Thursday, March 1, 2012

time keeps slippin away

Perfectly perfect...

We had Talias blessing a little while back and she was perfect and still is, amazing.
Here are the 3 little cousins that are so close in age.

So glad that so much of our families were here, we sure are growing.
Then we had Valentines and it was so fun for the girls. Ryan suprised the girls with these Minnie nighties which were a hit. They got some sunglasses too! Here they are kissing hime goodbye in the morning. Hannah loved her nighty and probably wore it a few times before bedtime really came.

We had a 'fancy' dinner yes our fancy dinner included pizza, sparkly and a candle. Sadie keeps asking to do it again.

THe girls all looked so cute in the morning to go to music makers and for the v day party. By the end of the day they all had their share of icing and candy. Sadie said Valentines is like Halloween except you just put a bag out, you don't have to go to houses.. ummm when did this happen
my Valentines
A couple more random pics, family day skating
Water table fun
Bike rides somewhere in there.
A visit to Heritage park, more trike riding.
These kids were so happy to have grandma and grandpa for the day
Grandma was a big hit too, somehow these 2 got her wrestling. That was awesome.