Monday, October 31, 2011

happy hOWLoween

Happy Halloween! I feel like we totally got our fill of the dressing up and taking in Halloween festivities. It was all fun, the girls loved it, if Hannah ever put up a fuss when trying to get her costume on, she was won over in less than a second by a treat.

Anyways their costumes. They were owls. Sadie could've been convinced to be anything, infact she came up with the most random things she could be. I got the idea on none other than pinterest. Not gonna lie it was more work than I thought, but I always forget that sewing is work for me. Then I thought I was good just making one, and Ryan reminded me that there is a small window when you can dress your kids alike or how you want. So Hannah got one too, it went way faster for #2.
We went to our ward Halloween party, it was super fun.
The dancing was a hit for everyone, with the occasional treat break.
Hannah was never scared of anything, she would rarrr right back at anything that looked scary or had teeth.

There was a little Halloween get together, and their costumes weren't quite done, luckily we found some back ups.

are these girls not the cutest
Ryan & I even dressed up once, thanks to Allaina for lending us their costumes.
Ryan took them out trick or treating, I popped out to snap a couple pictures. Hannah lasted longer than I thought she would. She was totally into it and loving her bag of candy. Sadie was just super excited, and happy to go as long as Hannah did.

I thought it was cute and a good idea for Ryan to take them in the wagon, umm Ryan said nope. I forgot that Hannah can and wants to keep up with Sadie, so they ditched it after awhile.
and the pumpkin carving always a hit for like 4 minutes, good thing Ryan is good to carve one for us.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sadie goes to school...

Sadie is in preschool. I remember when I dropped her off, it just happened so fast. One minute she needed me to get her out of the car and the next minute she is lining up with all the other kids, and in my head I was wishing Hannah would run after her and give her a hug or cry, cause a teeny part of me wanted too. A simple wave was good enough. It's been almost a month now, so it really doesn't seem like a big deal. I decided I wouldn't make it a big deal for me, that she is growing up way to fast and gets to go off to school a few times a week without me. She does love it so that makes it easy, her teacher is great, and it just so happens the whole class is girls. Hannah and I have a small window where it is just the 2 of us, so we'll see what I can make of it.