Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where were you last week?

We are back from the island of the sun. I will do a proper post very soon with a few details and pics of our glorious week in Hawaii. But I just looked at all the pictures and am a little overwhelmed at the number of pics we took of ourselves including way too many in a swimsuit. eeeks!Our time there was fabulous I didn't get sick of these beaches or this guy. Yep I'd do it all over again.

But, I can't kid myself it was exciting to come home to this little one.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I am lost in my pictures right now. Ryan got me a new little camera for Christmas that I have been using. Now I don't always have to haul out my bigger one. So I decided to do what so many have done and started a photo a day for 2010. I don't know what I plan to do with them all when the year is up, but it motivates me to take pictures more, which I like. I'm organizing and adding to them on this 365day blog. I'll admit it's mostly just me following Sadie around right now. So I've been into that & haven't felt the urge to post pictures here.
But, really what could be more fun and any cuter than this.
A girl who know how to work a hammer & nail
The finished project was a calendar, and painting was for sure a higlight. Having a tea party with Bella

Every kid has a bedtime routine. Right now Sadie's includes of all these guys joining her along with her sippy cup, soother and blanket. She would probably like it if I moved her to a bed, it's looking a little squishy.

This may not be funny enough to put on the blog, but it kinda cracked me up. Sadie went potty and I got a new roll (and a new brand) of toilet paper. This was her reaction. It was Purex if you were wondering.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry New Year

I'm not even going to try and pretend to catch up on the last few weeks. They have been filled with fun, excitement, family, food, and all that good stuff. It is good to get back to our own house and boring normal routine, I guess.
Mostly for my memory I am adding a few events/highlights from the Christmas season including the good and not so good for Sadie. It really is a totally different experience having a kid that gets excited for Christmas, and I was the one responsible for making it happen. So the family traditions begin.
  • writing and sending letter to Santa
  • getting the live video of Santa (isn't this techno stuff amazing)
  • making sugar cookies (10 mins is enough) eating was better
  • seeing Santa AND getting a treat = success
  • Decorating gingerbread houses twice, still good.
  • going to mom's to make chocolates, it was worth it but I still can't stop eating them
  • kids dough art ornaments, painting was a hit.
  • playing outside in the snow, again only for 10 mins - Sadie is a cold wimp for sure
  • chocolate countdown
  • Elfie & Santa watching Sadie
  • zoo lights I was way excited for this, but in my opinion it is so not worth it, freezing cold screaming kid means is the very definition of not worth it.
  • trying to take Sadie sledding just tried today with Allaina & her kids. Sadie was screaming before we even made it to the hill. Winter outdoor activities aren't looking so good.
  • even suprised Ryan with a boring present, but still he was suprised. & he suprised and spoiled me too
Now really just a whole wack of pictures & I didn't slim down too much & in no good order
making sugar cookies
my dad loves his iphone and apparently the kids do too, okay me too if it is keeping the kids entertained.
Christmas Eve pj's

late christmas eve nap

Girls Night Out
Festive Christmas Party - if you can't tell I am Suzy Snowflake, Ryan is Jackfrost & Sadie is cute, I mean a snow princess

There ya have it, Christmas 09 and now onto the new decade 2010.