Sunday, May 25, 2008

why not?

Life continues to be crazy and fun for us wherever we go. I say that because despite all the excitement of moving to a new home we have not spent many days or nights here. Soon enough. After we got back from Mexico Ryan was in Edmonton for a few days (doing some work and probably more golf) When he came back we took off for the long weekend which really means nothing to us these days as weekends and weekdays are all the same (which is the greatest).

We visited my parents for a bit, where Sadies schedule continued to be nonexistent catch a nap whenever she could (usually in the vehicle) go to bed only when she wanted even though I did try. Why go to bed when she could stay up and play with Granny and Grandpa who just push the limits in the best ways possible. We went up to Waterton where it was the best long weekend I've seen in a long time. Hiked up good ol Bears Hump, wish I could do that everyday an enjoyable workout. Then headed out to Ryans parents where she was again spoiled and adored by more family, and Ryan enjoyed some more golf.

Then we decided to go visit some friends in Utah. It was all very rushed but we made it to the airport with a whole 6 minutes to spare! Had fun playing down there, relaxing, Ryan golfing, me a little shopping, eating yummy food, and even went to Temple Square. We flew standby so we barely made it home Saturday night. Anyway we will continue to get set up here for a few days and then one last horrah before we are back to the real world for good.
Well there is the run down and here are the photos to follow

This was the only way down it was funny to watch. Ryan was trying to be so careful, I laugh but what a good daddy.

Forget the milk mustache... this is Granny teaching Sadie to drink from a sippy cup

on top of the conference center

Yes we all know it but, this place is seriously huge, cool to see it empty

these 2 were a love & hate. This little girl could make Sadie scream or smile in about 2 seconds, Here they are hugging and still smiling.

Can you believe she is already 8 months?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm back.... finally

It seems like its been sooo long, well we are back from our family vacation. Yep I guess we are for real now, we went to Mexico just the 3 of us. We all had a great time relaxing, eating, napping, playing in the ocean/pool, and that was the pretty much it, of course we took tons of pictures, its so easy to do when you have a baby with you . Anyway the Mexicans & many tourists loved Sadie. During dinner some of the girls would come and wisk her away and play with her, a lot of baby talk (minimal english for them, if we stayed a little ok a lot longer I think Sadie's first word maybe Aloa). Even the little kids thought she was pretty cute I was in the kids pool and my personal fav was "is that your sister?" ha ha and one more "mom is that a doll?" So Sadie made the trip a little more entertaining & Ryan got used to babies as the conversation starter. OK Warning Tons of pictures!
1st family beach vacation

daddy's little girl

enjoying walks & runs on the beach

Sadie was a pretty good little traveller

oh did I mention we did some reading

I loved it when she crashed so quickly at nap time, cause at night sometimes she didn't & we can't blame her some nights her schedule was more like our schedule.

She loved her pool time, it's so fun when you can choose your pool

Of course she had to try out the ocean

The move update we are starting to get settled in her in Calgary. Next time I think I want to move just remind me what a hassle it is. We have been with out a few things for a while like until yesterday no phone, internet, t.v, washer, dryer, and as of Sunday night I have no car or husband (he will be back today, Yeah). I felt seriously out of touch, plus no friends ok just missing all the girls in Edmonton. Its weird not knowing where everything is in the city, but well figure it out soon enough. I'll give Cow-town a chance before I form too many opinions.

We also celebrated our 4th anniversary and we are still just as happy as ever! I love Ryan so much and we are so perfect for each other. He makes me smile everyday. He is such a great husband & dad too! Just the other day he said I thought we were happy just the 2 of us, I didn't think we could be this happy. I hope this is always true our lives & love just keep getting better. I love my man so much & could go on & on. Love you Ry

AND the celebrations don't stop there I had my 1st mothers day Ryan was soo good to me. Funny we celebrate moms & its like he did all the mom things so nice, and I got some extra zzz's. sleep is a pretty precious gift to me THANK YOU!