Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 1

This will be second time posting this, so I'll be making this short.  I know no one starts blogging in the summer, but I want to I want to keep up on what the kids are up to and and it keeps me snapping pictures.  Anyone else have more pics on their phone than their camera.  

July 1st weekend in Raymond gets more fun every year.  
Sadie and I did the 2 km race again.  She was excited and loved doing it.  She was defintely slower this year -for the record i don't remember her time it was that obvious.  Ryan is threatening to cut her out of the race next year because she didn't run and its a race.  So he may have to jump in, I'm just too fun and I don't 'push' her enough.  
At the beginning they did a big ol balloon launch, which was a big hit.  My mom has been very invovled in the race the last few years, somehow she makes it better every year.  I think she'll stop doing it soon and go back to cheering everyone on, thats what I think she really loves.  I know I did!!
Sadie at the turn around.

Grandpa with all the runners.  Seriously these kids are getting so old and starting to make a lot more silly faces.
Off to Waterton for the rest of the day.  I love love that place.  I have about a million fabulous memories there, and love taking our family there.  We had a feast of a picnic with our families and played by the creek, and lake, the peddle boats and a final stop at the spray park.
Hannah insisted on wearing her suit like the other girls, but Im quite sure she stayed dry.
The July 1st parade truly never disappoints.

Took the girls up to the fair uptown.  Next year I will buy cotton candy and maybe even popcorn in advance and show those lines whos the best mom!  Really the highlight was probably the dancing.  Can't beat live music in downtown Raymond with the cutest little 2 year old dancing it up!

Sadie did stay up for the fireworks.  The other girls were asleep so I asked to sit with her, she denied me, what?  All of the sudden she seemed so old as she sat and watched with her cousins and I sat with an empty lap.  Then Grandpa came and she did sit with him, so I guess shes not too old maybe just too cool for me.