Monday, April 21, 2008


I can't believe it less than a week & we are out of here. We are excited to move and get on with life, and sad to say goodbye to other things here.
Anyway Abby had a little going away party at her house this weekend & it was so good to see and talk to lots of friends before we headed out. THANK YOU Abby & everyone else who helped out and everybody that came. It was really fun to see everyone with husbands and kids. So here are TONS of pictures for all to see. Almost too many but I didn't want to leave anyone out! ha ha

A few highlights
While I have been here I had tons of fun living with roomates (some of my bestest friends) then I met the love of my life, and got married (4 years in May). Ryan and I have completed our university education a total of 13 years combined Yikes! I was a teacher. He is about to be a lawyer, I am so proud of him he has worked so hard, kinda puts my university career to shame. We bought our first house, so glad we did that. We started our little family we love our little Sadie. We have made so many friends from church, work, school. and have so many memories in E-Town.

Some of our favorites that we will miss
  • Living in the same city as both my sisters. They are the best! For a while I lived down the street from both of them so cool.

We will miss the visits from Linds and her kiddos

  • Harwelak Park- I LOVE it winter or summer(mostly summer) I love a good hot dog roast down there.
  • Oilers- I became a real fan as soon as I came up here. I'm not total bandwagon, but when they did make the run in 06 it was Awesome! I even made it to 1 playoff game (Jaimie & others will recall) Besides who doesn't love an Oilers party

Who didn't love Ryan Smith, it was so funny when this guy walked into class so proud of his new do

  • Love going to the Ledge, to play in the water & walk around

  • Edmonton festivals are so fun. The Fringe, Taste of Edmonton yumm, Street Performers to name a few.
  • Love the River Valley I worked at it one summer I think it is great that you can take a 5 min walk and suddenly its like you left the city. it is so beautiful
  • All of our friends that we've had up her... we will really miss you all!
So long, farwell, see ya later Edmonton you will be missed.
And yes I know that is major picture overload!!
Can't say when I will post again. I am craving some time with Ryan, Sadie & me. And as of Wednesday @ noon I think i just may get some of that.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Not a lot to say... but it's time I update these snow pictures before it comes again, wish I was joking and hoping the forecast is wrong. Anyway not too much going on around here. Ryan is working so hard right now, I can't believe the amount of time and effort he puts into his school work, and still finds time for us. If I didn't see how much time he spends working so hard I wouldn't believe it ... we can't wait for him to be done, it's just so close. He can't wait either.
So here is some of what we or Sadie has been up to

We have made some more trips to the park with some friends and on our own!

We are laughing and smiling all the time

Lounging & playing with toys

Getting so close to really sitting up
So we are practicing

Thats all for now adios

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Today like all other Edmontonians I woke up & to my total surprise I looked out the window.. and what the SNOW! I know as residence of the great white north I shouldn't be shocked but seriously after no jacket yesterday I couldn't help but think spring! So as I saw the snow falling I thought hmmm 2 things 1.could be BITTER about this whole snow dumping and winter yuck or 2.EMBRACE. I chose the latter today. Who knew Winter is the new Spring! I watched the fluffy stuff come down all morning, and cover everything with a nice white blanket BEAUTIFUL. I have seriously always loved the snow ( I LOVE summer too) as a child I loved bundling up first one out and last one in. I still get giddy and excited at the first snowfall I also get excitement for the end of it. So today I share the excitement at the last snowfall (Right?!) A side note I will always hold a special place for the random spring snowfall as I do recall that the snow in May 03 was where Ryan & I "hooked up" when we made and 8ft tall snowman... oh the memories. OK enough rambling so as part of the embracing Sadie went out for a walk to the park. I think she is a little snow angel she loved getting out and if she only knew how I think she would have made a little snow angel as I layed her in the snow her arms were flailing with excitement.
As you can see there is never a shortage of pictures.

I totally debated putting up this picture but hey if its all about embracing this is my girl little snot bubble & all so there you go.

So I guess we can always choose to Embrace or not. Something I am going to try.... although I am having a hard time embracing the hours Sadie was up last night. Night is for embracing sleep, so hope it gets better. I hope you all find something to EMBRACE in your day!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our New House

Sadie & I went down to Calgary to take possession of the house so it is officially ours. I managed to snap a few pics of the place, of course the pictures don't do justice you HAVE to come visit us when we move in. I'm excited to make the house ours, however it would be nice if I could just hire someone with the same taste as me & have them decorate it all. I am sure that won't be happening so will just take our time. There are lots of things I like about our new place, I really love all the natural light we get (or maybe Calgary is just sunnier)

So there it is he photo tour of our house. ya'all better still come visit