Friday, September 30, 2011

happy birthday to my 4 year old

Happy Birthday to our 4 year old
Sadie was sure she was taller the day of her birthday, she kept streching out and saying she was taller. She also claims she can't wear her clothes that are size 3 and some of her shoes are getting too snug. So at 4 she is trying to tell me she needs more new shoes and clothes.

Birthday Breakfast I got the idea for these cake pancakes from none other than my new friend pinterest for her birthday breakfast. Can you believe even I thought they were a little too sweet first thing in the morning.

Anyways she got to have her cousin James come up for a couple nights and be with her on her birthday. So basically it was non stop playing and fun for them. Seriously non stop, meaning even at bedtime they were too cute to break up.

I am including this picture for lindsay, just look at James.
James got Sadie some dress up stuff and it was the cutest thing, Sadie went to take them off to go downstairs and James just swooped in and said, "let me carry them for you" the rest of the pics I got of these 2 are on my other lost in the movie theater camera and I am so sad about it. So I won't obsess about how much fun and cute these 2 are together.

Sadie has so been looking forward to her birthday and all that goes with it. It's all over with and I don't think we disappointed her. But of course as I am putting her to bed she already has an idea for her 5th birthday, sheesh.

Sadie had a fairy party with friends and it was a hit. Let me tell ya how to throw a fairy party ha ha. First of all Sadie has the cutest friends and they show up and are all so dang cute and excited to do fairy stuff. The highlight for me was the nice weather so I could keep the fairy hunt outside and they loved it. The highlight for them was the magic pixie dust they got at the end. They just ate it up, they wanted to use it to fly and were just fascinated with it.

saw these on pinterest, fairies like rainbows right. so easy peesy.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

oh summer

Still feels like summer and I know everybody wants to see what we were doing for the rest of it. Even though we are in September I couldn't not post pictures of our glourious summer. We never went anywhere too far, but we had so much fun playing wherever we went.

Hiking with Grandma B. Some of the other adults went on a 'real' hike that some of the prego moms couldn't handle, but sometimes chasing around this many kids is more work than a hike. ok not really it was all fun.

Going to the mountains
Everytime we were near water Sadie would try to have a waterfight with Ryan it was always entertaining to watch and stay dry.

WRiting on Stone, which was so fun and I hadn't been in forever. I forgot how awesome it is. it was so fun.

cutest little kids altogether ( just missing Gavin, I'm sure he would've looked a lot like Hannah)

Splashing and running around the spray park, my kids LOVE it there. The first week in September we just kept on going & I just couldn't have been happier to wear my kids out and I think I rather enjoyed the sunshine and friends too.
Going to Heritage Park with friends

Getting pulled around in the car at the lake.

ok I love how easy it is to make a kids day go from good to amazing. Sadie has seen this pedestrian bridge and always wanted to go across it. So we did it. and even finished it with slurpees and the park. She thought it was amazing and "the best day ever" I'm sure its been topped since then, but man its nice having kids that are happy with the simple things in life.
Ahh yes WATERMELON! again remind me how easy it is to keep my kids happy sometimes. Hannah and watermelon DONE!
Trips to the zoo

Visiting Montana with friends. I thought it was so cute Sadie was telling Kyla a secret, a good one I'm sure.

This was Sadie forever ago at a photoshoot for a friend.

These girls and me all did the 2km race in Raymond. It was honestly soo fun. Sadie just loved it. It could've been worse getting them all up and out to run at 730 but it was really great.

This would be Lindsay with the kids at the start, it wasn't looking good for James or his mom (like 6 months preggo) at the beginning. But he came around and I'm pretty sure he beat his mom

Grandma B had some medals for the kids, if you can't tell Sadie was pretty pumped about

Enjoying the summer thundershowers

We even got caught in the rain, Hannah didn't mind one bit, she is sooo happy in the wagon.

July 1st Festivities in Raymond, I think they were spent, but I still like this picture
Oh these kids just have so much fun when they get together.
Playing at the Lake
Seriously LOVE summer and kids

I left Sadie outside for a bit and came back to this, good to know she is not too girly to get down and dirty.
Watching thundershower with Dad
Seriously we did have a super fun summer, and it is always sad to see it go, thankfully it is holding on still and we are enjoying being outside as much as we can. Hannah loves going outside is constantly getting shoes and heading for the door, so it could be a long winter. It was so fun to be with family and friends and do so many fun summer things. I couldn't refrain from using the word fun again.