Thursday, August 30, 2012

Really does it have to end?

I don't think there is an ounce of me that wants summer to be over.  I just love it.  This summer has been soo so great!  My kids have had a blast doing whatever.  It has honestly seemed like the nicest summer, it has been filled with hot and sunny days.  I am just putting up a bunch of pictures for the family update.

My kids are at great ages, they are probably equally entertained and satisfied if I set up the backyard to play in, or take them to the spray park, or the lake or drive them to Montana, or wherever. really.  But, it is also so fun to do fun new things with them, they take a little effort or a bit of a drive and I guess I do mind the getaway either.  

We went out with Ehlerts to Shushawp and it was beautiful.  Sadie loved swimming in the water with her life jacket of course, and of course boat rides, canoe rides and tube rides with her friends

YW Camp was great!

 Sadie gets so excited for a rainy day, we had to go out on a walk in the rain promptly.
 Taber Cornfest was full of fun for the kids. 

 The carnies did not disappoint, this one guy was more entertaining than any Disneyland worker.  Seriously he was high fiving the kids and it was like the marathon ride he kept letting them go longer.  I'm pretty sure Hannah wasn't tall enough, but nobody checks, so I was all for letting her on.  Unfortunately I think she bonked her head round 2 and she got off.  fortunately the carnie George yes, he told me his name, said take her on any ride on me.  Hannah was smiling in about 2 seconds on another ride.

Love evening strolls to the park

 poor baby, fell asleep before I had a chance to dress her.

 I really do love 2 year olds.  Everything is like an exciting new experience, and so you just want to give them ice cream even though you know full well they;ll be covered.  Its always worth it to me.  Hannah was looking forward to this for like 4 hours, so when she finally got it it was all hers.

It has been such a fun summer, we went to Montana a couple times and thats where Hannah loved swimming she was so brave and fearless.  Riding places in the golf cart is also a big highlight for the kids, to go to the pool or go looking for turtles or basically just riding.  Hannah went out with Ryan for a round of golf and was quite happy about that, and so was Ryan.  Me and the girls spent lots of time at the pool swimming.  Sadie has loved all the little getaways to play especially with friends.