Wednesday, March 27, 2013

sure signs my kids are growing up

Growing up and too fast. 

Even my baby is feeding herself, which yes is a diasaster

 Dress ups and fashion shows and pretend play are happening here.
 Oh the painting... endless minutes of painting.  Hannah asks often, and I don't like to say no but sheesh it is a lot of mess to get out sometimes if she paints for 5 minutes.  She usually does make it worthwhile and she loves it when Sadie is beside her coaching her.
 Only two beaters to go around but I have 3 kids
 More drawing and colouring, if it doesn't happen at least once a day then somethings up.  Talia is still big enough to try to do this but little enough to colour her body or anything else more than paper.
 Again feeding ourselves...
 Everyone is an active participant in dance parties. Spins is Hannahs specialty, Talia is a bopper to the beat, and Sadie always wants to show new moves and be judged
 They are entertaining each other all the time, what my baby doesn't  need me?  Oh the big sisters are just more fun sometimes
 No joke it was overnight Hannah was wearing this and then all of the sudden Talia was, too big too fast
 Sadie squeezing into Talias jacket, thats ok a 5 year old shouldn't wear a 1 year olds jacket anyway
 Sadie want to wrap a towel around her head like a mom.
 Proof they are still little, I can pull them all around the zoo in the wagon and they love it.

I think I've always taken a bit of personal pride in the fact that my kids seemed to get along so well.  Sadie and Hannah were best of buddies even when Hannah was too little to do much of anything they were completely devoted and have pretty much gotten along great.  Talia came along it was still pretty golden. What could be better than to always have a friend to play with. I know there are many factors and yes my kids are still young.  But, I just had to laugh the other day when this happened apparently three is a crowd.  Talia is starting to stand her ground and Hannah does not approve at the moment, and Sadie trying to refferee the situation.  I have found myself 'training' Sadie to give in to Hannah at times, it wasn't always conscious but the phrase "Sadie your 5, shes 2 just let her have the pink plate" or whatever has happened many times.  Now Sadie is pretty good at giving in to the 2 year old, or just learning new ways to manipulate the younger one. But, now I guess I need to tell Hannah you're 2 shes 1 give her what she wants... Good times.  Right now I would say Sadie is the peacemaker, teaching everyone to share, take turns is sensitive to her own feelings and others.  Hannah is the middle child, feisty, fearless and will not go unnoticed.  Talia is probably just trying to find her place, pretty easy going, will be content to chill or pick up the unwanted toys often, but she might be ready to take a stand against Hannah.
Love watching these girls grow up together and sometimes it happens I just can't help but compare them to my 2 sisters we were all right in a row like these 3. 

Ok and a few more pics just for fun.