is our resort, which we seriously loved everything about it. It was fun to really treat ourselves to such a great place.

I thought with it just being the 2 of us I wouldn't take THAT many pictures but be prepared, I did. I had fun just fooling around and trying to capture some shots from the beaches and whatever else seemed worthy. I don't think you will ever see a post with more pics of Ryan in it. For some reason I think it's funny when we would take pictures of each other, (nothing like a solo shot), but I was usually the one with the camera so lucky for Ryan he finally got some camera spotlight & of course a few self portraits of us.

We went to a luau which was totally fun, entertaining and had way too much good food.
Ryan did a preggo shot of me so here I am just over 6 months

We went to Haleakala National Park, which is such a cool drive as you just keep going up and up above the clouds. We checked out the craters at the top. It seemed like a must do to see some volcano sights in Hawaii. Then Ryan (or should I say WE) I guess I agreed to it too, we hiked down into the crater it was breezy going down, and seriously killer coming up. Honestly what was I thinking it was like Susie vs. the Volcano. I know sound ridiculous & it was.
Fortunately he did feel kinda bad for making us hike way down into the crater. Unfortunately there was only one way out ... on my own 2 feet.
The picture does in no way do it justice this is part of the trail we hiked down. I know it looks like a nice easy walk, but it was brutal not to mention we were hiking in Hawaii in the middle of the afternoon, scorcher.
I laugh when I get Ryan to do some awesome picture posing.

If you know Ryan you may be familiar with his love of golfing. If you know Ryan you know his personality and when he gets into something he is like full on, & dedicates every thing to it. So he usually doesn't take on too many different things. Golf has made the cut, he freaking loves it. Everything about it. Anyways there are some amazing courses in Hawaii, it just so "happened" that the most amazing golf course (where they just played the PGA tour a week before we got there) was right at our resort. Oh life coincidences right! So he did get out to a few courses and really it was a huge highlight for him. He seriously loved the courses & could talk about them forever. The views were pretty amazing, but again I'm so not a golfer & will never understand how you could choose to do golf over sun, fun & beaches.

So there you have it. I do have to say we could not have done this without my parents & sister and Ryan's parents who all had Sadie stay with them for a bit. THANK YOU again! Really she is like a little slice of paradise to the grandparents right?