Thursday, June 24, 2010

'bout time

IT is AbOut TiME......

the rain stops so we can get out and enjoy the glorious months of summer. Although this girl couldn't be happier with gumboots, umbrella and rain and puddles to play in.

Ryan stop asking for kisses on Fathers Day if he doesn't enjoy them, cause the slobbery wet ones are here to stay

We all get out and do some yard work.

We enjoy the nights where, my kid is totally played out from the day, and falls asleep without much of a fuss.

I realize that a new baby has been the best new 'toy'/ source of entertainment and torture (ok not really, but kinda) for Sadie. What can I say babies are fun, and amazingly resilient, right?
That Sadie learns about weenie roasts and more importantly s'mores.

I realize that my kids WILL be entertained by technology and they will love it and even learn from it. It is a toss up who will know more about technology than me, grandpa or my own kids
I show you all the cutest quilt Grandma B made for Hannah.
AND another one a friend made that is the same pattern and so cute too!
I show you how much bigger cousin Gavin is then Hannah. (he is 1 month older) He will be tall.

You see how much Sadie LOVES these little babies, and finds her way into pretty much every picture.
I take some pics of JUST Hannah.

that kids can make me laugh even when they are sleeping.
I realize I just can't get enough of these 2, and they feel the same.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

baby blessing

On Sunday Ryan blessed Hannah. It was a special day that we spent with our families. Families are the best and we are so glad that Hannah is a part of ours. I know she will be a sweet little girl in our family and it is exciting to see her change every day.

The Dress
This dress is the same one Sadie was blessed in, and me, and my mom, and my grandma. Pretty amazing and special. It is 100 years old. I think it it so beautiful and delicate, perfect for Hannah.

I think it was so sweet to hear all the special things Ryan had to say about Hannah. What a special little bond between a dad & his little girl.

I've said before how much Sadie adores Hannah, and it hasn't changed. Let's just say that we never need to ask her to give her kisses or hugs, in fact it's quite the opposite, "give Hannah some space."

classic 3 generations

All the grand kids at the end of the day

Then it hit & Sadie crashed, nothing would keep her awake.

Lindsay might kill me for putting this up, but i tell ya it's so classic them. If there is the slightest of chance to squeeze in Sunday afternoon nap, they make it happen, even for 5 minutes.

one fine day

One day a while back, I was just not feelin it. You know those days just can't get your groove on & get going. Two kids in tow we headed out to do a couple errands and drop something off for Ryan at work. My own husband could see I was just not up to par. I blamed it on the not so great weather. He pretty much said, "well go do something or go home and feel sorry for yourself" Lame. so a little underdressed we bucked up and headed to the exciting world of the zoo. I still didn't have my energy, but I tried to gear myself up for a great time. I got there and fed Hannah in the car and let Sadie climb around in the car. We headed into the zoo and it turns out Sadie was totally into the zoo. Not too suprising since I was being a bum. The zoo did prove to provide loads of entertainment, good ol fresh air, walking, some learning, and sometime with my girls. Sadie seriously loved everything was taking her time looking in every cage and checking all the animals out. After a lot of walking around, I thought great we are both spent so we headed out. I loaded the kids in and went to start my car and ...... wait for it, NOTHING. I realized when Sadie climbed all over the car she turned on my lights and drained the battery. Feeling helpless I called Ryan he pretty much dropped everything and came to our rescue as quick as he could. Apparently we are more important than work, I agree work can wait we can't. We waited Sadie fell asleep, I dreamed of sleep and held Hannah. ahhhh

Not a great picture but, what is hotter than your man coming to your rescue in his suit & tie?

p.s I may fall into another little funk due to the crummy weather, anyone wanna go to the zoo?