Tuesday, May 25, 2010

dear sister

I started this post a while ago & I am now getting around to adding some (a lot of pics). I will admit it this is a little sentimental and cheesy, but we all feel that way some days right?

Dear little sister,
I do not think I could have been happier the day you came into our family. I waited and waited a whole 9 months for you to come out of mom's tummy. Since you've been around I have loved you only like I know how too. Whenever you cry I come running or jumping and I try to give you a soother, it usually works. I always say "suuushhh" it works too. If it doesn't work I call for mommy, because I know that is who you want. I always just want to make you happy. I am always quick to let people know that you are my "new baby sister" I just want them to know that we are together and always will be. I ask mom to let me hold you and she lets me because it's important that we are close. I want you to remember, so I ask mom to take lots of pictures of us. As soon as you came home I really wanted to get to know you. I was fascinated with you and liked to check out your 10 little piggies, I check to see when your eyes are open and closed. I know mom will dress up in some matching clothes and it might be cute, but only for so long. One day we will shop together but we might have to tell her we are too old to be matchy. I really am happy to share just about anything with you (including my cracker -which I am told I have to save for later, my cold, even my blankie). Don't worry I will continue to tickle your face, tummy & toes until I get a laugh from you. It is so fun and soooo not getting old having a new little sis around all the time. She is so all over soother control
sometimes nap times are shorter than plannednot afraid of a little diaper changing
getting her dressed

As a mom of 2 girls I really do hope that they are more than just sisters, I hope they are best friends. Maybe it's because I consider myself lucky to have 2 sisters that I have always been best friends with. I know I am lucky that we were and are such great friends. I think I can honestly say we never did have a phase where we did not get along. Fights didn't really exist. Unless you count the time I was a little upset when my sister ratted me out for stealing a box of smarties. The occasional debate when we both liked the same jewellery or outfit shopping and there was only one, or maybe the time when my little sister had her first kiss before me (nope wasn't jealous I snuck out with her he he). So really I just hope that Hannah & Sadie are always there for each other, no matter what. That's just my hope right now. I think they are off to a good start.
We always know how to have a good time!

Dear Big Sister,
I know I am teeny and may seem kinda boring to a 2 year old right now, but I am glad you are my sister. Even though I don't do a whole lot right now, you are always talking to me and trying to share and show me new things. Thanks for trying to "boo" my hiccups away as I seem to get them lots. Mom says that you smoother me sometimes and I need space but really can a baby girl have too many kisses. It is sweet of you to show me your toys and books and even watch t.v with me. I love your goodnight kiss and that you always come running to me in the morning. I know I can count on you. If I get left in the room you quickly come over to see me and are good and keeping me happy. Can't wait to grow up with you.
so none of these pictures are posed but Hannah did have a little help getting into the baby crib

good little multi-tasker
I think I noticed a trend we take a lot of pictures in the morning and evening & Sadie's fav. nightie is obvious

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what we've been longing for

Summer is here. We are just lovin every minute of it! I get so excited on the first really nice summer days & try to spend every moment outside. I feel like have filled the last few days with sunshine and fun. Summer is the time to forget the housework only what is absolutely essential, because who the heck cares, and we all know it will be over much too soon.
Good bye house work!

Summer is a good excuse to wear your swimsuit all day, eat popsicles and freezies inbetween every meal, dig in the dirt, play in the pool, soak up the sun, make numerious trips to the park, eat outside as much as possible, and end each day with a necessary bath.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I have been meaning to put some of these newborn pictures of Hannah up for a while. They were taken when she was just over 1 week old and now she is one whole month. Yikes! Anyways they were taken by the amazing Alysha. Not only is she one of my sweetest friends, but she is so talented in so many ways and busy with her own kids, but still makes time for so many other people and things. She came right to my house and I probably could have run upstairs and snuck in a little nap (ok she even told me to) but it was fun to watch her work her magic and Hannah was a dream and slept so perfectly. The combination of her great work and my sweet little one pretty makes for perfection in my eyes. I LOVE them all so much. Thanks again Alysha

I adore these headbands that Alysha brought oh and of course she made them herself. The only problem with all these newborn photos is how do I choose my favorite. Seriously I could gush about Hannah and how sweet she is and all that but just come have a snuggle with her and you'll know.

Monday, May 10, 2010

lucky me

I get to wake up everyday and do what I love. It is what I am meant to do I am sure of it. I can't think of 2 better girls to do it with & the a better husband to have at my side. Most everyday I want to be a better mother, not because yesterday was a failure, but because I always want to be better and can be, and I think these two little darlings deserve it.
It is truly amazing the emotions and things I get to experience all because I am a mom. I love spending my days with my two girls. Being a mom is a title that I am grateful to have. Don't get me wrong I have my days or crazy nights where I wanna throw in the towel (sometimes I do & that's what husbands are for right?) & wonder how we will make it. I know there are those moments where if there is one more meltdown or if she doesn't eat some decent healthy food, or if she doesn't close her eyes and go to sleep right now I am gonna lose it. Then the moments pass and I'm sure my memories will fade. But I remember the times when I hear her around the corner say "nice tush mom" and see them reading a story together, the first smile and I love you with a kiss. Some days I really do think lucky me. Some days I even feel a little bit bad that Ryan goes off to work and I get to go meet up with kids at the park and let the kids play while soaking up the sun and chatting with friends. I choose to be the stay at home mom and he chose to go work (he he lucky me again)

I love my mom. It's days like this I get to stop and appreciate her and all she does. She is an amazing example to me in so many ways. I remember someone saying to me " oh you remind me of your mom" I didn't even ask them to expound, I just took it as such a compliment to me and of course called and shared my news with her. That's what my mom does she listens, she shares every bit of excitement, she is so giving and really just an all around great person to know. I love her for always looking at the bright side of things. I love her for taking the time to 'smell the flowers' with her grand kids. I do LOVE that she was around after Hannah was born and insisted I take afternoon naps and while she snuggled Hannah. I think she is one of the happiest moms I know. I don't know what I would do without her, and I don't know what I would do with out my little girls.
We spent the day with my mother in law. Who is really a fabulous mom, almost too great( in a good way). I say that because I married her son and now I have to try to tame Ryan's expectations sometimes. She worked outside the home, and still managed to have it soo together. She is an amazing cook, so organized, a great quilter, so supportive of her kids. Let's face it she is a lot of things I am not and so from her I can learn a lot. I love her for raising Ryan the way she did, for always being so sweet to me and LOVING her grand kids.
To all the mothers, happy mothers day!